Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Back to the Ugli Past - Update 30

Matthew has dragged Eliza away from the front desk again.
I haven't been paying much attention to the reception area, so I do not know what Matthew and Eliza have been up to together, but they are best friends.

How to be embarrassed by your Parents!!

Cello and Mallow have been sent home, because they are too distracting!!
Mostly because I am watching Cello all the time to make sure he behaves himself.

Yeah I guessed this is where their relationship might be headed!!

and back to the water ballon fight .. lol

The Wedding Arch is in place.
Apparently at least one couple will get married here every day.

That area needs decorating a little more, like the rest of the resort. 
That will be the last job, tarting the place up!!

Benny is checking the new place out ... I hope he isn't getting any ideas about him and Peter.  Peter who still has not been seen since!

I think we can safely say Benny is gay!!

The two irresistible traited sims are having periods during the day, where they are having to fight off the new influx of tourists and guests.  They fight to get their attention.

Some of the contortions that Benny is doing now, look painfully impossible!!

WHAT THE .....

Suddenly the Heartbreaker counter is registering correctly ... and I have not done a thing.
(Other than close the game down .. then reopen it!!)

So I have been stressing over nothing!!!!   However I think I will steer clear of the break up text in future just in case!!

Seriously Cory that is not how you break up with someone!!!  I just hope April is not seeing this, or you have just totally blown it!!!

Jevon I don't think even realises that Cory has been cheating on him ....

So Cory confessing to cheating, hacks him off!!

Breaking up!

Aawww Jevon generally looks upset, like he never saw it coming!!
He insults Cory then storms off 😒

Cory kills me ... straight after breaking up with him he rolls the wish to kiss Jevon.  Huh!
This makes me feel cruel.

On a happier note ... the counter still says 3 ... woohoo so I might just get this Lifetime Wish done after all. 

Now to find April ....

The dining area generally has a handful of guests eating in it ... which is nice to see.

I can see new guests coming and going all the time.
This elderly married couple have just checked in.

April is in the dining room, attending to the food tables.

I have now changed the Maintenance Crew quality from medium to high ... so they should not be skiving from their duties much from now on.

Girlfriend number 4!!!
and it has registered on his counter!!

and just to cement the relationship.

Back at home .....

Mallow amuses me STILL in his towel.

Cello has actually been to work today!!
He is earning $9,812 a day now.

Matthews mug shot is on the wall, finally!

Yeah Matthew is home, because I spotted something in his inventory.

The Box of Tricks ... gulp!!

I hate this box, well it is more the tank that he will get next.  Every sim that I have had do this career has died doing one of the tricks, during a sim fest. 

I am hoping that Matthew does not suffer the same fate, or I will be gutted, especially if I have to attempt this Lifetime Wish more than once!  The sim fests will have to be avoided!!

Am I wrong to think that Terri is expendable enough to use for practicing his tricks (Cringe)

Well she has completed her lifetime wish, so if she dies it won't affect the challenge, and everyone else I can't afford to lose right now as they are working on Lifetime Wishes.

I really do not like the look on his face!!!!

but he takes the swords out, and she lives!!

Puts the box away and tries not to use it again!!

It is nice to see the profits are going up

Gregs collected profit is now $10,192

and the resort is now a 3 1/2 Stars.
At the rate it is going Greg will have completed his Lifetime Wish before I have even finished building and decorating the place!!

Matthew has found a little dog to make friends with.

The markings on him are so cute!!!

He comes from the house that Terra lives in next door.
Shame we don't have the dog Lifetime Wish in the house, because Mallow had a phone call from Garret this morning about adoptable puppies.

Here I did a town reset.  For no other reason than it has been a while (not since Mitzi) and I try to do them regularly because I read somewhere that it helps to prolong the life of the file.  It is on week 12 at the moment ... hopefully this world and file will perform the same as for the Rainbow Babies one did ... only ONE file for the whole of the 100 baby challenge.

Chandra has rolled a job wish .... she wants a music career.
So she now has a job at the music theatre.

It is nice to have them all at home for a change, but I doubt it will be like it for long!!!
And notice the reset has lost the two towels - lol!


R.I.P Garret!!

Boolprop SimNano
Pictures = 1917 + 43 = 1960✔
Words = 33,519 + 910 =  34,429 ✔
Update =  30 ✔

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