Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Back to the Ugli Past - Update 21

Rhubarb is the visiting ghost today.

Teri is pretty quiet painting most of the time.

Notice we now have three vampire gnomes.  They breed like rabbits ... and STILL there is not a vampire anywhere to be seen!!!

The garden is looking a little bleak since Darion left!!
Riley is not so on top of it like Darion was.

Teri is reading Cooking Skill book 2 .. because she is THREE levels behind with her cooking.

Can you spot what is annoying me ... lol

Today Cello is working on his Piano Skill, which is at level 7 at the moment.

Benny makes a start on practising his Acrobat act mimes.

Trapped in a box

Wind walking

I am glad he didn't ask Riley to pose in the nude.

That looks NOTHING like him!!

Nathan has had his last promotion .... he is now a Superstar Athlete.

LTW = Superstar Athlete ... COMPLETE!!

So Nathan has left us and moved into a new house opposite the cemetery. 

Stacie is having her birthday and becoming a young adult.

She gained the Supernatural trait

LTW = Visionary
which means she will have to reach level 10 of the Painting and Photography skill.

Benny has just increased his Street Art skill by sketching??!!
Which is strange because I thought it was a Painting skill activity

Forest is here visiting.
I am still a little disappointed that we have not seen Cello's Dad yet!!

You have just broken my heart and upset Benny!!
Being a flirty tart is Cello's job not yours!!!

Forest must be a magnet for gay men ... they all go stupid over him!!!

Just a reminder of what he looked like when he was alive.

I drag Mallow away from Forest ....

... but he comes straight back and Cello appears too, in stalker mode.

The problem with Forest is that both Mallow and Cello are best friends with him.  Mallow and Forest worked together in their past life and Cello is his Step-Son.

Oh boy!!   I never thought I would live to see the day that Cello would be the one having to watch Mallow!!

I sent Mallow to bed to stop him from chasing after Forest again!!

Cello chases after Forest, but unlike Mallow he behaves!!

Just like the good old days.

Oh ...
Child 16 is just coming out of the time machine

I just KNEW Cello behaving would never last!!!!!
Who flirts with their Step-Dad ... really!!

I send Cello to bed out of harms way!!


(Cough) I think we will just call him DEAN !!!

Dean is a teenager so he does not have a Lifetime Wish yet.

Hair = from Cello
Eyes = from Cello

He is a mini Cello with Mallow's face!!

Traits = Loner - Commitment Issues - Good - Nurturing

Stacie and Benny are graduating today

Hello Reed

Most Artistic

Class Valadictarian and Most Likely to Save the World

Yvette is now a teenager

Stacie needs a camera ... but they don't have any.
She will just have to stick to her phone camera for now.
She finds the Photography Skill book in the consignment store tho.

Benny is at the performance park testing it out as well as gaining some job experience.

The spire has grown to a large one worth $34,500 and the dust piece is now a $5,589 small spire.


Benny returned from the park with an improved career level.
He is now Level 2, so he can juggle now as well as mime

Just don't get burning the house down!!!

Mr Irresistible!

Autumn is here

You will be wishing you are pumpkin pie when Teri spots you!!!!

I have two empty headed teenage boys, so I get them working on the garden.

Mini family trip to the festival ground
Benny, Cello and Mallow.

While Benny performs for tips, Cello decides he is going to do the same.

Mallow would rather have fun and is amusing himself wandering around.

Apple bobbing with Darion and Alissa

Alissa has obviously had her birthday, because the game has given her a horrible hair do!!

Teri has had a promotion, and been given a new food mixer to use at home.

She is now a Pastry Chef .. Level 6

Benny has been turning all the lights off again.
The most amusing part - he is sat in the kitchen sketching, and he has light!!

Mallow has had an interesting skill opportunity.
He needs to take SEVEN wood sculptures to the Criminal Warehouse.
It does not say what the reward is, but it hints that it is worth it.

So he starts on the first sculpture.

Edwin is out tonight.

Stacie has decided she wants a Photography Career, so she registers herself as a self employed photographer.

So now she will be taking photographs wherever she goes.
Not that I can show you her taking photographs!!

Huh!  I thought I took a picture of his first finished sculpture.
Anyway, he now has level 7 Sculpting and making a start on the second wooden sculpture.

I don't understand what is going on with Cello's job!! 
He has not been to work for three weeks now and every Monday it says he has 7 days before he is at work.  For the past two Mondays he has been paid for personal time off ... even though there has been nothing happening on those days (holidays or graduation) to prevent him from going to work.

Riley is going to work on Mondays, so I don't understand why Cello isn't!!

Cello seems to be on a hugging mission.
He came into the garden room to hug Riley, now Edwin is getting one!!

Well she definitely won't be getting a hug!!

All this fire throwing is making me nervous!!

Benny needs to work on his Athletic skill as part of his job.
It helps him perform better, apparently

Nobody has noticed yet that Dillan is skipping school!!
or are they waiting to pounce on him when he has finished playing the bass??

That is his second wooden sculpture done.
I hope there is not a time limit on this opportunity, because it is going to take him ages to do all seven sculptures.

Yvette appears, so I presume she has come home from school with Dean.

Dillan has decided on his Lifetime Wish.
He wants to be a Renaissance Sim.
Which means he has to reach level 10 with three different skills.

He already has Level 6 Bass - Level 3 Guitar and Level 1 Gardening.

She would look so much better with a make over!!

Teri is STILL three levels behind with her cooking.  As she seems to have a lot of energy, she is doing some mass cooking, and filling the fridge with meals, to try and improve her cooking skill.

Cello must be very bored if he is cleaning the house!!!

Mallow is asleep - that is probably his problem!!

Boolprop SimNano
Pictures = 1,349 + 75 = 1424✔
Words = 23,142 + 1,136 = 24,278
Update = 21

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