Sunday, 6 August 2017


Mia runs to the door to greet everyone who comes home ... but it is rare that anyone ever pays her any attention.

Fennel and Freddie are both at level 7 in their careers ... they are both Genetic Resequencer's

Everything seems to have gone quiet between Red and Alpine - they have stopped beating each other up and are now avoiding each other like the plague

Three stir crazy unemployed adults ... so I sent them out to the festival ground

I swear at least two of these are brain dead (EIGHTY-FIVE and Travis) .... all three of them just stood there for over TWO HOURS before they actually moved and did something!!

Finally they make their way over to do some skating


Thyme and Sage

Hot Dog eating contest

Yeah EIGHTY won

Those two are still going strong

I could never do a wishacy with Travis .... who is TOTALLY braindead!!
It has been weeks since he actually rolled a single wish!!

He just stood there staring at the goal post without even kicking a ball ...
spinning into his athletic wear was as energetic as it got!!

Someone else just standing around ..... what to do when she doesn't have a man to maul??!!

EIGHTY-SEVEN is cracking me up .... she now has her eye on Shale, Granites Dad !!!
Something I have not really done yet - played the heart breaker LTW, but she makes me want to.

She spent the rest of the night flirting and messing about with Shale ...
I left her too it but noticed she came home with a love heart on her friends list - lol - so Shale and EIGHTY-SEVEN are now romantically attached.

Heath is using EIGHTY-SIX as a vending machine - rather than go to the fridge for plasma juice

at least he was grateful and she got a hug

TWENTY-THREE ... Pheonix and Basil

The generations in between Heath and Basil are too many for the game to count or register that Basil is Heaths Great-Great Grandfather.

Forrest ... Basil ... Kale ... Sage ... Fennel ... Heath

Freddie has just got himself a new toy out of the arcade machine - lol
He actually has an inventory full of toys - lol

That is something different to see TWENTY-THREE doing

EIGHTY-EIGHT's ice statue ... Oops!!

The second attempt was much better!

As usual Red is churning out the painting because she has no man and nothing better to do!

EIGHTY-NINE's ice statue

Travis has maxed his guitar skill

He is also having his birthday and become a mature adult

Why I am not surprised he is having a mid life crisis!!
I guess that is the rest of his life mapped out ... he will be stood in front of the mirror just staring at his wrinkles.

NINETY is having his birthday and becoming an adult

So that is all of Alpines children grown up.

He gained the Computer Whiz trait

LTW = One Sim Band

She only has one last ice statue to do

I played crafty ... only Travis has graduated so far, so I know I have a mass graduation coming.
To avoid having the hassle of  EIGHT graduating all at the same time - Alpine and his seven children are swifty moved out.  They are now living in the house next to Sage and Thyme.

Alpines automonous woohoo count = 37 - which is VERY bad compared to some of the others.
Family fund = $6,137.297

But there are still EIGHT in the house .... Red, Bott, Fennel, Freddie, Pebble, Marble, Heath and Mia
There are 3 days left before the twins become adults - time for me to work out who is going and who is staying for Baby Dad 16's reign.


I'm itching to fetch a few graves from the cemetery - to add some variety to our ghostly visits!!  Without having the ghost gnomes out, I'm getting tired of seeing the same few ghosts all the time.

I presume a bad tune up from Red provoked this ....

More complications ..... BOTT and Red are now full on enemies!!

Angry slits ... Red is in trouble!

I sit laughing at them for a good three sim hours slapping each other silly!!
I can see fun in the future - NOT - if these two are going to keep fighting!!

Of course I couldn't avoid graduation completely as Heath is yet to graduate

It always tickles me that plant sims wearing clothes never have shoes on, they walk around bare foot.

At least I don't have sixteen sims to deal with and I still get to see them graduate!

FIFTY-TWO is now elderly

I am also VERY surprised to see that EIGHTY-ONE (Granites daughter) is now elderly!!

Heath is ........ The CLASS CLOWN!!!!

(Omg! Is this a plant thing - we have only had two class clowns - Holly and Heath - ironically both of them plant sims.)

Heath rolls a wish to talk to his Sister Sandy (who is now a teenager) so instead of phoning - he went over the road to see her ... but she wasn't in, and neither was his Mother, Nadia.
I didn't realise that he would be crashing Josh's party.

SEVENTY-ONE is now a mature adult

NO that is not Granite .... he is Jason Carter, who I have never seen before

FORTY-NINE is now elderly

I think he is now Red's oldest living child

Oops ... Jason's time has just ran out

We get a pop up while Grim is collecting Jason
Telling us that Lacey has passed away

Nelson - FIFTY-FIVE - and Mars are also at the party

Sage is also at the party - surprisingly without Thyme

Nadia appears to do something vampirey

I'm not sure what they are actually doing other than comparing cartons of plasma

I'm not sure Sage is very impressed about his Grandson being a vampire

Shale is coming home ... I forget he only lives over the road

 I can't help but laugh thinking about him being romantically attached to EIGHTY-SEVEN!!

and Finally we see Sandy

So Heath did get to fulfil his wish and talked to his sister

SEVENTY-THREE ticked me - he turned up to the party at kicking out time

I think we are running a vampire cafe!!

the three of them sat together drinking their plasma

Lol ... you are an adult now - so you can get a hug from Mom

Red popped to the cemetery to get out the graves - surprisingly there was only two again
SEVENTY and Lacey

Sage phoned for a chat ... he is one of the very few she has on her friends list in the green

That scratching post has had it!!

Freddie tickles me - coming in from work after a promotion like a grown up ... just to sit on the floor and play with his stuffed toy.

Yes Pebble, I'd think he has gone mad too!!

While I am waiting for Pebble and Marble to age up ... I guess it is time to bring in the next baby Dad!!


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