Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Back to the Ugli Past - Update 20

She is no sofa spud ... she is a painter!!!

Mallow is now a Pop Icon and only needs one more promotion to complete his Lifetime Wish!

There is a karaoke machine at home, that has never been used yet, even though they were all wishing for one.  So I have to laugh when I find Darion has left work and trekked to the other side of town to use the one outside the Bistro!!

Francesco invited Cello to a party ....

...which he could not attend alone.   Mallow had to tag along to baby sit him lol

Cello can not be trusted to be left alone ... especially when there are none blood related sims around.
I am surprised he has gone this long without straying and breaking Mallow's heart yet!!
He has an externally faithful reputation too, which I never thought I would see him have!!

Jeannette has obviously trained Francesco well, with him serving hot dogs to his party guests!!

Nathon is having his birthday and becoming a mature adult.

It is no wander he is having a mid life crisis if that is what the game is going to do to him!!

That's better ... he looks like Nathan again!!

This is one of Teri's paintings

Just how long do Pumpkin plants last??!!
As quick as I am confiscating the pumpkins, Mallow is harvesting more!

The wrecked car has now turned into a square white box!!
A box that is playing music with no way to turn it off!!!

Well that is just great!!  NOT!!!!  Way to burst the bubble when everyone was having so much fun with it!!

FAILED OBJECT .......... More store JUNK ... I should have known!!!
It is doing what the toy machine does ... turns out unusable white boxes!!

All the cars interactions are still there, but if any of the sims try to use them ...
Error trap flings them over to the front door!!

I just left it and the next day the box disappeared leaving the grass playing music ... Huh!!

So I buy a car and place it over the music and hope over watch turns that radio off soon!!
The car was to keep Nathan happy ... it completed one of his mid life crisis wishes.

Now that Benny no longer has the car to play with, he throws himself into painting.

and he wants to learn the Street Art skill.

Riley is having his birthday and becoming a mature adult.

Like Nathan, Riley is also having a mid life crisis.

Garret is having a party and he invited Riley.

Garret and Riley are the best of friends.  Garret is always phoning Riley up for a chat.  I feel like when it is Riley's turn to move out, I should move him in with Garret.

Look at Roland!!
He is not letting old age get him down!!

How boring is Riley really?!
He comes to a party and reads a book.  He may as well have stayed home and done that!!!

Roland spent all night dancing like a spring chicken!!

What a great host Garret turned out to be!!
He went to bed after a short chat with Riley and was not seen for the rest of the night.

Another Ugli party, and another plate of hot dogs ... lol

We see Terra for the first time, in what feels like a long time.

Just because he is cute!!!

Forget our homework ... we have painting to do!!!!

Darion has a promotion
He is now a Top Secret Researcher ... Level 8
which means that he only needs one more promotion to complete his Lifetime Wish!!

Riley is also now only one level away from his Lifetime Wish.
He is now a Top Gun ... Level 9.

Benny goes home with Kendra after school.

Yvette is now a child.

She does not have a lot of Ugli in her!

Now I see why their kids get away with running the streets at night.
Jeannette and Francesco are really cute together still.  They did not leave each other alone all the time that Benny was there.

and off they go to the bedroom!!

All Benny wanted to do was paint I think, because he did not even go inside the house.  Once he had finished his homework he came straight home to finish his picture.

Cello's drums are now at level 8.
He is slowly getting closer to his Lifetime Wish.

Domestic Bliss .... Don't they just look like an old married couple!!!!

They are both on level 9 and wanting to max the skill they are working on.
Cello Handy and Mallow Gardening.

Kendra has come home from school with Stacie.

I suddenly keep hearing an Alien craft all the time, outside the house.
Of course it is Aria!!

It hardly seems like five minutes ago, since Cello taught Kendra to talk!!
Now she is virtually all grown up!!

Darion has had the final promotion that he needs today.
He is now a Creature Robot Cross Breeder, so he has completed his Lifetime Wish!!

LTW = Creature Robot Cross Breeder = COMPLETE

He has moved into the house next door, with Terra, Garret and Aria.
(Mysteriously the tonne of dogs that they had have all gone.)

I feel sad watching him go ... he is really going to miss the garden!!

Bye Darion!!

Even after playing this game for over eight years, there is still something new to learn all the time!!

Who knew you gained a DANCING skill from the ballet bar??!!
It is the first time I have seen the dancing skill pop up!!

Stacie is at level 6 painting already!!!!

They are all happily doing their own thing!

Child number 15 has just arrived.


Dillan is a teenager so he does not have a Lifetime Wish yet.

Hair = from Mallow
Eyes = from Cello

Traits = Over Emotional - Virtuoso - Nurturing - Equestrian

The first thing that Dillan does is pick up a guitar and join his parents in a jam session.

It is Leisure day, so there is no work or school for anyone today.
Except for Nathon, who works at the sports stadium, and has a game today.

If my kid kept drawing on the floor with spray cans ...  I would kill him!!

The Artist trait is definitely Stacie strongest trait. Painting is all she ever does!!

At least he got a Street Art skill level!!

I spot a ghost gnome coming out of the grabbing machine .. finally!!

So we will have the family ghosts visiting again.

Cello's drums are now at level 9.
That is the problem when you only work one day a week ... he now has plenty of spare time to fill.

Mallow has just MAXED his gardening skill!!

Now that Darion has gone, Mallow will have to spend more time keeping on top of the garden.

Awww Mr Mystery gnome is getting old and elderly.

Cello is going a little stir crazy ... so he took a trip to the elixir shop to see what supernatural potions they have.  They did not have any decent ones, but he did drop VERY lucky!!!

The shop was selling a Tiberium rock, for only $38, which he bought and cut.

So the $38 gem rock is now worth $5,566 small spire and $22 gem dust piece.  They are both outside growing in size and value.

Really I should not be doing this.  They will gain at least $70,000 from that $38 Tiberium rock once it has grown.  What with all the wages coming in from everyone working, which are increasing as they climb their career ladders and promotion bonuses.
The family net worth is already close to $500,000!!!

So ... anyone walking out of the time machine with the "Living in the Lap of Luxury" Lifetime Wish is going to have it completed immediately, without them having to do anything.  As well as they will be straight out of the door as soon as they join the household!!!

I think Cello is on a roll today.
He has not been back from the shop for very long and he has just MAXED his Handy skill.


How stupid is he ... doing it right behind Riley's back!!

I think Dillan already knows he has been caught, by his big Brother, who obviously has eyes in the back of his head!!!!

THREE failed whoopie cushion attempts later ........

Cello puts him into Time Out!!

Benny is having his birthday and becoming a young adult.

He gained the Irresistable trait.

LTW = Master Acrobat.

Benny is a strange one!!  He kind of went a little flat once he no longer had the wrecked car to play with.
I hoped he would want the Street Credibility Lifetime wish, seeing as he has been rolling quite a few street art wishes, and not much else.  However he has been pretty much empty headed, not really rolling that many wishes especially not Lifetime Wishes.

The only Lifetime Wish available to him, that had not already been done is the one he got.

Hello Rhubarb!

The Master Acrobat career is one I have played with a little, but not completed yet.

So now I guess I had better get a Performance Park built in town!!

Boolprop SimNano
Pictures = 1,273 + 76  =  1,349✔
Words = 21,617 + 1,525 = 23,142
Update = 20

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