Friday, 21 September 2018

Back to the Ugli Past - Update 23

I have a plan for Dean.

He is now installed in Darion's old den above the gardens, which has had a small extension.
He has a TV, games console and a computer and is now as happy as Larry - secluded away from the rest of the house, in his own space!!

I have set him off learning the writing skill and plan to give him the Bookworm trait ...
that along with his Loner trait should throw up the Professional Author Lifetime Wish.
That Lifetime wish he can do quite happily shut off away from everyone!!

Dillan is doing well with his three skills mostly alone.
Gardening 5 - Guitar 4 - Bass 8

Dillan is having his birthday

He gained the Green Thumb trait
to help with his Renaissance Sim Lifetime Wish.

and his new trait takes him straight to the garden.
I can pretty much leave him now to max his three skills on his own!

I seriously need to learn NOT to take pointless photo's of the completed paintings!!
I am just so fascinated by the new paintings coming out of this Painting Mod.

Gardening done and Dillan jumps on his guitar skill.
Cello is also working on his Bass skill for his Lifetime Wish.

Dean has finished his first book and is now chatting with his Cousin Yvette online

Wow!!!  Dean has come out of his den!!

Lemon is the ghost visiting today.
She is from Generation 2.

Teri is having her birthday and becoming a mature adult

She is having a mid life crisis - so we might have some trouble coming with her!!

Insensitive Cello asked Lemon How she kicked the bucket!!!

She is telling him a dramatic story ...
probably about the fire her daughter caused which killed her, her Mother and her Step-Dad Toby!!

Cello is learning Ballet ... so we can check out the Dancing skill.

Well it looks like Dean will not be having his birthday tomorrow now!!

FINALLY Cello goes to work!!!!

Cory is another Ugli addicted to the musical instruments.

Benny has just moved up a step on his career ladder from improving his Athletics skill!!
He is now an Ace of Agility ... level 5 of the Acrobat career.

and his contortion act looks painfully impossible!!!!

The boy has no backbone!!!!

Dean wants to write a Scifi Novel ...
So he makes a start on his second book.

Mallow is lost while Cello is at work ... so he has been painting.

Stacie's painting is now at Level 8
Only two more levels needed for her Lifetime Wish, along with the Photography skill.

One of Benny's paintings.

Blake is visiting us today ... he spends hours happily watching the television.
Then he went for a sleep.

actually both Lemon and Blake have visited over the past 24 hours. 
Shame they were not here together!!

Teri is mass cooking again today.

She has now reached Level 9 Cooking skill.

Maybe they are comparing the size of their ears!!

Benny is at the performance park and he is taking part in the SimFest, but first he has to watch his Sister's performance.  Alissa is on before him.

Hello Riley

Yvette is now an adult

I am not sure who won the SimFest.
After his act Benny decided to go straight home.
I guess Alissa must have won!!

This amused me!  How close does he want to get.
Of course Mallow ignored him, he is too busy playing the piano.

Before he even gets the Bookworm trait ... Benny has rolled a Lifetime Wish want.

So he has to earn $4,000 in Weekly Royalties.

He has finished his second book.  So now he is making a start on his third book.
at the moment his Royalty's are $111 a week.  He is a long way away from the $4,000 that he needs.

Stacie is up really early so she goes out to find new photograph subjects.

By dinnertime ... I am seriously disappointed, by how easy this has been!!!
If I had known HOW EASY it is to MAX the photography skill, I would have done it before.

All Stacie has done is taken mindless photo's on her phone ..... and her Photography Skill is Maxed out very quickly!!!  I thought her Lifetime Wish would be a challenge but it hasn't been.

Staring competition, after a lot of heart farting!!
I would watch her Teri ... Scarlet is a gold digger!!!

All Stacie has to do now is max her Painting Skill, which is at Level 8.
Then her Lifetime Wish of Visionary, will be complete!

Bad tempered madam!!!

We have a flood!!!
I think Cello needs to start upgrading everything!

Benny has been sent to the gym to work out for 2 hours, for a work opportunity.
This Acrobat career seems to be more about Athletics than the actual act!!

Yvette was there working out

but she spent most of her time falling off and on her butt!!!

I totally forgot that Benny has the Irresistible trait until he started blowing kisses!

Let's just say that guy was NOT very impressed!!!  I thought he was going to beat Benny up.

Who needs a love life when you can go over the road and get into a rock concert for free!!!! 

Yeah ... Mallow is doing a concert

Mallow earned $723 for doing that concert.

Dillan has played his way to Level 9 Guitar skill

Stacies Painting skill is now at Level 9.  One more level and she is done.
It looks like she will be the next one to move out.

from Generation 4

Finally Dean is having his birthday

Just in time because he was on his way to sneaking another mud bath lol!

I gave him the Bookworm trait to help with his Lifetime Wish.

LTW = Professional Author.

He is too cute to be locking himself away!!!

Stacies portrait of Benny

More painting photographs (rolls eyes at myself)
Maybe I should do the 100 painting challenge again and get it out of my system!!!

Stacie's Photography Skill Certificate

I have just realised that Dillan does not have a job yet.
Probably because he has not rolled any job wishes at all yet.

Who dressed him!!??  Lol!

Dillan and Dean are graduating today.

and so is Yvette

Class Valedictarian and Most Likely to write a Best Selling Novel

Dillan - Most likely to become a Rock Star

I am surprised to see that Francesco is now elderly

Mallow and Cello now both have "Proud Parent" and "Proud Grand Parent" moodlets

I have noticed on the family tree that the first five of the children are now all elderly ...
Garret - Terra - Roland - Denis and Jeanette.

Two more mug shots on the wall!!

Boolprop SimNano
Pictures = 1495 + 79 = 1574✔
Words = 25,760 + 1,116 = 26,876
Update = 23

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