Monday, 10 September 2018

Back to the Ugli Past - Update 13

Riley is a Grunt, at Level 3 of his Military Career.

Elixir 33 makes Nathon her newest best friend.

Cello and Mallow are providing the music for the party animals to dance to.

even Reed gets in on the act ... playing his music

Cello has just MAXED his guitar skill.
So he only has the Piano, Bass and Drums to max for his Lifetime Wish.

Today while Alissa plays outside the Spa for tips.
The tourists are getting "Large and in Charge" potions that Jeannette purchased from the elixir store.

He was already on the big side .. it didn't really make him that much fatter.

The tourist didn't seem that upset by the potion she threw at him.

Maurice is from France.
Jeannette is starting to gain quite a lot of foreign friends and acquaintances on her friends list.

Cello is hogging Reed again.

The potty training starts.

and of course Cello wanted to get a rider for Reed to play on.

Garret is at the Spa with a hilarious hair cut!!!
He has had his birthday ... that is why the hair change.
He is now a mature adult.

Another tourist and another "Large and in Charge" potion
Elixir 35

Alissa conveniently gets a Sing-O-Gram job come in while she is with the receiver.

Garret is having a mid life crisis and needs cheering up!!

Epic EA FAIL!!!!
Alissa and Jeannette BOTH receive a phone call from Terra at exactly the same time!!
Terra, who I can see down the road just walking into the Grocery Store, so she definitely isn't on her phone talking to these two!!

Elixir 36.
Melancholy Serum .... which made the Pap woman cry!!

If Riley is not working out, he is reading or gardening.

I found a bunch of flowers in Jeannettes inventory.
I am not sure who gave her those, she doesn't have any romantic interests.

Nathon has had a promotion today.  He is now a Toddler Sports Coach .. level 3.

Melon, Cello's Mother, is here again

"Hello Mother!!"


Meet Peanut!

Very amusing Cello!!
Like your Mother really needs to be trained or a work out!!

It is Winter and cold out ...
so Alissa and Jeannette are camped out inside the elixir store, doing their thing.

Jeannette makes a few more potions to use.
I am a little annoyed that there are never any vampire, fairy, werewolf, simbot potions to buy in the store.  I have not seen any supernatural characters wandering about either!!

Riley has had a promotion.
He is now a Squad Leader ... Level 4.

Mallow has started to paint a little more now that he can get near the easels.

Cello's instrument skills for his Lifetime Wish.
Guitar = 10 ... Drums = 6 ... Piano = 5 ... Bass = 3
So he still has quite a way to go yet.

Bone's coffin is now at the end of the garden out of sight and I hope out of harms way.
Yeah, Darion tried to let her out, probably because it is in his face all the time in the garden.
So I had to reset him to unfreeze him.

This irritates me so much ... trees growing through the roof!!

So now the greenhouse is two stories high, to accommodate the trees.
One bonus ... I now have more walls to put the skill certificates on - which I am definitely going to need!!!

and sometimes when I think something .... I just have to do it!!!

Darion now has a new bedroom ... lol!!

at this point I am laughing at myself and think I need to grow up, or sectioning!!

Peanut looks so dejected!!!

Darion wants to learn the fishing skill.
By the time he gets his job at the Science Lab he is going to have the skills he needs already and will fly through his job.

Roland is having a Food Feast party ... dress code = swimwear!!

Only Jeannette gets an invite.

Jeannette wanted to give Roland a gift.  So she gave him a toy boat (that she got out of the arcade machine) which he was VERY happy with.  He promptly sat down and spent the rest of the party playing with it!!

Vampire fish.

Yes (cringe) this wishing well is a bit of a cheat to fish out of, because you can catch all fish from it whatever level of fishing you have.

He stood there all day fishing and got his fishing skill up to level 5.

Darion is off to Prom.
(this is where my game gives most my sims same sex romantic interests and turns them gay!!!)

Hello Forest!!

Where is Cello, I need to chain him down!!!

Forest was married to Cello's Dad, Lyric.
His genetics do not appear in the family tree.

LOL!!  He has found Forest already ... he is like a Bee round honey!!!

Yeah same rules still apply here Cello!!
HANDS OFF your Step-Dad!!!

Nervously watches them hugging!!

From the moment Cello became a teenager, I spend his whole of his generation fighting to keep Cello away from Forrest.  Cello was a nightmare with his wishes, especially around Forest.

That is amusing when Forest is gay!!

That is the first time I have noticed there is actually a signature scribbled on there!!!

Cello = "Alissa, you are barking up the wrong tree ... My Step-Dad is gay!!  Hands off, if I can not have him, then neither can you!!!"

The flirty mare!!!
Yes I can see Cello is going to continue with his Forest obsession!!!

Well you could knock me down with a feather!!
Darion has come out of Prom with a FEMALE romantic interest!!!

He is also having his birthday ... and becoming a young adult.

I gave him the Angler trait to help with his Lifetime Wish = Become a Creature Robot Cross Breeder.

While he is out (and not breaking curfew any more) he pops into the Science Facility to get the job that he needs.

Edwin seems to be out a hell of a lot!!

Now Darion wants to learn the Handy skill - so he is reading a book.
His Ambitious trait is really showing ... he always seems to be one step ahead of himself, because he is going to need Gardening, Fishing and the Handy skill for his Science Career.  Skills that he has worked on in advance.

That just tickles the hell out of me!!!

It looks like Reed has dumped Peanut again!!

Hopefully they won't make friends so the IF won't bug us!!

Boolprop SimNano
Pictures = 778 + 64 = 842
Words = 11,692 + 1069 = 12,761

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