Friday, 23 June 2017

Update 164

I was talking about Fennel not feeling the cold ....

Well Nelson definitely is feeling it - he's so cold he is now frozen solid!!

Red to the rescue (THANKFULLY)

and the idiot goes inside, grabs himself something to eat then goes straight back outside into the cold.
He is lucky he didn't finish himself off!!

You be careful Red ... that boy doesn't know who you are

FINALLY .... Granite gets to do a clinic in the cemetery

and look who turns up with Extra ... Raven, Granites Mother


That machine lies .... Extra doesn't have a beating heart - he's a vampire!!

poked and pinched to cure a cold .. lol

Now it's Mom's turn

Granite = "Why haven't you been to see any of your Grandchildren Mother!?"

an elderly FORTY-FIVE turns up

SIXTY-SEVEN and Granites favourite Pap woman who he is constantly tormenting on the front garden.



FIFTY-EIGHT and Parsley have turned up too late to be treated - clinic is over after Mars

Sage amuses me .... he is going to the festival ground on a date
(with the woman who Freddie had a date with recently)
Instead of catching a taxi ... he genie floats all the way there

Shockingly SEVENTY-ONE phones Red for a chat
Its not often any of her kids call her

EIGHTY-FOUR is having his birthday

He gains the Diva trait

Nadia has come how from school with one of the teens

(She is now living in Bay's old house with her Mother - which they moved into when it was empty because all of Bay's children have now passed away)

She could turn out to be a girlfriend for one of the boys maybe.

Our little Diva is performing ......

Yes we know you love yourself .... but can you try and do it a little more quietly!!

His first rolled wish is to learn the painting skill ...



Christian was sleeping until Omri turfed him off the coffin and jumped onto it himself

Unfortunatly we will only be seeing the garden ghosts for a while .... I've put away all the ghost gnomes (to help with lagging) so we won't be seeing any of the cemetery ghosts.

YOW!!!  Christina there is plasma in the fridge!!
LOL he tried to feed off Nelson .. but he was having none of it!!

EIGHTY looks like he is a Granite clone

Sage does not seem to be getting anywhere at work ... his stories and reviews are in the red.
So we try to get something done about it.

Oohhhhh not again!!

Guess what BOTT has been ranting about again .....


Save your tears Sage ... she is just getting a telling off again

Grim has let her off again.

I can't help but wander now everytime I see Grim or Phoenix ....
if Grim enjoyed taking his own son when his time ran out?!

You can smile .... upsetting Sage like that!!!
She must be happy to still be alive - she is actually doing the laundry for a change!!

Hysterical ... Grim has started with the date phone calls again

Grim = "I want another child - give me one and I won't take your bot the next time she slags me off"
Red = "Like you bothered with Phoenix ... and you can take the metal lump ... she's useless anyway!"

Freddie wants to grow facial hair ... midlife crisis wish

Red and Granite are at the winter festival so we can get the wall photo

If you are wandering why the weather is looking strange ... I've turned it all off to try and help with the file which is groaning with old age and starting to lag.
I've seen autumn leaves appear and the snow has gone but left snowmen and igloos ... hopefully when spring comes it will sort itself out.


Sage is at the dive bar having a second date with that woman.
When I check on Sage, I don't see any sign of the woman ... and I find him kissing THYME!!

Seriously this shouldn't be happening!!!!!
They are second cousins!!!!

Forrest is their Great-Grandfather
Their Granddads are brothers
Their Dads are cousins
They are second cousins

They are too closely related to be getting romanitic ... which EA seriously need to fix because its wrong.

Yes I've changed Thymes hair because it was irritating me!!

They both have Forrests hair and Reds eyes!!

I am pretty creeped out right now ... and if Sage starts rolling wishes to take this relationship further, he will have to move out and do it where I can not see it (pout)

EIGHTY-THREE is having his birthday

He gained the Eco Friendly trait

Mars is at the front door

It didn't take BOTT long to jump on her friend

The naughty boy is back from the dive bar ... I'm amused that he is chatting to Thyme online - I'm not sure I am keeping those two apart (pout)


SEVENTY-NINE is having his birthday and becoming an adult

He gained the Handy trait

LTW = World Renown Surgeon

He now has a job at the hospital

only 5 more to age up now - so Granites time is quickly coming to an end


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