Sunday, 28 May 2017

Update 159



Granite has only just spotted Nelsons face .. which cracked him up laughing

Parsley is now elderly

SEVENTY-NINE is very quiet ... he is either reading or playing chess

Freddie plays with the toys more than anything else

Two cute boys who have Daddy's smile

EIGHTY-ONE = "Don't forget us - we are cute too!!"

If only Mace and Forrest could see him now ... lol

(They would both think he is back on the booze because he's riding the town bike!!)

Nelson has his face back

Dr Rock has just told us they are having ANOTHER boy!!
The joys of being a doctor!!

Granite has decided he wants to become a fairy

Sorry Granite those wings have to go ...

I can now imagine a constant stream of fairy pranks coming!!

Fennel is having his birthday

He gained the Vegetarian trait

and they are at the hospital because the baby is coming

Ramiro and SIXTY-SEVEN are now elderly

One little red fairy boy ....
another boy as predicted (shakes fist)

I think I need to stock up on water melons to try and get some girls!!


Traits = Artistic - Genius
Favourites = Digi  tunes - Vegetarian Chilli - Hot Pink

I am amused that he has Granites wing colour - when Granite wasn't even a fairy when this little one was made.



Basil is taking a look at his strange looking Great - Grandchild

It amused me that they hit it off straight away

Basil spent the rest of his time out messing about with Fennel

Sage is doing something that doesn't keep him in his towel!!


Sage wears clothes.

There is room for the school bus, now that there are not so many work cars!!
That is the first one that has turned up since Ocean's children started going to school.

Red teaches EIGHTY-TWO to talk

EIGHTY is now finally walking

Freddie and Nelson have both had a promotion - they are now lab technicians

This is how Freddie destresses!

We get a pop up Paprika has passed away

Red teaches EIGHTY-TWO to walk

Granite has gone AWOL after work again
I find him dancing with FIFTY-ONE ... but I can't hear any music?!

Reed - Extra and SIXTY-EIGHT

Granite is now fairy pranking SIXTY-EIGHT
(like I suspected since he has become a fairy he is driving me nutz constantly doing it - it has added to his mischief)


Now it's Ramiro's turn

at least he found it amusing

but I'm not going to be amused if he sets Granite on fire!!

Awww brotherly love!!
FIFTY and FIFTY-ONE are taking a selfie together

Fun over ... hes now back home playing Dad

Don't they look smug!!

Nelson is paying some attention to a nice pap out on the garden that he likes

They were getting along swimmingly until he blew it ....

No Nelson, she is not impressed with your sprite

The silly boy then goes and fairy pranks her

She kicked off at him and stormed off.
I doubt they will be dating any time soon!!

Pepper (the cat) seems to have gained an ear for music

He freaked everyone else out and they ran off- but I think Sage enjoyed seeing his audience

How long have I been playing this game ... and I've had another first, something I have never seen before.

SEVENTY-NINE has a cold.
I get a pop up =  "Thank you for being considerate and keeping your sick child off school"

So he got the day off school without getting into trouble.

The truth of the matter - he was getting on the school bus when he got distracted by FOUR's ghost - and the bus left without him - so he was skipping school.  Lucky for him he has a snotty nose!

How long did he walk around in that towel - only now he decides to use the shower!!

It always amuses me when the ghosts check out the ice statues - but I am yet to see one checking out their own statue

BOTT is being a right pain at the moment - she spends WAY too much time gassing on the phone - she is neglecting the toddlers, laundry and housework.  So I'm surprised to see her potty training EIGHTY-TWO

and now she's chilling out again on the swings

The twins are having their birthday


She gained the Eccentric trait


He gained the excitable trait

SEVENTY-NINE has decided he wants to be like Dad.
LTW = World Renown Surgeon

Well if he is clever enough to skip school and get away with it -- he is clever enough to become a doctor.


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  1. Why oh why did he want to be a fairy, lol!! He couldn't have picked witch or genie or something, haha. I'm only saying this because we already get to see loads of fairies. Oh well, maybe one of the last few baby daddies will want to be something different then the rest.