Friday, 12 May 2017

Update 153

Kale is still plodding along slowly with his Logic skill  -
I really thought he would have achieved his LTW by now.

I think SEVENTY-THREE must be one of her favourite children ...
only SEVEN, TWENTY-SIX and Pheonix have had constant hugs off her (that I can think of)


Well hello Forrest

Forrest tickled me ... he actually popped into his old house over the road then came back.

It never takes Red long to find him.

TEN is also here

Im swung to the school because SEVENTY-SIX is having his birthday
he is coming out of prom - to become a young adult.

He gained the Ambitious trait

LTW = Culinary Librarian

I get back to see this ......  Red and Forrest amorous hugs

I am wandering what I have missed while I've been away at the school

SEVENTY-SIX gets a job at the Bistro

Oh yeah .... ALL FOUR of the the teens who went to prom
came out with a same sex romantic interest (gggrrrr) and here we go again - see it is not me making my sims gay ... prom does it!!!!

SEVENTY-EIGHT went one better - he has a boyfriend not just a romantic interest


Red gets SEVENTY-SIX's ice statue done

We have three birthdays ... the last three teens are becoming young adults

although I can't quite work out why all three of their birthdays are on the same day when they shouldn't be ... probably something to do with the  mud bath.

he gains the DareDevil trait

LTW = Astronaut


She gains the Nurturing trait

LTW = Celebrated 5 Star Chef


He gains the Natural Cook trait
LTW= One Sim Band

So that is the last of Parsley's children to grow up


Aniseed is out

and so is Christian

Anissa is visiting


There have been no graduations since SEVENTY-THREE
so we have SEVEN graduating
Jade and Mint.

and it is bedlem - it seriously took over half the day for everyone to get inside the town hall
Pheonix and his family were there too

THIRTY-SIX is now elderly
(he spookily looks just like his Dad Rocky)

Chuck is also graduating today

(and his twin brother Nesta, is still showing as a toddler on the family tree (pout)

Ocean didn't even bother to going the town hall to watch Chuck graduate!

FORTY-TWO is elderly

Jade's ice statue is the last to be done.
she did do SEVENTY-SEVEN's  - I just forgot to take the picture.

Break up time ... and as usual ... Parsley gets the honors of breaking Reds heart.

I have to say ... Parsley's woohoo count ....41 .... 0.o
that is pretty pathetic compared to most!

Move out time ....

Parsley and his seven children move into the empty house next door

and because I seriously need to clear out the extra's in the house (sob)
Kale, Whitney, Mint and Reed have moved into the Leaf house opposite

I'm pretty gutted to see Kale and Reed go - but it has to be done.

Only Sage has been left behind
We are now down to THREE .... which after fifteen sims ... is bliss!!
Red - BOTT and Sage.

I've kept Sage to continue the Leaf line ... his offspring will be the 6th generation of Leaf in this challenge.
Heee heee and do I have a treat coming for you Sage!!


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  1. It's almost like a double challenge with Red's line and Leaf's line, lol