Saturday, 1 July 2017

Update 170

As predicted ....  a teenage boy walks out of the time machine

extra child 22

Traits = Loner - Hydrophobic - Mouch - Nurturing
Favourites = Egyptian - Keyline Pie - Black

He goes straight indoors to play chess with himself

Oblivious that they now have a teenage child

Yeah Fennel you are going to need plenty of those ... you are on a short lifespan.
I'm struggling to decide whether to fullfill his wish of being a vampire.

I'm starting to feel very sorry for Fennel - he is hardly getting any sleep at all
Mia just won't stop waking him up.

BOTT is at it again - first potty training, now feeding
Plant sims don't need feeding

Mia has gained the None Destructive trait

Mia is investigating all the animals crawling around in the garden

and the stuffed ones in her toy box

Now their first baby is on the way .... Alpine gets the job at the Military base that he wants

Travis being a loner spends a lot of time on his own

Alpine is the first person he actually speaks too since he arrived

Freddie is working hard on his alchemy skill - he has now reached level 7



Mia is tickling me getting out all the cat toys

Mia and Pepper are becoming very good friends

I hope this is not a sign that there might be the possibility of any ghost cat babies!!

It feels like forever since we last saw him out

Baby is coming

Ocean turns up on the doorstep




and here is EIGHTY-FIVE 

EIGHTY-FIVE is a human boy

Traits = Eccentric - Loves the Outdoors
Favourites = Pop - Falafel - Purple

Mia is inspecting the newest addition to the family

Ocean is still here ... hanging out with Fennel

Then Red pounces

Yeah I would watch her carefully too Alpine!!

Oh boy!!  I'm not sure I like what I'm watching!!
They are actually flirting with each other ... amusingly Red got upset about it, I think because of her Granddaughter Raven, who Ocean is now in a relationship with.


Travis is slowly making friends and starting to interact with his family

Mia has gained the Adventurous trait ... I'm not sure how

BOTT makes a start on teaching EIGHTY-FIVE to walk

I think Freddie might be getting broody!!  He has been spending a lot of time playing with the two toddlers now he's stood for hours just watching them sleeping... its very strange.

Heath is having his birthday

He gained the Loves the Heat trait

I'm amused when I watch Heath drinking plasma juice.
I'm not sure why he did when he has plant needs and doesn't need to eat at all

Hugs off Dad ... after he has accused him of being a vampire - lol

Red finishes teaching EIGHTY-FIVE to walk

then teaches him how to talk

Baby bump


Heath wants to learn the painting skill
I have noticed that he has the "Slept like the dead" moodlet - which is a vampire moodlet

One smelly cat!!

Bath time!!

Is it usual for sim cats to enjoy baths?

Alpine is making a start on EIGHTY-FIVE'S potty training

Another cute Dad.

I can see you Mia!!

I don't know how Freddie can concentrate on his game of chess


This is quite an hysterical glitch .... a naked Red walking on water

I have to watch her walking around naked for the rest of the night ... and so does everyone in the house!

Seriously ... you have just traumatised your son for life!!

Red makes a start on potty training EIGHTY-FIVE

I'm just glad she is now finally wearing clothes


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