Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Update 157

Granite hasn't come home after work - and when I look for him....

I find him streaking around town.

he cracks me up!!

SEVENTY is now elderly

and so is Ramiro (Ocean's brother)

Yes Granite ... you have just given that pap a right juicy story to get yourself  a public disgrace!!

and of course he would want the sexy streakers autograph!

Granite is talking to FIFTY-ONE

I notice that Allen who was a mermaid ... is now a werewolf instead

Granite shows him a gross video

FIFTY-ONE does a runner ... now I think it is SEVENTY-ONE's turn for his mischief

I'd run now if I was you!!

he does and leaves FORTY-FIVE to cop it ...
but I don't see what he does because I have to leave him and go home

Baby is coming


He is a brown fairy

and ......... he has a twin sister!


Dad is home after causing chaos in town

Yes Granite there are two of them.

No BOTT .... plants don't need feeding


Traits = Genius - Loves the Heat
Favourites = R&B - Pancakes - Spiceberry

Woooow.  EIGHTY is so like Granite when he was a toddler it is scary!!
Granite and Forrest as toddlers

Granite as a toddler (with Forrest)


Traits = Artistic - Loves the heat
Favourites = Roots - Stu Surprize - Lilac

Granites genes look like they are over riding Reds.

smile for the camera!

Now Freddie is doing it .... I've never seen this done before until Granite did it

sliding down the seesaw - bare foot!!
He wants to watch he doesn't get splinters in his feet!!

It is obviously a dare devil thing ...
and Freddie has the childish trait so I'm not too surprised at him calling his brother out to play with him.

Hugs from Dad.

Granite is now a paramedic
and late for work

Red starts with the twins talking and potty training

and why is Sage STILL walking around in a towel ....

because he is a genie ... he is magically cleaning himself, so he is never going in the shower to change out of the towel.

They are both swotting up on skills for work
Freddie is reading the Handy book and Nelson is reading up on Gardening

and BOTT is as usual yacking on the phone like a washer woman!!

Granite teaches EIGHTY-ONE to walk

and Red makes a start with EIGHTY

but she is distracted by Sages piano playing and doesn't get very far

I am just thinking there is a lot of woohoo going on and no baby coming

When I hear BABY CHIMES coming from the bedroom


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