Monday, 15 May 2017

Update 156

Freddie is the only one awake and he isn't doing anything interesting

although he amuses me when he goes to play with the dolls house


Pheonix is filling up the kitchen sides with food
I wouldn't mind but he got out about 9 lots of food then didn't eat a thing!!

SEVENTY-NINE is getting plenty of attention from his big brother and Dad

but neither of them seem to know how to change a stinky nappy!!

Freddie is making a start on learning Alchemy for his LTW

I forgot to take the picture of Nelson because I didn't have to change his hair.

Nelson needs to learn the Advanced Technology skill

to achieve his LTW, as well as maxing the Advanced Technology skill, he needs to own
a windcarver, - dream pod - food sythesizer - holo disc and jet pack - so he now has a few of those things in his inventory

This plant seems to be taking forever to be ready to pick

Yes Sage is STILL walking around in a towel

Red teaches SEVENTY-NINE to walk

and Granite teaches him to talk

Nelson is a perfectionist, and even though he doesn't have the neat trait - he is doing more housework than BOTT is.

Nelson has rolled a wish for a science career ... so he now has a job at the science fascility next door.

So BOTT gains a helper as he needs to learn the gardening skill.

Freddie also wants a science career ... so he gets a job next door with his brother.

and BOTT now has two helpers

Granite is potty trainting SEVENTY-NINE

Baby bump

They should rename the Family Oriented trait .... it would be better named the Nymphomaniac trait
because the woohoo is none stop!!

Yeah ... Mr I'm at level 2 woohoo skill ALREADY!!

I feel like MAKING him have a shower soon, I'm sick of seeing that towel ... even though he does look funny going to work dressed like that!

Marcella is out


Granite is autograph hunting

He is making me laugh he seems to be going out of his way to socialise with the ghosts ... they are getting all his mischief too.

BOTT is ranting way too much for my liking ... I'm thinking about confiscating that mega phone
I can see Grim coming for her again if she keeps this up.

Her self tunes ups since she maxed her bot building skill have done absolutely NOTHING to improve her quality!!  I think she is destined to always be a level 6 quality Bot.

Pretty in pink ... lol

SEVENTY-NINE is watching a romantic movie - bless him - he's starting early!

Now I'm annoyed ... I wanted BOTT to pull up the plant baby - but she does not have the interaction too, which is stupid when BOTTs can have time travel children that look human - so why not plant ones?!

Sage got to do it instead

So now Sage is a Daddy and  has got himself a little clone plant boy.


Traits = Good - Green Thumb
Favourites = Latin - Chilli - Red

and the best bit ... he has the ears!!

so we now have a 6th generation Leaf in this file
Atlantis >>> Forrest >>> Basil >>> Kale >>> Sage >>> Fennel

Now SEVENTY-NINE has a playmate

and Red has a Great - Great Grandchild

Sage has suddenly become domesticated - cleaning out the potties, which I have never seen him do before.

Granite walks in from work and must be wandering where that green child came from

Now that is just cheating!!

With a clap of the hands Fennel is magically cleaned

Nelson wears a hat as part of his work uniform which I find funny!!

Sage is teaching Fennel to talk

and Granite is talking to his baby bump

Freddie didn't come home after work - which is only next door to home
I don't know how - but he ended up on the other side of the town at the stadium

He is socialising and heart farting with one of the paps that are following him

Sage is teaching Fennel to walk

Now what is he up to?!
He is using the seesaw as a slide!!

I laugh when he calls red out to play on the see saw with him

How old are they really?!

I'm howling at the faces that Sage is pulling

BOTT is ranting loudly ... she has probably just burst his ear drums

or is it because she is ranting about conformity and he thinks she is getting at him ...
well he has been walking around the house and town in a towel for over a week now

Nelson gets a celebrity opportunity to work out for four hours

How cute - BOTT is reading to Fennel

Basil and Lime are out together

first Phoenix distracts him

Then Granite starts playing him up

Granite has dared Basil to eat cinnamon

You are so going to regret that Basil!!

Told you!!

Phoenix is playing pool

and Lime is in the sandpit

It looks like Basil is heading for Lime

I thought there might be something romantic or woohoo happening but ...

Granite buts in and even gets Lime laughing ... shocking!!

Granite does the last of SEVENTY-NINES potty training

Stir crazy BOTT is out seeing what she can get from the consignment / elixier / bot shop
Raven is the consigment merchant.

BOTT went home with a vampire and fairy elixier to add to the collection

FORTY-SEVEN is visiting

Another one not having a hug off his Mother.

I am pretty shocked ... that I have got this far in ONE file ... it is now sim week 85 of this challenge and with only 20 babies left to make ... I think I might just make it to the end of this challenge in this one file!!


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