Friday, 30 June 2017

Update 169

I spot Nadia over the road with a very big baby bump

Fennel finally wants to hang out with her so he invites her over.
I am amused that he wants to read a pregnancy book - so I think he knows the baby is his.

Nadia is staying over ....

Red tries to feel the baby bump and Nadia doesn't let her

Probably because the timing was wrong .... baby is coming

So Fennel goes to the hospital with her

One little green vampire boy that the game has called Heath

So I have snagged the baby (he he) but Nadia is still living over the road

When I age him up I am pretty shocked .... he is a HYBRID (Happy dance)
He shows on everyone's friends list as a vampire - but he is also a plantsim
he has the Leaf ears and hair too which is a bonus

Heath has the vampires shiny eyes and has the needs of a plant sim.
I've very surprised to get a second Hybrid out of this challenge!!

Excitable - Virtuoso
Rockability - O poss - Lilac

So until Fennel wishes otherwise he is a single Dad.
(hopefully he doesn't because I think Nadia will cause problems in the house)

Dad has gone to work so the little vampire plant is learning his logic

Mia has come to inspect the new arrival ... after she has caught the fly

be careful Mia when he grows up, his bite will be worse than yours!!

I have to laugh - on free will Red makes a start on teaching Heath to walk

and BOTT has another friend to make

And in walks baby Dad number 15

(Alpine is Bay's step Dad in TCE if you are wandering why they have the same surname)
he only had one child in TCE - Cinnamon - who looked very much like his Mother ... so I can't wait to see what sort of children Alpine produces.

Alpine ...

Traits = Athletic - Disciplined - Family Orientated - Hopeless Romantic - Dramatic
LTW = Surrounded by Family
Favourites = Classical - Fruit Parfait - Brown

That's a good start

Nadia phoned Fennel for a date .... she didnt turn up ... she stood him up - lol

So he goes back home and finishes teaching Heath to talk

Red is being a little weird with Alpine she is not showing much interest in him ....
I'm thinking she is probably moping over having to let Granite go ... I know I would be!!

Alpine is the one chasing Red around

and he starts the flirting

I think Fennel is getting fed up .... Mia won't let him sleep, she keeps waking him up all the time.

I'd almost forgotten about Pepper the ghost cat.

They are goofing around together

BOTT finished what Red started ... Heath can now walk

I'm not sure Alpine has spotted the food synthesiser yet

He actually made good quality waffles - which is a little surprising for the first attempt at cooking!!

It doesn't take him long to start working on his athletics skill.
He has rolled a wish to have a military career .... but that will have to wait until the first baby is on the way.

Fennel is quite a cute Dad.

Alpine is taking flying lessons lol

He is the one doing all the running ... Red is baffling me right now she still does not seem interested in Alpine!!

He rolls the kiss wish .... so it's done

and they are off ....

Baby chimes coming from the hot tub

It looks like it is a good job that Alpine has the Family Oriented trait and the Surrounded by Family LTW ... because FOR ONCE I think this batch of babies is going to be up to the Dad and not Red.

Maybe she is getting tired of having babies LMFAO!!!!!!!

Fennel has rolled a wish I'm not too happy with .... he wants to become a vampire
Its going to be hard work to cure his plant occult (grrrr)  I can't even remember right now where you get the spice from to cure him.

Heath doesn't want to come of the rider - lol

Freddie has been very quiet since his Dad, brothers and sister moved out

No BOTT!!!
Plants do not need potty trainging .... because they never need to take a pee

It will be intesting to see which lifespan Heath gets when he grows up
He could get the shorter plant lifespan or the longer vampire lifespan
but I suspect that it might be the shorter as his needs are plant needs and I'm not sure that will change when he becomes an adult ... he will probably just have the vampire abilities along side his plant ones.

We got a pop up saying it is Freddies birthday today and he should have been becoming elderly
but he rolled a wish (just in time) to be ........

a fairy
So now he has another 83 days before he becomes elderly

Nadia phoned Freddie for a date - lol
He turned it down

Alpine is like a man possessed ... he doesn't leave Red alone for a second.
Every time she tries to walk off he jumps on her ... he is doing what Red normally does.
(Family Orientated and Hopeless Romantic traits do tend to have that affect on sims)

Fennel is always busy dividing his time between work - his son and his cat.

Fennel and Freddie made me laugh exchanging herbs and fairy dust

Mmm Alpine is waving ..... I'm guessing we will be getting another time travel child walking out of the time machine later

and we have a baby bump

So baby 85 is on it's way.


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