Monday, 7 August 2017

Update 181

So it is time for baby Dad 16 .... SNOW

He is in game still a toddler .... so I am yet to see him all grown up.

Mmmm he is not too bad!!

(Even though he has the surname Orchid - he is not blood related to Prelude, Parsley or Affair who have already appeared in this - Snow is an abandoned parentless adopted child)

I struggled a little with Snow's traits ... I have quite a strong character plan in mind for him for the future , so I partly worked off that.

Traits = Family Orientated - Loner - Perfectionist - Neurotic - Bookworm
Favourites = (shoot me I didn't write them down!!)
LTW = Surrounded by Family

First job is to eat.

Oh she smiles ... she smells new meat in the house!!
But she is too tired to do anything about it now ... she goes to sleep.

It didn't take Heath long to hunt down the new comer!!

Heart farts ...

Two lots of them

His hair is still white - it just looks grey in this light

The three of them sat chatting for quite a while

Being a loner I'm surprised that he jumped into the next bed to Marble

Freddie is just like his Dad for eating dirt

I've just noticed that Pebble doesn't actually have any skills yet ... probably because he spends way too much time playing on this arcade machine!!

BOTT is smoking so much ... I'm afraid she is going to combust!!

Fennel to the rescue ... he fixes her, kind of ... but her maintenance is very bad at the moment.

Here we go again .... BOTT and Red are having a slapping session!!

Red = "Slap me again you useless tin can and you'll be finding somewhere else to live!!"

BOTT = "Whatever town bike ... isn't it about time your wheels dropped off!!"

Mmmmm Not a single heart fart ... and there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest there either.
They just stare at each other and Red walks away.

But there is plenty of interest coming from Heath ... flower kisses and flirting

I can see this going pear shaped!!
They have both ALREADY rolled wishes to kiss each other ...
Those flower kisses are dangerous - they make the receiver obsessed for 8 hours ... judging by how Snow is reacting to them - I think that is how Heath got Granite.

I'm not sure loner is one of Snow's strongest traits ... because he is not really acting like he has that trait at all.

She is either losing it or she is too tired to play this man eating game!!
She'd rather be doing other things than even bother to talk to Snow.

I spot a few of Granites kids over the road ... SEVENTY-NINE is also elderly like EIGHTY-ONE

Red is not having a good day!!
Fighting with BOTT ... her great - great - great Grandson is moving in on the man meant for her (not that she is actually interested) and now Mia is attacking her!!

What goes around comes around ... and I'd say she has plenty coming to her - lol

We have another re-bed maker.
Mr perfectionist is not happy with how the beds are made!!

Neither Snow or Heath have rolled any work related wishes

Marble has rolled a LTW ... Visionary

Yeah he is a bookworm

Red is so bored and starved of fun she keeps having fairy house parties, that Freddie, Marble and Pebble don't even bother to join in with ... lol

Heath doesn't leave Snow alone for two minutes!!

Pebble and Marble go off to prom

I have to laugh at Granite and EIGHTY-SEVEN outside the school

I think this might be the reason why Granite has been a little on the quiet side lately ...
the flirty heartbreaker is at work and she's snagged her man!!
(I spotted on the family tree that they are now boyfriend and girlfriend!!)

Snow is making friends quickly with everyone in the house ... except for Red!

It is pretty funny ... he is uncomfortable about Fennel being a vampire ... but Heath being one doesn't seem to bother him.

Back from prom ... they were Prom King and Queen - but neither of them got themselves a romantic interest.

Heath is cracking me up .... that boy is definitely gay!!

He has a problem with flower kisses too ... it obviously must be his thing, because every stray bloke he comes into contact with is getting them.


Heath can't even leave Snow alone long enough for him to sleep.
He is down in the basement waking everyone up from the sleeping bags - even the ghosts!!

Seriously .... I don't think she likes Snow at all!!  It is very very unlike her to totally ignore a lose available man, especially when he is living in her house!!

but I doubt Snow is going to be available for very long

WTF!!  She only tried to talk to him!!

LMAO!!!!  I think Heath might have turned Snow gay with all his flower kisses - either that or someone has given Snow chapter and verse on what Red is like!!

Mr Jealous cat appears to but into their conversation

Heath = "But out Granma ... he's mine!"

yeah ... I could see this coming a mile off!!

Don't you just love wishacy ... NOT ... right at this moment I don't!!!

Game Over!!

There is no point me even trying to break them up ....
playing wishacy I doubt it would happen anyway because Red and Snow haven't shown enough interest in each other for it to ever get anywhere - and I doubt Heath will ever leave Snow alone!!

She must be bored - she is spending time with her daughter!!

Well this is a car crash!!!! 
Heath has taken off with Baby Dad 16!!

We need a new baby Dad!!
I'm just debating on looking to see who came second in the poll after Snow - when I spotted a wish of Reds that I've locked in for future use.

hee hee ...
she wants to sing karaoke with someone (who could replace Snow and be the next baby Dad)

So she phones him and invites him over

If this works out ... it will be ace!!


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