Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Back to the Ugli Past - Update 14

Reed is not starved of attention. 
He is getting a lot of fuss from both his Parents and most of his Siblings.

He has learned all his skills.
Walking - Talking - Xylophone, Logic Block and he is potty trained.
Now he is hitting the books.

At 5am both party animals are up and raring to go!!

We have got our very own Medieval Bard.

Darion is graduating today.

Yes ... he is still Large, in charge, and owning it!!!!

Roland seems to be making a habit of turning up on graduation day.

Darion was Class Valedictarian and the Most likely to become a Millionaire.

Rudolph Reid, one of the other graduates is getting a Jar of friendship thrown at him.

Heart farts and it looks like the mooch is counting his pennies .....

... to see if he could afford to give Jeannette, his new best friend, these flowers!!

Rudolph = "What the hell, I am getting a job tomorrow!!"

Arrr but will you be seeing Jeannette tomorrow, that is the question!!

It is very strange that Reed never puts Peanut in his inventory!!! 
I can also see what is going to happen the minute Reed grows up, so will Peanut.

They are very good friends, even if he does not carry her around with him all the time.

Francesco is here again, repairing the broken computer.

Reed is having his birthday

He is definitely a cutie!!

He gained the Love the Outdoors trait


I can see Cello is in the living room working out and Mallow is outside the Town Hall still playing his guitar.
So who is that?!

Camera swing because Peanut is growing up

Jeannette has snagged herself the repairman!!!

Sorry Rudolph, but you wasted $80 on those flowers!!!!

Aria made a few spare Imaginary Friend Metamorphism potions.   So if Peanut bugs Reed too much we can make her real, even if I do not want her taking up a space in the house.

I am really not sure why I took this picture now.

It looks like Francesco is staying over

Cello has been shopping for skill books.  He bought Handy 2 & 3.  So now he is doing some reading.

Which reminds me, he also had enough reward points to get Age Freeze.
He just had not got round to drinking it yet!!
So now neither Cello or Mallow will be ageing!!

Nathon is at level 5 Athletics ... but he needs one more level for work.

Cello does not really need to take mud baths any more, but no doubt he will.

Scarlet is here visiting again

The last batch of children were fighting over the easels.
The batch we have now are fighting over the Athletic equipment, so we have had to get more.

Yes and of course, Reed is distracting me!!!

Both of his Dads want to buy a tree house and see-saw ... so Reed now has his very own playground.

and a teddy to sleep with.

It does not look like Peanut can play up in the tree house with him.

Seriously guys!!!
How cruel are you??!!
They are shouting Reed down and out of the tree house ... and why?

Yes, for their own pleasure and amusement!!!

Cello = "We had to check that the house foundations are safe!!"
Yeah, likely story!!
If you ask me, you have just shaken them loose and made them unsafe!!

If one of the future children comes out of the time machine with the Perfect Garden Lifetime Wish they will have it achieved instantly, without them having to do anything, if Darion continues to garden like he is.

Alissa is out on the garden singing for tips.  More for the job experience rather than the tips.
She is now a Rising Star ... level 6

Reed comes inside with chattering teeth, to warm up  ... and eats ice cream!!
Very clever.  Not!!

Francesco is still here and telling himself a ghost story!!

Reed is amusing me.
He keeps rolling Lifetime Wish wants, that generally are the same ones as the siblings he is around.  When he was with Darion he rolled the Creature Robot Cross Breeder, when he was with Riley he wanted to be an Astronaut, now he wants to be a Vocal Legand like Alissa.
Needless to say I am ignoring his rolled wishes ... he is not old enough to know what he wants yet!!

How cute!!
Not for Mallow tho, because he is on the couch tonight!!

Elixir 41 ... another Potent Jar of Friendship.
So Jeannette gains another new best friend.

Riley and Alissa are best friends without the help of potions!!

Riley and Darion both constantly wander into the garden when something needs doing.
Jeannette is now not really doing her job as a self employed gardener, because they are doing it for her!!

Reed wanted a bake sale table ... so I thought he could try out the lemonade stand too.

More RUBBISH Store stuff = They flooded out of the house to buy lemonade, which was all good.   However, once they paid for it, they glitched out and vanished, then appear by the front door.
Lemonade stand sold!!

So now Reed only has the baking table .... and nobody brought his muffins.

That guy has a problem ... constantly telling ghost stories day and night to nobody but himself!!

After giving Reed a hug, Cello encouraged him to improve his skills.
(as yet Reed does not have any skills)

So Reed goes to the computer to ... play on-line games!!
Not exactly skill building is it!!

Melon is here AGAIN!!!!
This is her third visit, when there are plenty of family ghosts we have not seen at all yet.

Rather than go to bed she is drinking invigerating elixir .. well at least that is what I hope it is!!!

This takes her elixir count up to 43 ... just 7 more elixir to use and Jeannette has completed her Lifetime Wish.

They both have 4 hour work out opportunities to do ... even though they work at different places.

I think the gnomes will soon be living in the chest under the stairs, because they keep invading the house!!  It is okay when they don't get in anyone way.
However, at the moment the fridge and washing machine are blocked off by these guys, and the inventing gnome is sitting in front of the toilets downstairs ... not okay!!!

Seeing as Jeannette has all this new potion fuelled energy ... she is out at the elixir store.
After buying some new elixir she is outside playing with Mathew, the elixir merchant.  I should imagine that Jeannette is his best customer!!

Elixir 44 ... Flask of Sleep.

Maurine is now sleeping on her feet ... literally.

I waited for her to collapse, but she didn't!!  She slept like that for hour.

I think Francesco is stuck here, he still has not left yet!!
Jeannette is not complaining though!!   She levelled up her Woohoo skill!!

I spot a ghost over the road, one that has not been to visit us yet.
Cain (Generation 4)

Cain is Cello's Great Grandfather.
It is his hair and eye colour that I would love to see come out in the children.

Cello and Mallow are busy working on their skills.  Cello, the drums for his lifetime wish and Mallow needs to improve his guitar skill for work.

Alissa is at the Spring Festival.  She went on an egg hunt before she got to doing her job.

The Festival was dead of people, so she did not attract an audience or earn any tips.

She did get a promotion tho!!  She is now at level 7 .... She is a Head liner.

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Pictures = 842 + 71 = 913
Words = 12,761 + 1,267 = 14,028

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