Sunday, 14 May 2017

Update 155

Just a note ... you will see some large gaps between text and pictures in some place, and I know it looks untidy, but it is not me it is blogger.  It does this occasionally, creates undeletable spaces and with this update - I just can't fix them so I gave up.


Granite is voluntarily working on his logic skill for work by playing chess.

Sage is so spookily like Basil  - sometimes I forget he isn't Basil.

You can always tell when there are no babies or a lot of people in the house .... because BOTT spends a lot of time on the water slide


I THINK that might be a new painting for Red ... but she has painted so many now I have lost track

Red is at the cemetery sorting graves out

What is all this hugging that she is doing
SEVENTY-SEVEN is getting them now

Ocean's Dad River has passed away ... so his grave has been put with Mango's tribe

THIRTY-SIX and THIRTY-EIGHT's graves are with Bay's tribe

Red fairy frolics and chats with SEVENTY-SEVEN for hours ... I thought she was never going to go home!!

and Pheonix's grave is now in the back garden with Basil and Aniseeds

Baby bump

for an ex gay guy there isn't half a lot of woohoo going on!!
It is the first thing he is after when he gets in from work.

BOTT has been breaking the television, syphoning power from it

Granite has his sensible head on at the moment

Now that the house is empty ... Red is fulfilling a wish that she has had for a while.
She wants to plant a forbidden fruit ... so we have another plant baby coming (probably)

BOTT has been to the grocery store to sell all the fruit and veg she is carrying around

FORTY-ONE is elderly

BOTT suddenly starts doing some street art ... she has been carrying the kit around since Basil left us, I didn't really expect her to use it.


BOTT has now got herself arrested for vandalism!!

The police woman takes her home, gives her a lecture and fines her £1,000



Kirby the werewolf is also playing in the sand pit

That's better BOTT ... you stick to the garden, and you won't get yourself arrested!!

Ha!  There is nothing coming out of the time machine because she has a baby bump

I wandered how long it would be before Granite started skinny dipping

and its catching .... Red joins him

BOTT is becoming a right Rebel ....
she is ranting again, but thankfully it is not about Death this time

and now she has broken the stereo.
BOTT doesn't fix things anymore because I had to take her handy trait chip out to fit her Drone trait chip in.   So the repairs are now left to Red, when she decides to do them.

At the moment she is too busy to repair anything --
they have literally been in the hot tub naked for most of the day.

They are having too much fun obviously!

LMAO .... Now tell me Sage isn't just like Basil ...
I spot him sneaking out to pinch clothes
but he's a little too late ... Granite is getting out

Their faces!!

S E R I O U S L Y!!!!!!!!!!

Sage your Great Grandmother really doesn't want to see all your bits!!

 her face!!!!  lmao

and here he comes .... I guessed Granite wouldn't miss the opportunity
Sage has now lost his clothes!!

Way to look innocent ... talk to your sprite!

They are dancing together ... I know the picture does look a little weird

Sage is now walking around in a towel ... probably looking for his clothes

Granite and BOTT are showing off their sprites to each other - I forgot she had one too

These two are best friends now

Granite has the Family Orientated trait .... so hopefully he will make a half decent Dad

Forrest is out again ... we seem to be seeing a lot of him at the moment

It tickles me how much noise Forrests makes when hes on the slide - you can hear him from inside the house.

Lime is in the sandpit - making nearly as much noise as Forrest is



NINE just copped a mouthful of insults off Lime

The plant baby is growing slowly - like they do

Baby is coming

Yes Josh ... your sibling count is growing again!!


I spot Allen (Ocean's youngest brother) is now a mermaid

One little human BOY

Seriously why is she having so many boys??!!


He is differently cute
I can see he has Granites eyes which come from his Grandmother Raven

Traits = Brave - Genius
Favourites = R&B - Cheese Stalks - Lime

Mmmmmm the first place they go for woohoo after SEVENTY-NINE has arrive is the time machine.

That was quick ... instant arrival - of what I hoped we would get away with .... a time travel child

Forget the new arrival - they are off for more woohoo - lol

This is FREDDIE ... he is a human young adult

Freddie is almost a Granite clone and he has inherited his Grandmothers grey hair.

Traits = Dare Devil - Childish - Vehicle Enthusiast - Savvy Sculpter - Genius
Favourties = Latin - Cheese Stalks - Yellow
LTW = Alchemy Artisan

BABY CHIMES coming from the bedroom.

I'm laughing at Sage outside still wearing a towel ... when ...


Red and Granite are still messing about in the bedroom ... they only used the time machine once.

SO where does this one come from??

I've never had TWO come out from one woohoo ..... so does this make them twins??
Unless Freddie was a delayed arrival from when they woohoo'd earlier when she had a baby bump and this one is the one they have just created.

Tell a lie I once had a time machine glitch on me and it spat out 10 time travel children from one woohoo, but the time machine couldn't be used because it was constantly in use (stuck in a loop spitting out a constant stream of children.  I wasn't using mods then and I could only have 8 in the house - so it kept taking breaks, but as soon as I moved one out to make space another popped out of the time machine - I gave up after 10 - and I still have the file sat there ready for me to make space for the next one to come out).

But this time machine is not glitched and is still usable - so I know that is not happening again thankfully - so hopefully - this second child is the last!!

This is NELSON .... he is a fairy young adult

Traits = Perfectionist - Neat - Charismatic - Easily Impressed - Computer Whizz
Favourites = Pop - Chilli - Hot Pink
LTW = High Tech Collector

You can grin Granite - that is 3 children in just a few sim hours and only one of them is countable!!!
and we have a baby bump growing as well as a plant baby probably about to hatch ....

this house is going to be full again before I know it!!!  Which is annoying me because Sage's baby Mom is waiting to make her entrance, and I'm now worried she might prefer one of these two time machine boys and ignore Sage!!

Well if these two are supposed to be twins ... they are the most unlikeliest pair I have ever seen ... LOL
but they are still both cute tho!!

and Freddie looks like he might be just like his Dad in more than just his looks ...

eating dirt

Phoenix is out

and so is Aniseed

all we need now is for Basil to join them, then we will have the three of them back together.



  1. Two timemachine babies, lol , oh boy haha

    1. I was panicing - it brought back memories of Cello and Mallow's endless supply of children