Thursday, 29 June 2017

Updade 168

EIGHTY-TWO has got his painting skill up to level 8

I'm not sure how we have had a gnome pass away when they are all put away in a chest.

EIGHTY-THREE is graduating




Most likely to take over the world

LOL it looks like Thyme and Sage have found each other

Yes Fennel ... your Dad is gay!!

Seriously these two were made for each other even if it is wrong!

LMAO ... Fennel is talking about his cat ... to a werewolf!!
Obviously it did not go down too well!!

FIFTY-FIVE appears on the doorstep

Thyme and Sages relationship starts to feel even more creepy ......
I've just noticed that Thyme is all of Red's children's Nephew!!

EIGHTY-FOUR has rolled a LTW
Golden Tongue - Golden Fingers

I'm amused that FIFTY-FIVE still works at the military base and does not look like he has progressed any in his career.

She kills me - she pays more attention to her children after they have left home.


Fennel wants to hang out with Nadia - she is now a vampire
It is too hot for her to be hanging about outside - so Fennel invites her over.

but the minutes she is in the house - she hunts down Granite

Granite = "Help!!"


EIGHTY-ONE = "You can stick your flowers .. I'm straight!!"

I think EIGHTY-ONE is a little disgusted

EIGHTY-THREE's ice statue

Seriously BOTT would be lost if I took her phone off her!!

Mia is enjoying Sage's guitar playing

EIGHTY-TWO's ice statue

Okay ... so I didn't see this coming!!

After Fennel is thinking .... what have I done!!??
I'll tell you what you have just done .... made the 7th generation Leaf

Leave food on the floor and Mia will eat it!!

I've really slacked with Sage ... he needs to get to level 7 Charisma skill for work
At the moment he doesn't even have that skill - oops!!
Time to get reading I think!!

Nadia phoned to chat with Fennel ... I guess he is the one who is going to get stalked now!
It amuses me after their encounter in the tent - he has not rolled a single Nadia wish.

Mia is having her birthday

It's actually been a while since I've seen BOTT slow dancing with anyone - at one time she was doing it constantly.

I really wished now that I had rainbowed Mia - she is a very drab looking cat

A change of dance partner - lol


I think Mia would rather eat the discarded food than her own.

Not exactly how you are supposed to bath the cat .... stupid game glitches!!

I'm shocked he let Fennel bath him and she actually liked it - which is unusual for cats.

And after having a nice bath ... she goes and drinks the dirty toilet water!!

EIGHTY-FOUR is having his birthday

He gained the Born Salesman trait

LTW = Golden Tongue - Golden Fingers

The last Ice statue to be done - as EIGHTY-FOUR is the last of Granites six children to become an adult.

Nadia = "By the way ... you are going to be a Dad!"
Fennel = "Gulp!!"

That looks like a happy cat!

So it is that time already (sob sob) .... Bye Granite!!

Granite has moved out with his six countable children and Nelson into Bay's old house
(I have moved Nadia into the house opposite Reds as her mother has now passed away and she was living alone)

Granites autonomous woohoo count = 60
Family fund = $5,864,470

Sage has also moved out ... he is now living with Thyme, who was also living alone

So all we have left in the house is Red - BOTT - Fennel - Freddie and Mia

So I'm an idiot ... I forgot to do the break up before Granite moved out!!
So Red had to go to his new house and do it.

I am amused that less than an hour after they have moved out Granite is at the door

I'm not sure he is very happy with what has just happened

After quite a long staring competition ....

Granite went off to sleep in the fairy house.

Granite you are killing me!!


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