Saturday, 27 May 2017

Update 158




EIGHTY is so cute

Teaching EIGHTY to walk is not going down too well ... Red has done a bit, now Granite does a bit

Aniseed being here distracts Granite and EIGHTY still can't walk!!

but he is now potty trained!!

EIGHTY-ONE is also now potty trained

We get a pop up saying FOURTY-TWO has passed away

I spy a new addition to the house over the road.
Sage has a new little brother ... Nigel
So Kale and Whitney have had another child already since they left ... but it tickles me that Jay is babysitting him.

EIGHTY is having a fairy house party

Its really cute watching Freddie playing with his little sister

SEVENTY-NINE is having his birthday

He gained the Disciplined trait

He is not very good for a brave sim ... running away from the monsters under the bed!

He's a little genius like his Dad

while his Dad who is very childish most of the time!

Baby bump

EIGHTY didn't quite make it into the fairy house to sleep

Red seriously makes me laugh ... she gets Fennel out of his cot to put him on the rider at 3am in the morning!!


Sage is still wearing that stupid towel

burnt offerings


Nelson just got a dose of Inner Beauty

I can't blame him for not being happy!!

Nelson has finally started using his hover board

The boys both want to learn the fishing skill for work - so I am trying the wishing well again (I'm not sure how long it is going to last.

BOTT is dancing the smuttle which is funny to watch

Oh stop!!! 
Watching the faces Nelson is pulling while he is dancing the smuttle like BOTT is hilarious!

Sage is writing articles to try and improve his work performance.

That will teach you to try stealing coins Granite!!

Now he is leaving puddles of water everywhere!!

Red has decided she wants to paint Granites portrait




Im not sure what Forrest's gripe is.
It makes a change to see someone having a go at Lime, instead of her having a go at them!!

It puzzles me a little that Sage and Nelson have started hanging around together a lot and are becoming good friends since he grew his ugly face.

That is looking good for a change.

Oh my!!

Another decent portrait!!


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