Sunday, 16 April 2017

Update 148

THIRTY has a chat with Red

As Jade is an extra and the last IF didn't cause a problem ... I thought I would leave her with hers because it looks like Parsley might make the IF Metamorphis potion if he continues playing with the chemistry table.

Her IF is called Cuddles.

Then I noticed SEVENTY-SIX still had his which was accidental, but I swiped it away when he went to sleep (evil me!)

Parsley teaches Jade to walk

SEVENTY-FIVE is having her birthday

She gained the Over Emotional trait

SEVENTY-FOUR is also having his birthday

He gained the Lucky trait

SEVENTY-FIVE heads straight for the chess table - she has the Genius trait.

Sage is having his birthday

He gained the Kleptomaniac trait
the game gave it him because of his lack of schooling .... thank you snow!!

Yes the hair again ... but it kind of comes with the genetics now - lol

WHAT THE ....??!!

The first thing he did was go inside and set fire to the pie on the side!!
The fire sizzled out straight away thankfully .... I am not sure what allows him or makes him do that!

I think this is the first time Ive seen Red playing on the water slide.
She needs fun ... her man is very slacking in the woohoo department ... lmao!!
Parsley always has better things to do!!

These two on the other hand never stop.

It is not often I see Whitney doing anything with the toddlers.

potty training

Stir crazy Red goes to the cemetery to get out the graves that have built up over the winter.

joins Mango and the rest of his childrens graves... so that is all of his children gone now.

Wispa's grave joins Mace and his tribe

and Maizie has passed away
(Ocean's Grandmother)

Aniseed was in the cemetery .....
Red tried to hug him and he was having none of it!!  This made me sad when they used to be good friends.

I took pics of the other graves that I am getting out that are quickly filling up the cemetery

The animal graves

The graves of the unrelated paps and NCP's

For Red .... that is a lot of family to lose!!

SEVENTY-FOUR went home with Chuck
(Ocean and Raven's son)

I am a little annoyed that Nesta - their other child has vanished.
He is showing on the family tree as a toddler, when he should be a child like his brother and Nesta is not showing as being in the house any more.

So that is two children that have dissappeared now - Nesta and THIRTY-EIGHT's son.

Strangely Red is being hounded by a group of ghosts, they are trying to get her attention while she is chatting with the Grim Reaper.  He phoned her for a chat which I found strange - I've only ever known her get date phone calls from him.

Lilly - Elliot - FORTY-SIX and Mace

Sage is magically cleaning SEVENTY-SEVEN

FORTY-SIX is cooking
Lavender (Parsley's Grandmother)

Sage is really cute and always fussing around the toddlers

He has also found the musical instruments

Every time I check on SEVENTY-FIVE she is playing chess.

Lime is out ... I bet she feels lost now Basil is not here.

Sage has now moved onto the bass.

You be careful Parsley!!  Lol
21 times up to now they have had woohoo .... Parsley is SERIOUSLY slacking compared to all the other baby Dad's that have been in the house, which has totally surprised me seeing as they are probably the most compatible.

and she has come off the computer just to play chess on the table?!

While SEVENTY-FIVE is swatting all the boys are playing

Parsley has learned how to make the IF Metamorphis potions.
woohoo ... I guessed he would manage it!

Marcella is out

Yes Sage - that is your Grandmother!

SEVENTY-FOUR is putting his artistic trait to good use

Sage is still writing his second book ... he wants to get his writing skill level up to 6

Stir crazy BOTT I generally send to the consignment / elixir / bot shop to see what she can buy, elixir wise.

Raven is the Consignment Merchant now

Mint has gone home after school with Chuck.
I'm amused watching him asking SIXTY-SEVEN for a bed time story

Ocean - SEVENTY and Chuck

Sage is now the one doing most with the toddlers.
BOTT is gassing on the phone as usual .. she kills me!

Now Sage is trying out the drums.
His virtuoso trait seems very strong - I wander if he made a mistake wanting to be a journalist instead of a musician.

The twins are having their birthday


He gained the Family Orientated trait


He gained the Angler trait

SEVENTY-THREE is also having his birthday

He gained the Irresistable trait

straight away he starts putting his Athletic skill to good use.


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