Friday, 21 April 2017

Update 149

Mr Irresistible is constantly having his head pecked, by everyone wanting to socialise with him.

TWENTY-THREE is chatting with someone online (this really tickles me!)

Mint has rolled a LTW = Creature Robot Cross Breeder

It looks like baby gnome wants to play

He never managed to finish that cooking because he was disturbed

The gnome collection is slowly growing out of hand again

THIRTY-THREE has a queue waiting to get his attention.  It is a little annoying because he is never getting to complete what he is doing because he keeps getting interupted.
The irresistible trait has to be one of the most annoying for me!!

SEVENTY-SEVEN is using his Angler trait

We nearly forgot to potty train SEVENTY-EIGHT

Red is receiving love letters and gifts from Ocean and the Grim Reaper.
Red is not the only person Ocean is sending love letters to ... Kale is getting them off him too - lol!!

Kale is slow getting his logic skill maxed for his LTW.
He is very distracted now by Whitney and his two boys.

I spotted something that I don't like ....
Sage and SEVENTY-THREE are not connected as being related - all of Red's children are acquaintances to Sage and Mint.
Sage is Red's Great Grandson - so to me he is still closely related to Reds children!!

Whitney is now a paramedic

Sage is jammin with his Uncle Reed

SEVENTY-FIVE has gone home with Chuck after school.
Somehow they have managed to become best friends already ... which is worrying!

Like With Mint / Sage and all of Red's children .... SEVENTY-FIVE and Chucks relationship is not shown as them being related - they are acquaintances, so they are open to have a romantic relationship when they are older ... even though Chuck is Reds Great Grandson and she is Red's Daughter .... which for me is kind of creepy and like incest!!

I am really enjoying Parsley's time here ... he has been a little like Forrest - not obsessed with mauling Red and she leaves him a lone a lot too.

SEVENTY-THREE has just sneaked an extra day

SEVENTY-FIVE is having quite a chat and making friends with her half brother Pheonix

FIFTY is now a mature adult

Even Red is chasing SEVENTY-THREE around and making good friends with him - she jumps on him before he even gets into the house when he returns home from school.

TWENTY-FIVE gets a phone call from Pheonix - he wants to chat - bless!!

I've just realised ... we have an empty house.
The house where Mango's children lived is now empty of residence because they have all passed away.

The weather has gone a little wacky ... it is the middle of spring and snowing again

Saturday and Sage is entertaining everyone with his bass playing

SEVENTY-THREE goes to work at the business centre for the day to improve his school performance.  He tried to speak to Josh outside, but he snubbed him.

Pheonix is not so nasty - he gives SEVENTY-THREE the autograph that he asked for.

SEVENTY-EIGHT is having his birthday

He gained the Ambitious trait

Jade is also having her birthday

She gained the Athletic trait

She is the last of the toddlers to grow up

How long has this door been here and not caused a single problem ...
suddenly we get mad congestion because everyone is trying to get through the door at the same time.  I ended up having to take a chunk of the wall out to free them all after Sage passed out blocking the way completely.


BOTT has gone to the town hall to collect an award that she has received for her gardening.

SEVENTY-THREE is getting hugs off Dad.

Ocean phoned to ask Red if his sim child wanted to play with hers.
So here they are.

Chuck seems to have lost his fairy wings strangely!!
He is no longer a fairy - I don't know how that has happened!!

Ocean makes a beeline for Kale and they chat for ages

Bless him ... Chuck cleans all the plates away ... BOTT is slacking too busy yacking on the phone.

Red tickles me, she looks at him, waves then walks away.

We have four birthdays


He gains the Dramatic trait


She gains the Social Butterfly trait

She actually spookily looks like one of Limes daughters in TCE ... Fern

Parsley is becoming a mature adult

and he is having a midlife crisis


He gained the Good trait

Red is apolozing to Ocean ... I don't know what for?

Basil is out

She tried to get his DNA but he wouldn't let her have it.
I have noticed that a few of his traits have changed (because of his unstableness) since he moved out ... he now has Evil and Neurotic ... so she is never getting his DNA - Neurotic sims don't give their DNA out!!

Basil doesn't do anything other than play in the sand pit then vanish

Silence!!  Everyone is out of the house, working or at school, except for Red and BOTT
This is when it always hits me that the baby Dad's time is quickly coming to an end.

I spot THIRTY-SIX over the road - he is now elderly

Parsley has had another promotion - he is now a Sketch Artist

So for his job he needs to learn and improve his painting skill.

Reed is having to learn Martial Arts for work

Poor SEVENTY-THREE is seriously not getting a break from everyone

Josh runs past the house ... he is now a mature adult

I love this batch of kids ... even if they are spending a lot of time buzzing around SEVENTY-THREE, they are all really good and best friends with each other ... there is no arguing, fighting or fairy pranks being played.

He needs to improve his painting another 3 levels ... I think that is going to take him a while!!



Well hello Jazz ... it has been ages!!!


TWENTY-TWO - Basil and Myra (one of the paps)

I'm surprised by Basil being out again so soon.

It's cute that he gets to play a game of chess with his son!


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