Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Update 151

Red and Parsley got these awards in the mail because they were King and Queen of the spring dance.

Red had an opportunity to paint a small picture and deliver it to SIXTY-EIGHT.

He was over the road at the town hall and he paid her £4,000 for a picture that was probably only worth £1,000 lol

FORTY-ONE is now elderly

THIRTY-FOUR is also now elderly

FIFTY-TWO is a mature adult

Chuck has come home with SEVENTY-FIVE

I'm howling watching BOTT drive a car
I've not seen her doing it before she usually catches a taxi

She has been invited to SIXTY-TWO's party -
which she goes to more because of my curiosity ... I have not seen Sunny or any of his ghost children since they moved out




Aniseed and THIRTY-EIGHT

I am a little annoyed ... Sunny and his ghost children are no longer showing as being residence in the house.  They do not have graves in the cemetery or show as being anywhere else in town.  It is like they have completely vanished!!

I am a little relieved watching Chuck and SEVENTY-FIVE together ... even though they are not showing as being relatives on their friends list .... it looks like the game is treating them like they are because they have no romantic intereractions available to them!

Yeah I took a picture in the dark again - lol

Ghost invation!!

EIGHT - Violet - Jasmine - FORTY-EIGHT



I am a little amused that Kale is now getting regular phone calls from Mace

Yeah - it looks like Jasmine is stalking Kale

and Kale might have his Grandad Basil's fetsh ... flirting with ghosts!

Whitney is too busy chatting to Parsley to see what Kale  is up to

Sage is now writing his third book

SEVENTY-SEVEN is doing a lot of fishing

I am a little surprised that Jade and Cuddles are not yet best friends

Jade is having her birthday

She gains the Natural Cook trait

SEVENTY-EIGHT is having his birthday

He gained the Neat trait

SEVENTY-EIGHT looks a lot like SEVENTY-THREE I think

and Jade is pretty much spooking me!!
I am beginning to think that Parsley might be a male switch of Lime - because Jade is spookily looking too much like Lime!!

SEVENTY-THREE is becoming a young adult

He gains the Natural Born Performer trait

LTW = Master Acrobat

He registers himself as an self employed Acrobat straight away

and makes a start on practising his mimes

Lime is out and bursting everyone's ear drums


Jade is really spooking me, she is like a mini Lime.

SEVENTY-THREE and Sage are graduating

SIXTY-NINE is now a mature adult

Sage Most likely to get arrested

SEVENTY-THREE most likely to become a Sports Star


There is always one .... today it is Red

Oh Pheonix!!
It is nice to see him not wearing his cardboard box ... but not nice seeing him being elderly!!

Phoenix and Red are still very good friends

Red jumps out - Parsley jumps in - lol


Apple and FORTY




SEVENTY-THREE is out front performing for tips for the paps

Red is painting a portrait of Parsley

and he needs to improve his painting skill for work

Well ..... that is pretty damn good ... Finally!!

I think Sage has taken the wrong career path ... he is music obssessed.

SEVENTY-EIGHT rolls a LTW = One Sim Band

SEVENTY-SEVEN is spending most of his time fishing.

Cuddles hasn't been causing any problems being let out - so I might let out a few more IF's
I'm kicking myself now not leaving Sage with his IF because we could have had a shot at some Fairy / Genie / IF hybrids.

Whitney is becoming a mature adult

She is having a mid life crisis

Jade has rolled a LTW = Celebrated Five Star Chef

Since the winter I have had to send the children to school manually because the school bus is not coming for them (even after a town reset)
I suspect it might be because of how many car pool vehicles are turning up at 8am every morning - there isn't room for the bus.

Whitney doesn't make it to work - she passes out on the pavement because she is too tired.

Eww nasty Gigg Spots ... I found two in the park that are now deleted


SEVENTY-THREE has gone to performance park.  His Acrobat level is not high enough for him to perform - but he does take part in a magicians act.

Chuck should be at school!!

Aniseed is performing in the simfest

I am happily watching Aniseed until ........... he drowns himself (sob!!)

Why am I always in the wrong place at the wrong time!!??

It amuses me how Magicians who kill themselves during their act - always finish the show in ghost form.
Yeah you just clear the water out of your ear hole before you carry on (pout)

It looks like it is a day for dying!
Minutes after Aniseed dies ... one of the paps is expiring

Oh Aniseed you idiot!!

After collecting the pap ... it is Aniseeds turn

I am glad to see he got the headstone he deserved!

Bye Aniseed ... sniff!!

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