Sunday, 2 September 2018

Back to the Ugli Past ... Update 3

Denis looks happy!!

Garret starts working on the writing skill he needs to max, by writing a book.

Terra is a terror!!!!
She is constantly arguing and yelling at everyone!

That's it you just use all your excess anger energy on your work out!!

Roland has managed to get to level 5 painting already

more hot dogs!

Roland is constantly scaring everyone.
Is that his Grumpy or Childish trait?

Why is everyone constantly yelling at poor Mallow??!!

They now have a new greenhouse.
Mallow has started gardening ... they will need to grow things to make elixir

Cello is checking out the elixir store.  They are not selling anything useful but he has managed to buy the Fountain of Youth recipe.

Denis is going to be like both of his Dads ... he is constantly playing one of the musical instruments.

The good thing about Terra ... she keeps herself busy doing useful things!!

Cello is learning Alchemy the easy way ... reading the skill book.

Garret having such a high Handy skill level ... he gets to fix all the broken stuff.

Sod selling it .... it is going on the wall!!

and here he comes again!!

Mallow is seriously being abused by all of his kids!!!

and he's back to his easel, like butter wouldn't melt!!

He would be a hansom boy if his mouth wasn't so big!!

Garret is now writing his second book.

Roland has a serious problem!!
He is picking on the wrong person to scare there!! 
Terra is mean at the best of times!!

The sink is broken ... Garret to the rescue!!


Who sits on the front garden in their underwear having a full conversation with a freezer bunny?!
Roland, that's who!!

After the gripping conversation with his toy, Roland then wandered off next door to the consignment / elixir store just to play with the chicks!!

He then wandered over to the festival ground!!

I spot Jazz with his little boy Daron
He has his Grandfather Lyric's eyes and hair colouring ... orange.

Cute Dad ... Jazz is teaching Daron to talk

those are Jazz's horses!!
I know because he phoned Cello this morning about adopting a horse.

Roland got himself a teddy bear and another new toy today!!
This boy is cracking me up!!
He already has a teddy bear in his inventory and he gets the good moodlet "Cuddle Time" every morning, from sleeping with his teddy bear!

Still no ghost gnome (pout)

Garret is having his birthday, and becoming a young adult.

I gave him the Artistic trait to help with his LTW .. Illustrious Author.

Denis has already managed to build his musical skills up
Bass level 2 - Drums level 3 - Guitar level 5

Terra has Athletic 6 - Martial Arts 3

Garret jumps straight into painting

These three should form a band ... lol

House points for anyone who can come up with a good Ugli band name 😂

Garret is graduating.

Class Valedictorian & Most Artistic.

and of course Cello & Mallow mange to find the toilet hidden behind the police station!!

Denis has rolled a LTW ... Master of the Arts.
which means he needs to Max Guitar and Painting

I hate it when self employed paintings start rolling wishes to decorate the house with paintings!!!
They need to be selling them, not hanging them on the wall!!

Martial Arts level 4
She is showing off her new belt ... and does she look happy ?!

Roland is making a start on his Inventing skill for his LTW

Terra is going to stick like that!!
Man I hate hot headed sims ... this is why I HATE Justine Keaton so much!!!

Denis is trying his hand at painting (on free will)
He must know he needs to max painting for his LTW ... he's not Artistic

Bless, he tried!!!

They are all quite happily living down in the basement doing their own thing!

She needs to get a grip!!!
Poor Mallow still has everyone yelling at him, especially her!!
While I haven't seen anyone yell at Cello yet!!

Yeah ... I have a very bad habit of taking pictures of paintings!!

Denis's second effort.

That is going into the bathroom!
(he he .. Garret's paintings will fill Roland's wish to decorate the walls with 5 paintings)

Roland has blown himself up!
I send him off to take a shower.

Well you could knock me down with a feather!!!
Note to the Smustle guys .... I think Dab must be firing blanks 😂
 .... because Cello and Mallow have managed to beat the 10% Risky in no time!!!

I wander who she is waving to?!
That is the first time I have seen a time travel child coming out of the time machine like that!!
They don't leave children in the past do they??!! 😑


Jeannette is a young adult
Traits = Absent Minded - Good Sense of Humor - Adventurous - Excitable - Daredevil
LTW = Alchemy Artisan

Hair = from her Grandfather Lyric
Eyes = Cello

Well at least she is NOT having a go at Mallow!!

Cello waits patiently to pounce - lol!

They seriously need to take a break!!
I swear Cello won't be happy until he has filled the house up.  He's Family Orientated so he is another baby machine machine who is constantly rolling baby wishes!

OMG!!! 😂
He has made himself  a cow on the inventing table ... that moo's!!

I thought I was going mad for a minute, I kept hearing a cow mooing!!  It took me a while to work out where the noise was coming from.  Seriously how many years have I been playing sims 3 now ... and still I am always learning and finding something new!!!

There is only one more space left in the house now anyway.
IF they can beat the 10% Risky again!

Jeannette makes a start on learning the Alchemy skill for her LTW.
She needs to max the Alchemy skill and make 50 elixir.

She couldn't have come from very far back in time .....

..... because she is wearing trainers!!!

Boolprop SimNano
Pictures = 104 + 64 = 168
Words = 2123 + 1033 = 3156

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