Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Update 184

I still miss Basil!!!  Even though Heath is turning into a bit of a character - he still isn't Basil!

Those two are in and out of that time machine so many times it is stupid!!
Thankfully with Red being pregnant - there is not room in the house for anyone else to walk out of there!!

Mmm he might need to get into the habbit of taking a lot of mud baths if he doesn't wish to be an occult in the future ...
Snow is human and on a short lifespan - Heath is a vampire and on a long lifespan .... I can see Heath getting broken hearted when Snow goes with old age!

I quite often see Red's ghost children hanging around the streets and going into buildings and houses.  That is FORTY-FIVE wandering around.

Heath is very sappy!!!

Heath and Snow are actually really cute together

Yes Heath ... he is yours!!!
I swear he has only just noticed Darrell!!  He stood there for ages just staring at him.

Voohoo is working on his Athletics skill for work ... at the same time he is completing the celebrity opportunity of working out for 4 hours.

Baby bump!!

As BOTT now seems to be permanently on strike from doing anything work related ... the garden is in such a state - I don't think that Heath can bear to look at it anymore - so he randomly starts to tidy it up as well as learn the gardening skill.

Snow and Darrell are virtually best mates whereas I don't think that Heath has even interacted with his son yet!

Heath must have enjoyed doing the gardening, because when he had finished he rolled the wish to have a science career.

So he has got himself a job next door at the science facility.
I laughed at him, running to Snow to tell him about his new job .... I hoped it might prompt Snow into rolling a work related wish ... but No ... he is still happily unemployed.

Darrell wants to learn the writing skill, so he is writing his first book.

Voohoo looks happy about the alien baby brewing

He is probably checking out his home planet ... lol

Sometimes I just take pictures for the sake of it and I don't know why!!

Christine isn't doing a lot at the moment other than working and spending the rest of her time playing a musical instrument, mainly the piano

Why drain the life out of her charging station which takes effort - when all she has to do is step into it!!  I swear BOTT has gone cuckoo!!

When I check on BOTT - I'm starting to worry about what I will find her doing!
She has had that jetpack for ages ... only now does she bother with it.

Heath made me laugh watching BOTT fly around .... who has maxed technology skill so she is a pro and putting on a show.

Huh!!  The graveless alien ghost is here again!!!

I guess it is always nice to socialise with your own kind!

I spot some strange things moving about on the decking .... it looks like some sort of insect

Yeah - it is a beetle and Mia was stalking it

A full on scrap ... all that just for a cat to catch a tiny insect!!!

Now it looks like the chameleon is about to get it!!

Yes I know you are proud of yourself Mia!!!

And if I had known that cats fill their inventory up with expensive bugs and things for me to sell, I would have got her hunting before now!!  $1,500 she just earned selling the beetle and chameleon!

No this is not a haunted house ... we are running a hotel for ghosts

Snow is disappointing  me ALOT!!
First he turns out gay when I don't want to be, and secondly, there only seems to be three things on his mind .... housework, woohoo and reading books.  At the moment he is pretty boring!!

Just like these two who are constantly just mauling each other.

The only time Voohoo gets the chance to breath or do anything is when Red is sleeping ... lucky for him he doesn't need to sleep otherwise he would get nothing constructive done!!
Level 4 martial arts

Quit it Snow ... because you doing all the housework is giving BOTT the opportunity to be an idol lady of leisure!!  He is doing all the housework - Heath is now doing all the gardening ....

while she is living the life of Riley!!

Now Darrell wants to learn the guitar skill ... but he needs to anyway for his LTW.

I think Mia much prefers Christines guitar playing

Now BOTT is catching butterflies ... lol

I had to laugh at this .....
I sent her to the grocery store to sell the fruit and veg weighing her down and when she came out of the store she finished HER street art that she started a long time ago.  If I remember rightly, she got arrested for doing this and that is why she never finished it.

It is very busy here tonight

EIGHTY-EIGHT needs to do something about what he is wearing
He is not inappropriate, so I don't know why he should be dressed like that.

BOTT is now ranting about Sunshine and Happiness ... it has been ages since I've seen her using that megaphone

Heath is actually not too far away from achieving his LTW of being a one sim band.
Piano Maxed - Bass level 9 - Guitar and Drums level 8

Finally .... Darrell has found the easel ... he has the artistic trait so I would have expected him to have found it before now.

Christine has me laughing ... suddenly I think she has gone mad - Going into all the rooms and turning the lights off!!!  She turned the whole house into darkness at one point.
At first it confused me because I've never seen a sim do that before - she actually had the interaction in her queue - turn the light off
Then I realised it might have something to do with the Frugal trait - wasting electricity?
Well she needn't have bothered because Red go the 'no more bills' reward a long time ago!

OH FUDGE We have a streaker in the house!
She doesn't take after her Mother much does she! lol

A naked woman would probably knock a gay man sick!!!!

I am just thinking ... this baby seems to be a long time coming!!

When she jumps up and starts pulling faces .... baby is coming

They went to the hospital in the spacecraft

Voohoo amused me not even going into the hospital ... he sat outside and read a book instead.

One little fairy boy.

NINETY-ONE  (only 11 more babies to go!!)

On the way home, I spotted Mia over the road between the houses hunting.
She seems to be pretty active for an elderly cat.

Isn't he cute!!!

He has the alien eyes - so I would have expected him to be an alien ... but he isn't he is a fairy.


Traits = Slob - Disciplined
Favourites = (cringe! I need to write them down!)

He has turned out just like Christine ...
Red's face, hair and ears - with the alien eyes and skin.

Red has gone to sleep in the fairy house, so Voohoo makes a start on teaching NINETY-ONE how to talk before he goes to work.

When Voohoo starts to teach NINETY-ONE to talk ... I noticed that the toddlers voice is tinny and echoing, it sounds just like alien voices do.

So I actually think that NINETY-ONE ... MIGHT be another hybrid ... an alien/fairy hybrid.  But I won't be able to tell until he grows up.  If he is I will be shocked - because he will be the third hybrid that we have had in this challenge!!

Fingers crossed - he is another hybrid!!


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