Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Update 167

Ocean phoned to say his cat has just had kittens ....
So Fennel has gone to adopt the cat that he wants

I have to laugh - there were two - one called Sassie and one called Mia
my own cat is called Mia .... so I didn't have to decide which one Fennel was taking home with him


EIGHTY-FOUR is getting a ride home in a police car for being out after curfew
He is only over the road at the town hall, and STRANGELY nobody told him off when he got home!!

Fennel has gone ... I think he is very happy with his new friend

Mia is female ... Clueless and Piggy
(so in sim terms I guess she is an insane slob)

Yes and I'm going to be obsessed with this cat for a while (even though pets in the game generally annoy me)
She is completely white all but a grey patch on her tail

New bed

Nelson is making me laugh with his girly skirt (kilt) and girly shoes

Fennel has come out of work to photosynthesis which has dented his work performance

Mia is using her scratching post

Fennel is playing chase with the cat lol

awww Mia is using her litter tray ... I was expecting puddles all over the carpet.
For a clueless cat she is doing pretty well.

It looks like SEVENTY-NINE has snagged himself the male pap outside

That's kind of creepy ... he's taking photo's of him before they woohoo

Yes BOTT I can see the pesky new gnome too!!

Forrest and Phoenix are out

I'm not sure how Red has upset Forrest

Knowing her she has probably tried to kiss him or something

One minutes he's angry ... the next asking her to watch the stars

These two are virtually best friends again .... I predict trouble might be coming

Who needs a television when you have a stack of bugs to watch

EIGHTY-TWO has decided he wants a Science career ... Another one ... that makes 5 working next door at the science fascility

and like all the rest the only way he is learning the gardening skill is by reading a book

Granite has a vaccination clinic at the performance park
He is now a Neurosurgeon - so he only needs one more promotion to achieve his LTW. 


And here comes Granites stalker ... Nadia


Extra is now a mature adult

Granite is now heart farting all the males - lol

This clinic didn't go well .... he only vacinated 7 out of 14 because as usual he kept getting interrupted for photo's and autographs


Cat and Dog fight ... literally

The dog beat up the cat
Zoe who is Mia's mother.

Everyone is in white coats - lol
probably because they all work in the same place

I think that is out of the litter tray

He is day dreaming about Mace I just know it!!

Mia is making me laugh ... everytime Fennel tries to sleep she is waking him up

I wouldn't be too impressed if my cat wasn't letting me get any sleep - but Fennel doesn't seem to mind.

EIGHTY-THREE and EIGHTY-FOUR have been to prom
EIGHTY-FOUR was prom king and came out with a romantic interest Sofia
EIGHTY-THREE's night didn't turn out so well - he got into a fight and ended up being brought home in a police car for being out after curfew

and he's grounded!


EIGHTY-ONE's ice statue

and finally on the fourth attempt ...

EIGHTY's ice statue

Awwww how cute

Fennel is checking out the new pap woman

When is Nadia going to get the hint - that Granite doesn't want to go on a date with her?

He is busy!!

and of course BOTT has to be making friends with the new pet

SEVENTY-NINE has been sneakily building up his Martial Arts skill

EIGHTY-THREE is having his birthday

He gained the Good Sense of Humour trait

LTW = World Renown Surgeon

I've been amused by the LTW and Jobs this time
2 = Hospital = 1 = Police station = 4 = Science fascility

EIGHTY-THREE  is the only one out of all seven of Granites children that I can actually see Red in!!


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