Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Update 176

EIGHTY-SIX always seems to be buzzing around doing something useful

Red and Alpines sleeping habits tickle me - I think I've only seen them sleep in the same bed a few times ... generally Red sleeps in the fairy house and Alpine sleeps in one of the single beds.

Red is teaching Marble to talk

It kills me how strong Granites genes are ... I don't doubt these two will be pretty much clones of him

Talking done - she teaches her to walk

EIGHTY-SEVEN is up to no good ... pranking the computer
but she didn't get caught

Pebble is potty trained - there is only Marble left and all the training is done


The two girls come out with romantic interests ... neither of the boys do.
EIGHTY-FIVE - prom king ... EIGHTY-SIX - prom queen

I think Freddie is loving having his little brother to play with

Travis like Heath have not rolled any work related wishes

Travis is actually a little strange - he rarely rolls any wishes - most of the time he has completely empty wish slots - all 5 of them

Fennel rolls a wish to snuggle a baby ... so he has to go over the road to do it

He now has a little girl called Sandy

Okay so I cheated - I aged her up straight away like I do Red's babies

very strange ... in STYLE she has Fennels hair

When she is out of it she has Nadia's hair (confused)

Heath is having his birthday

Well he aged up to young adult like a full vampire would

He gained the Good Sense of Humour trait
LTW = One Sim Band

Now to test out if he works as both a plant and a vampire

He has the plant need bars not the vampire ones

He is still leaving flower trails and has plant moodlets

He feeds off Red okay

and gets all the right vampire moodlets

I notice like FORTY-NINE who was our vampire / fairy
Heath does not have the vampire fangs .... but that is just cosmetic

Hypnotic gaze

He intimidates her

he seems to be working properly as a vampire - he has all the options like hunting etc

Lol he scares Red and she wets herself!

Like all plants he needs water

and he smokes like a normal vampire when he is outside in the sun for too long

Lol ... Fennel is showing him what proper fangs look like!!

Testing over ... he seems to be functioning properly as both a vampire and plant

BOTT is helping out with the potty training

Freddie is really slacking in the gardening department for work ... he is four levels behind what he should have

EIGHTY-FIVE has only ONE skill ... level 1 cooking

I thought maybe that Heath would not need to drink plasma as he is running on the plant needs and never get hungry.
But he still needs to feed like a vampire - he got the vampire hungry moodlet still even though his plant hunger bar is blanked off.

Fennel keeps rolling wishes to interact with his little girl ... so I think he is going to have to go and live over the road with Nadia and Sandy when it is kick out time.

Cute little Rock family gathering
even if Marble is not too pleased that she can not get near the dolls house!

Obviously Omri is NEVER going to finish that painting of his!!

That is not really how you are supposed to paint!!

This amuses me - Alpine training Red - who never usually bothers that much with the athletic skill - she is now at level 6

Nadia phoned Fennel for a date .... I'm amused to see she took Sandy on the date with her.
As they are vampires out in the park - I got Fennel to invite them over - or Sandy might just turn into an orphan if the sun has anything to do with it!!

That is quite a nice painting that Heath has done - one I can't remember Red ever painting.

Now we have a third musical one in the house

Yes Heath - that is your Mother.
I guess this is the first time he has ever seen her - lol

He gets to know his little sister a little

Sandy went to play with the other toddlers ....
but in normal annoying fashion - the game zapped her home ... ggrrrr

We have planted a load of plasma fruit for Heath to carry around

Red got an opportunity to deliver a painting to Mars to earn some money.
Mars was in the performance park .... and so was Granite ... (rolls eyes)

Obviously it didn't take them long to start messing about!!
Photobooth & woohoo
These two are seriously cracking me up

I maybe shouldn't be showing you this - but I was discrete with the photo
Thyme and Sage getting naked on the park bench in front of everyone!!

I'm swung home because the twin boys are having their birthday


When EIGHTY-NINE aged up  ... Alpine completed his LTW of being surrounded by family

He gained the Frugal trait


He gained the Dare Devil trait

Oh Great!!
She has only gone and bought Granite home with her!!

I can see this turning into carnage!!

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