Monday, 26 June 2017

Update 166

EIGHTY's ice statue kind of turns into a disaster TWICE!!

So EIGHTY is not too happy with Red right now!!

Freddie has found the science machine

Oh Jeeeeeez ....... Sage has only brought Thyme home with him!!

No guesses to what they are up to .... woohoo

I'm not sure what the fascination is or why they have all congregated round the toilets because none of them are actually trying to use them.

Lol - I've only just spotted EIGHTY-ONE's awful katy Perry lollipop top 
I'm actually pretty shocked that I havent seen anyone walking around town wearing a cupcake bra yet.

Thyme having a chat with his Grandmother.

Seriously these two are quite cute (even if it is incest) and they don't seem to leave each other alone for very long.
Typical - we get a good love match when we don't really want it!!


Thyme seems like an interesting sim ... he is all over the place

getting his Uncles autograph

I wander what Basil is wishing for

Huh ... I'm saying nothing!!

It looks like I might have to get Sage married off and moved out (pout)

Granite is holding a vaccination clinic at the festival ground today.



The vaccination clinic did not go too well because he kept getting interupted for his autograph and photographs.


Kale .... I don't like his hair (yuk)

(Sage's brother)  I'm not sure I've even seen Mint since he moved out with Kale and Reed.

Parsley is another autograph hunter
Allen (Ocean's brother) is now elderly - and he looks like he might be a werewolf

Granite decides to do some egg hunting after the clinic finishes

Yeah ... I'm looking at that wooden candlestick too and can't remember seeing it in the game before 😖

Fennel is spending a lot of time on the water slide .... I think to dehydrate himself
it is more fun than having a bath or a shower

EIGHTY-FOUR is having his birthday

He gained the Workaholic trait

Hugs from Dad after they have had a chat about work.

Red always has to but in - she hates him giving anyone else any attention (and its not just Granite she is like it with all her men.)  I would love to know how Granite got away with cheating on her with Aniseed.

Omri and Christian

EIGHTY-ONE has decided she wants a career in law enforcement so she now has a job at the police station.

Red went to get out the graves that have been accumulating for a while


That is a hell of a lot of family to lose!!

Nadia is in the cemetery ... she is now a young adult

I was surprised when Red went over to her.  They were chatting for ages and surprisingly their friendship has grown quite rapidly

Sage is reading a gardening book seeing as BOTT is leaving him with no gardening to do .... the same goes for the others who work at the science fascility and need to improve their gardening

Mmmm Sage is becoming a mature adult
Genies do not have a longer lifespan like other occults (pout)

He is having a midlife crisis

EIGHTY-TWO is having his birthday and becoming an adult

He gained the Night Owl trait

LTW= Master of the Arts

Phoenix is out

and so is Basil

EIGHTY-FOUR has only just realised he has the virtuoso trait

Be anti social then Sage - see if they care!!

Mass Graduation time

Most likely to burn his own house down

Most likely to save the world

Most likely to take over the world

Most Artistic

Class Valedictarian

Nigel and Nadia are also graduating today

Sage gets to chat with his brother Nigel


I am not sure Fennel realises that Kale is his Grandfather

LOL ... it is Granite taking a nap today

I swear Lacey is immortal ... she seems to have been around FOREVER ... and she is not even elderly yet.


Seriously is that make up or face paint??!!
I notice that Raven did not speak to her Son or Grandchildren!!

Whitney (Kales wife) is now elderly


Granite didn't get to sleep for too long ... he kept getting badgered for autographs and photographs

Nadia phoned Granite AGAIN for a date

I think she could well be stalking him!!


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