Thursday, 22 June 2017

Update 163

BOTT is starting to annoy me now ... I may as well take her cleaner chip out because housework is the last thing on her priority list!!

Nelsons ice statue

All plants need watering

Sage is entertaining everyone

BOTT is killing me ... I would rather she did the housework than the gardening.   She is always so on top of the garden that she is leaving none for Freddie and Nelson to do - who need to for their work.


BOTT now has 72 best friends!!

EIGHTY-TWO is putting his artistic trait to good use

Granite is reading todays medical journal
He is at level 8 of his career - Infections Disease Researcher .... just two more promotions for him to achieve his LTW

Level 4 woohoo for Granite ... and baby chimes (cough)
NRASS master controller .... end pregnancy (cringe)
well stupid me left risky on again and he does already have 8 children

Fennel is very quiet and as yet has no skills

It is tough being the only toddler in the house!

It always tickles me when they stay standing when they eat

We get a pop up SIXTY-NINE has passed away

I didn't realise Freddie had been in the photobooth with his date - until I spotted this picture in his inventory.

He is swatting up on his Handyness skill for work

EIGHTY-TWO is having his birthday

He gained the Lucky trait

Ohh ... Freddie is becoming a mature adult

a few more wrinkles and a mid life crisis

It is pretty comical that he is now older than both of his parent!!

Nelson and EIGHT-TWO look a lot alike .... probably because of their red skin

SEVENTY-NINE has found the science machine

just what all mature adults do to amuse themselves ... lol

Sage is really spooking me most of the time .... he is so like Basil, I quite often think he is Basil ... constantly lost in his own little musical world - eating, sleeping, working and playing all the musical instruments.

Red and Granite playing hopscotch together kind of amuses me ... I bet that was Granites idea!

Phoenix is out

EIGHTY has just sneaked himself an extra day

I like EIGHTY-TWO he is always busy doing something constructive.
His painting skill is level 5 already!

Marcella is out
She is Sages Grandmother

BOTT is not happy with something so she is having a rant

EIGHTY is a strange boy .... he spends more time with his baby brother than anyone else

EIGHTY-TWO is now having a go at sculpting

This is why Fennel has no skills - he lives in the sandpit

Freddie is doing a lot better at work than Nelson ... he is two levels higher than Nelson, I'm not really sure why or how.

I spot an elderly Parsley running over the road

BOTT is very stressed out as well as stir crazy ... she wants to visit the spa.
So after selling all the fruit and veg next door I send her into the spa for a .......
secret rendezvous (for a laugh)

She comes straight out .... sorry there is nobody available to satisfy your desires ... LOL

Sorry BOTT ... we need to get you a male bot!!

So a chat with SEVENTY-SEVEN has to do instead


EIGHTY-FOUR is actually doing something constructive for a change

While EIGHTY-TWO never stops ... the sculpting finished he's back to painting.

EIGHTY-TWO's clay sculpture

I'm amused when I see Granite encouraging Fennel to improve his none existent skills
He took himself off and started fishing.

SEVENTY-NINE has now found the telescope ... he seems to be very constructively active at the moment like EIGHTY-TWO.

and Granite is still constantly up to his mischief ... I just haven't been showing much of it.

The Pap's outside are constantly getting it

That backfired on you didn't it Granite!!

Now what are you plotting??

BOTT didn't see that coming!!
Red is waiting patiently for you know what!!

hurry up with your pillow fight Granite - Red wants you!

I'm laughing at both Red and BOTT right now - both of them taking it in turns and patiently waiting to get Granites attention.

BOTT wanted to give him a hug

I'm a little amused .... Fennel is STILL fishing
he has managed to get himself up to level 4

and I have just learned something new that I've never noticed before (I don't think) simplants don't feel the cold.  While everyone else outside is feeling it - he isn't and he has literally been outside all day fishing.


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