Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Update 162

Red makes a start on Freddies ice statue

No she isn't showing off ... she's a little glitchy

This must be the place to meet women I think
(I presume discrete rendezvous women coming out of the spa, as they omit the positively orgasmic moodlet)

Why change into your sleepwear to do a snow angel ??!!

They are getting cold buts

and so is Fennel



Red teaches EIGHTY-FOUR to talk

While Granite gets to potty train EIGHTY-THREE

BOTT is seriously slacking with the housework and especially the laundry - she doesn't have time with all the yacking she does on the phone!!

Granite teaches EIGHTY-FOUR to walk

Anissa and THIRTY-SIX

EIGHTY-ONE is having her birthday

She gained the Equestrian trait

EIGHTY is also having his birthday

He gained the Nurturing trait
he is a mini Granite 😊



Another Grim Reaper snowman built by the ghosts

Granite = "Why have the babies stopped coming?"
Red = "Because SHE has turned that mod off again!!!"

Freddie is doing a four hour celebrety work out

I have to laugh at myself .... I thought Fennel had been outside too long and was frozen
but it isn't Fennel ... it is Nigel (Sage's brother)
he has come home after school with one of the teens

Freddie is on a date with the woman that he met outside the spa
she phoned him up and interrupted his work out.

Parsley is now elderly

EIGHTY-THREE is having his birthday

he gained the Friendly trait

The date was pretty boring - nothing happened other than a bit of singing and a flirt

Freddie went home and straight back to his workout - lol

LMAO - Now ive seen it all
that book is covered in snow - which is weird!!

EIGHTY is suddenly constantly buzzing around the toddler
(I wander if this is his nurturing tait)

I spot all the vampires out in the sunshine over the road

EIGHTY has rolled a LTW = Creature Robot Cross Breeder


Thyme and Sage are flirting with each other .. mahem!!
This is seriously creepy and shouldn't be allowed, while I class it as incest, the game obviously doesn't!!

EIGHTY-THREE has rolled a LTW - he wants to be a World Renown Surgeon like his Dad.

EIGHTY is doing some wacky things ... like potty training EIGHTY-FOUR on free will

EIGHTY-THREE is learning how to fly - lol

Mmmm  ... it is always Forrest - lol

Hello Aniseed

Forrest you are a fool ...
he has obviously forgotten what she has done to him in the past.


Winter ... Ocean's Mother

Sorry the updates are not coming very quickly at the moment!!
The file has now got a little laggy - probably because of the age of it - its on sim week 87 - I'm trying to get it to the end of this challenge - but at the moment it is annoying me to play.  I might have to move Red to a new file to finish the challenge, which I really don't want when there are only 16 babies left to make and if I do I'm going to lose the kids who are still alive in town!! 
I am going to try turning off the weather and putting away the ghost gnomes to see if that helps.

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