Thursday, 11 May 2017

Update 152

SEVENTY-SEVEN has got sunburned being too long outside fishing

Sage is still dressed in his work uniform

Red is also sunburned

I have a bit of a glitch - SEVENTY-THREE is just a pair of wings in the floor.

SEVENTY-EIGHT gets into trouble for skipping school

He would much rather work on his LTW than go to school!!

It is unusual to see these two doing something together - they don't like each other very much

Red goes off to the cemetery, she has a short chat with SEVENTY-TWO

Annisa's grave joins Rocky and the rest of his kids

and SIXTY-TWO joins Mace's

Aww bless SEVENTY-TWO needs cheering up ...
I think she was in the park when Aniseed passed away.

Talking about Aniseed ... his grave is now in the back garden, next to Basil's grave.

He does not walk away - he stands there and blatently watches his parents!

BOTT is making a racket in the kitchen ranting on Basils old megaphone

Oops  It seems Bots do die after all!!

and that is what happens when you rant about death ...

Grim comes to collect BOTT for bad mouthing him!!

BOTT makes a cute ghost!!

Grim has a go at her ... because he heard what she was saying about him.

But he is here just to teach her a lesson ... he lets her off this time

Woohoo ... so BOTT gets to live on!!

It amuses me when they start chatting ... lets hope she never rants about death again, or Grim might not let her off with just a warning next time.

Lime is out

Ocean is now cracking me up!!  Every day Kale is getting a love letter off him, as well as being constantly phoned for a chat.

Kale's logic is now at level 9 ... he is three quarters of the way to maxing level 9 ... so hopefully soon he will manage to achieve his LTW

SEVENTY-FOUR is putting his artistic trait to good use.  He has found the sculpting table.

Doesn't time fly!!
Mint is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gained the Neat trait

SEVENTY-FOUR is becoming a young adult

He gained the Great Kisser trait

LTW = Magical Makeover

and SEVENTY-FIVE is also becoming a mature adult

She gained the workaholic trait

LTW = Chess Legend

Basil is out again

BOTT goes out to Basil for a chat

High Five

Mint gets himself a job at the science fascility next door

Reed has just maxed his guitar skill ..... so he has done his LTW

Lime is out ... I've noticed her and Basil keep missing each other -
they seem to be taking it in turns and coming out on alternate days

I am beginning to think FOURTEEN died by decapitation!
He constantly appears without his body!!

Mark is visiting

SEVENTY-FOUR wants to get into gardening

Red makes a start on this batch of ice statues



Just who are you waving at BOTT?!

This is what happens when her man is not that into woohoo ....
she has to run off her frustration ... lol

In all the years I have played with Red .... Athletic exercise is something I have never seeing her doing on free will before!!



Omri .... he has disappointed me - all he ever does is drink plasma and sleep

SEVENTY-FOUR has not rolled any work related wishes, so he is still unemployed

SEVENTY-FIVE is exactly the same .. unemployed

SEVENTY-SIX has been doing a lot of cooking
He rolls a LTW = Culinary Librarian

Sage really reminds me of Basil all the time

Red gets SEVENTY-FIVES ice statue done


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