Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Update 160

The next baby is on its way

Excuse me your son needs feeding!!




Slow dancing with Forrest

and getting a little too romanitc

cheat on Granite and you'll be finishing this in ghost form!!!

Sage is spending some time with his son

Freddie fishes up another gnome

You haven't been seeing the gnomes because I'm keeping them locked in a chest - there are only ghosts gnomes out.

I'm not sure you should be in there Granite!!

I'm surprised when FIFTY-FOUR  rings the doorbell

BOTT is getting Granites fairy pranks

One of these days he is going to set himself on fire!!

FIFTY-FOUR heads straight for Granite
they are work mates and pretty good friends - I guess that might be why he has come to visit

SEVENTY-NINE is playing tag with FIFTY-FOUR
I am not comfortable with him being a vampire and out in the sunlight


I found it funny when I spotted him eating Plasma Cobbler


Yeah I think I'd go cross eyed if a ghost got that up in my face!

Ta! Da!

It looks like FIFTY-FOUR is sleeping over

Im having a spate of deers spawning in the garden - I've given up letting them out

shit - control - delete!!  (evil grin)

$3890 ... she is earning over £3,000 for most of her painting now

Dr Rock ... lol
he should be getting vacination clinics to do soon

EIGHTY-TWO is now potty trained

BOTT is being a meany
Throwing the angry bees elixir at the pap on the front garden

Freddie and Nelson are really amusing me ... they are acting like twins
they are best friends and together most of the time - they have the same job and even get promoted on the same day.

Seriously who dressed EIGHTY and EIGHTY-ONE lol

We get a pop up saying THIRTY-SEVEN has passed away

SEVENTY-NINE is a propper swat ... he never stops

I spot Sage's brother Nigel outside

I really miss Kale and Reed

I spot something on the grass outside that Kale has just walked past and completely ignored

A little baby girl

I sent Sage over to investigate - so that he could meet his new little sister -- BETTY

Sage had to ring the doorbell 3 times before anyone answers the door to him
and I can see why ... Whitney and Kale are too busy flirting with each other

LMAO - Kale and Whitney don't seem to care that they have company

The baby is coming


I have had a quick count up and so far we have had 32 girls and 72 boys


She puts down the new baby and away they go ........


He makes the next one - before he checks out this new one

The Rock genes are way too strong!!!
While I love all these mini Granites ... I don't think any of these children are going to look like Red.

Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Genius
Favourites = Kids - Mushroom Omlette - Turquoise

Only one more baby left for Granite - which is already on it's way

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