Sunday, 25 June 2017

Update 165

I missed BOTT getting abducted by an alien.

I am very surprised that the alien visits have been very rare .... I hoped Red would have an alien child in this challenge but it doesn't look like it is happening!!  There are no male aliens ringing the doorbell for her to jump on.

Granite is holding another Free Clinic in the cemetery.
Nadia is his first patient.

 Mmmm I wander who that glitched IF belongs too ...

FORTY-NINE and Melon turn up

Granite what are you trying to do ... choke the poor girl!?

That is amusing




We get a pop up SIXTY-SEVEN has passed away

SEVENTY-FOUR turns up but he is too late

Nadia appears on the garden  ...
I am not sure how she got here because she wasn't at school because she went to the clinic that Granite did earlier, so I doubt she came home with the teens ... unless she followed Granite home.

She is confusing me a little because I've checked all the teens and none of them are even friends with her, so I'm not sure why she keeps appearing here.

Fennel is having his birthday

he gained the Cat Person trait

LTW = Creature Robot Breeder

Ewww ... now I can see Sage in him!!
He is cute!!

Fennel now has a job next door at the Science Fascility

SEVENTY-NINE got a promotion on his first day working at the hospital
(probably because his logic skill is through the roof)

They have a bedroom where they can do it in private ...


Yeah I'd take a photo too if I saw someone stuck in a cupboard

Fennel is doing a 4 hour workout for a celebrity opportunity

EIGHTY is definitely a Granite clone - I really can't see any difference in their faces

This cracks me up ....

He's treating Freddie like a toddler ... talking through the teddy bear to him

Nadia phoned Granite for a date!!
She is a teenager .... I think Granite might have a stalker lmao!!

He wants to give Freddie a gift .... so it is quite fitting that he should get the teddy bear

Oh he's off with his dares ....

Yeah eating spoonfulls of cinnamon does tend to burn your mouth out Freddie!!

This is very amusing .... Granite is always eating dirt for people to watch
when Freddie does it to him - he doesn't like it!!

Stir crazy BOTT is out to see what she can buy.
Raven is STILL the consignment merchant - she seems to have had that job for a long time

Two guesses as to who Sage is talking too ....... Thyme
I think the boy is in love!!

EIGHTY-ONE is having her birthday

She gained the Flirty Trait

LTW = Heartbreaker

EIGHTY is having his birthday

I tried Granites hair on him - and he is almost a perfect clone

his lips and the end of his nose are a little thicker than Granites but that is the only slight difference I can see

He gained the Ambitious trait

LTW = Creature Robot Cross Breeder

The first thing he wants to do is get a job - so he is now working next door at the Science lab
He is the fourth one working in the same place.

SEVENTY-NINE's ice statue

EIGHTY-FOUR is being taken for a ride ... a ghost is haunting the bed he is sleeping in


I bet he is feeling sea sick now - lol

Aniseed and Marcella

I wander if Aniseed knows what his son (Thyme) and his nephew (Sage) are up to?!

Oh shit!!!
Heat of the moment kiss.  (gulp)

I am wandering if Freddie has dared Granite to kiss someone, when he drags Aniseed into the time machine for woohoo.

LMAO ... you can never keep a good gay sim down!!

EIGHTY-ONE has found the sculpting table
she is still unemployed, she hasn't rolled any job or career related wishes yet

LOL ... Red doesn't have a clue that Granite is now romantically connected to and has been having woohoo with her son!!

EIGHTY-TWO seems to be quite the loner

Mmmm Fennel wants a cat ... I'm not sure if I should get him one

and you wander why Sage has a smile on his face ..

Thyme has phoned him .... so they are going on a date

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