Friday, 14 September 2018

Back to the Ugli Past - Update 16

Alissa suddenly seems to be flying through her career.
She is now A Superstar.
Level 9 on her career ladder.  So she only has one more level to climb and her Lifetime Wish of becoming a Vocal Legand, is complete.

The beds are being made regularly now we have Mitzi in the house.
She is doing the making, unmaking and re-making bed thing that all perfectionists do.
Wasting over half of the day doing it!!

Reed is having his bake sale .....

Denis and Garret both come along and buy something

Mallow amuses me, coming out and invites them both inside.

Mallow suddenly gets +2000  spring up above his head ... from a fulfilled wish.
Him becoming a Grandparent.  According to the family tree, Jeannette has had a baby girl - called Kendra

Leon is visiting today .... and is hanging around his best friend Alissa again!!

They spend the rest of Leon's visit dancing together.
He sure is going to miss Alissa when she moves out - unless he goes to visit her in her new home.

Mitzi makes me sad!!
Like the saying goes ..... Too much work makes her a very dull girl!!

She is now chasing after Denis to complain to him about the dirty dishes.
Probably because he did not wash his plate up after he finished eating, he just left it on the counter.

Both Garret and Denis stayed over.
I really hate the hair that the game gave them when they aged up!!

If Reed is planning another bake sale today, he will have to do more cooking.
Everyone is eating his muffins and cookies for breakfast!!

Alissa is now being driven around in a stretched limo .. after all she is now a Superstar!!

She has gone to the park again to sing for tips.

If you are wandering why I have not made much of Alissa's Vocal Legand career ... I have done this particular Lifetime Wish SO MANY TIMES it bores me!!!   I flogged it to death with Marty for fun, and Cello's Dad, Lyric had this Lifetime Wish in the wishacy. 

Jeannette is out but we don't see any signs of her baby.

Mallow has just MAXED his guitar skill.

Cello came back from work with a promotion.  He is now a Squadron Leader.  Level 8
His Lifetime Wish musical skills do not seem to be moving so quickly!

These two crack me up ....
They come in from work and go straight to the garden!!

Reed is having his birthday

He gained the Neurotic trait  (randomly rolled)

I have agonised over what to do with Reed, and decided, that I am not counting his Lifetime Wish like I am with his time machine siblings.  So Reed will be moving out after he has graduated.
Reed is basically an Extra!!

Cello has gone over the road for a nosey at his Granddaughter, now that she is a toddler.

I took her into style trying to look at her eye colour.

Hair = Mallow
Eyes = Francesco

Jeannette = "Dad can you watch Kendra for a bit."
Cello = "Why where are you going?"

Hysterical ... Cello is left holding the baby while they run off to the bedroom for some adult time!!

She is so cute tho!!!

So Cello makes himself useful and teaches Kendra to talk, because no doubt they won't!!

Mallow FINALLY earned himself a promotion today.
He is now at Level 7 of his career ... Backup Vocalist.

Edwin is out again

Those Tiberium gem dust pieces SHOULD have grown by now!!
Maybe they did not like the world move.

I have put them inside again - hoping the move might spark them into doing something.
Not that they really need the money now, with all the wages coming in.

Darion wants to improve his fishing skill as well as fertilise his plants with caught fish.
So he is spending his day off fishing.

Great!!  (she says sarcastically) he has fished up another gnome.
The French gnome.

Melon is here AGAIN!!
I don't think Cello saw this much of his Mother when she was alive!!

Reed cooking waffles jumped him up to level 3 cooking, thanks to the baking he did when he was a child.

Riley has found the training dummy.  So now he has something else to keep him quiet.

He is still doing the ... I'll roll the same Lifetime Wish as the person I am closest too.
So I still do not really know what he wants.

Riley is reading the Handy skill book because he needs to increase the skill another level for work.

Reed wants to learn the fishing and gardening skills.  As Darion is hogging the fishing well, he gets to go into the garden instead.

and here comes another one!!

This time it is the magicians gnome.

We got a "Queen of the Dance" award come in the post.
I know it is from dancing at the Spring Festival, but I don't know who won it.  I presume either Jeannette or Alissa .... unless Mallow is the queen - lol!!

Mallow's Guitar Skill Certificate.

Reed has now found the science machine.

The start of the money tree collection ... lol

Mitzi needs to catch a fish for a school opportunity for a "Fishy Science Project"
So she has been dragged away from her constant cleaning to do some fishing.

I seriously need to get my act together, and remember I am NOT playing this wishacy ... I should be whipping that girl into doing some skill building, but I keep forgetting.  I am too set in my ways sometimes and just slip into the habit of just sitting back and watching them do their own thing on free will!!

It is 4am and nobody else is awake, so she may as well go outside and get a bit more job experience, even if she is not getting an audience, other than the gnomes.

Alissa is now VERY close .. she is over three quarters of the way through level 9 - so one more singing for tips should do it!!

Reed has finally got near the well to learn that fishing skill that he wants.

Alissa gets a Sing-O-Gram job for her Sister Jeannette.  She finds her at the Festival ground.

There is a cute family in the park.

She tries to do the Sing-O-Gram but it all went wrong!!

Jeannette was not very happy!!

It is not her fault that her machine blew up.  I think it has deafened her too!!

Drama over, she starts to sing for tips.

 This session in the park helps her to reach Level 10 of her career, and she becomes a Vocal Legend!!

LTW = Vocal Legend ... COMPLETE

Sorry I just think this kid pulls the cutest facial expressions!!

It seems Reed has jumped on the gnome collecting band wagon!!
He has fished up a Chinese gnome and Mr Mystery gnome.

He spent all day fishing his way up to level 6 fishing skill!!

Mitzi's Cooking skill is now at Level 4 ... she is onto reading the second Cooking skill book, which she has been to the book store to buy.

It is unusual to see Darion just chilling!!


With her Lifetime Wish complete ... it is time for Alissa to move out.
She joins Roland and Denis in the house over the road.  She can't get into Terra's house because it is full of dogs!!

Bye Alissa!!

Guys, seriously, give me a break!!!

Yes, I have replaced the broken time machine.
Cello waving generally means that someone is incoming very soon.

This trip earned them Woohoo Skill Level 7.

Almost immediately someone falls out of the OTHER time machine!!!
I am finding that very strange.

I wouldn't be surprised, by the amount of times they have jumped into the time machine, if there is not a long queue of already made children waiting to be let out!!

Child number Twelve.
It is another girl!


Teri is a young adult.
She came out with a duplicate Lifetime Wish .. Alchemy Artisan.  Which Jeannette has already completed.  So I had to give her another Lifetime Wish. 

LTW = Celebratated 5 Star Chef.
She will need to get to Level 10 of a culinary career.

Traits = Clumsy - Daredevil - Natural Cook - Evil - Artistic

Hair = Mallow
Eyes = ???  The same strange grey that Edwin had.

She is pretty much a green Alissa ... and very much like Winter.

Oh great!!  I hope Evil is not her strongest trait!!
All she is doing is cackling like an evil witch.

Mallow = "What the??!!"
Cello = "She is your daughter!!  I am telling now, that evil madam is nothing to do with me!!"

That is why she has your skin Cello!!!!

Edwin is out again

Mr Mystery gnome is chillin!!

Teri gets the job at the Bistro that she needs for her culinary career.

It is a shame that Edwin did not take more mud baths when he was alive, then he would have been with us for a little longer!!

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Pictures = 980 + 77 = 1,057
Words = 15,586 + 1,488 = 17,074
Update = 16

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