Saturday, 13 May 2017

Update 154

Baby Dad Fourteen

I will warn you ... if you think I'm obssessed with Forrest ... you haven't seen nothing yet!!
Because in walks my number one sim obsession, so don't be surprised if I get totally distracted by him ...

Not only do I love that face - I love the character that he is in TCE ... but for this ... on free will, I know he is going to be a scream.  His Daredevil and Good Sense of humour traits are VERY strong .. so he is constantly playing everyone up and be prepared to see plenty of bare but ... because he is constantly skinny dipping and streaking around my rainbow files.


Even though I've always wanted to do a 100 baby challenge, and failed on a couple of occassions, I was determined to complete this one.  I knew this was going to be a hard challenge ... so I had to give myself an extra intensive to get to the end of this challenge and I've done that with the baby Dad.   Baby Dad's 14 - 16 and 17 are the ones that I have been most looking forward to for different reasons.

In TCE Granite is gay and mixed up in a love triangle with Forrest and Mace (both of who you have already seen) and even though he does have one son .... I can't wait to see how his children are going to turn out.

I have moved his parents into a house over the road and connected them up on the family tree, so I am hoping to see some of his Mothers grey colour coming out in his children.

Raven Rock

Shale Rock

Straight away Granite has me laughing ... instead of checking out his new home ...
he runs across the road to play up his parents.

Shale doesn't find his joke funny

But Raven does.

The dive bar is that way Raven  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Granite Rock

Traits = Dare Devil - Good Sense of Humour - Genius - Disciplined - Family Orientated
LTW = World Renown Surgeon
Favourites = Soul - Grilled Cheese - Irish Green

Granite is thinking .... well this guy looks familiar!!

Yes Granite - Leafy has been busy making babies again in your absence --- this is his great grand son.

We have a staring competition

I run off to tamper with his gender preference, which I forgot to do - cough.

delayed heart farts ... well he is now suddenly straight and has been hit by the positively orgasmic moodlet that Red omits!!

Out comes his party trick - eating dirt

Seriously Granite that is no way to impress the ladies!!  (Not that she is a lady!)

I just love that cheeky grin of his

Red is not impressed and walks away

His attention goes back to Sage who is off in his own musical world

BOTT is trying to do the laundry and Granite interrupts her just to pull faces at her.

I am really not sure what that genie float is all about ... it almost looks threatening.

obviously it wan't!!

Yeah ... Sage and Granite heart farted

You can forget it boys ....
not in this life Granite!!

Their friendship bars shoot up pretty rapidly (which is worrying)
and so are their goofy grins

Granite dares Sage to do something ....

but he refuses.

LMAO ... I did warn you!!
..................... and he's off!!

he is streaking around the garden.

I will be glad when the first baby arrives because he won't be able to do it once there are children on the lot - but it doesn't stop him from doing it around town - lol

Very wise BOTT ... just don't look!!

While Red is asleep Granite and Sage hang around a lot together
Way to butter Sage up Granite ... pull his favourite meal out of the food machine!

Granite has the Genius trait so when he is not being childish ... he does a lot of reading and chess playing.

I am very amused when the first ghost out, for Granite to see .... ironically is Forrest

Red who has just woke up, watches Forrest for a while - but she is still broken hearted and goes off to mope.

Granite came out here to use the sauna ... and gets distracted seeing his first ghost

This is highly hysterical for me - and if you have read TCE you will know why
Granite and Forrest are married - in their TCE life - hense the wedding rings they both wear.
but in this life they dont know each other.

Granite asks Forrest for his autograph but he refuses to give it to him
that's when they discover they have clashing traits - Family Orientated and Dislikes Children

out comes the funny cat video

Forrest is really not amused

then they have a gossip

No Granite - Forrest has never liked watching you eat dirt!!

After insulting Granite, Forrest vanishes

Bye Forrest

Finally they start talking

I think he tries to gossip with her ... but she is not amused

She is a right grumpy mare at the moment - she still has 12 hours left on the broken hearted moodlet

Granite tries to goof around ...

She ends up crying on his shoulder

Pulling funny faces ... no ... this just has her walking away

Granite - I'd just quit if I was you - its not happening for another 12 hours at least!!

But he doesn't give up ..

Red is trying to do the gardening ... but Granite has other plans - wacking her with a pillow

finally she gets a smile on her face!

Surprisingly when he goes off to the toilet she follows him to pull faces at him ...
she also rolls a kiss wish (he he)

Puff ... and the broken heart has gone!!

and off she goes ....

THIRTY and Elliot are in the sandpit

Shockingly ....

BABY CHIMES coming from the bedroom already!!

Now the first baby is on the way ... Granite gets the job he wants at the hospital

Sage has found Basils old Laser Rhythm thing

LOL ...
it doesn't take Granite long to find the sprite - that everyone during the last two baby Dads  have ignored.

I already know this baby dad is going to be a lot of fun!


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