Saturday, 19 August 2017

Update 189


We get a pop up ... FIFTY-FOUR has passed away
There is only EXTRA left out of Omri's children now.

Darrell is now at level 6 of his painting career

He is now painting a portrait of Heath

NINETY-ONE is having his birthday

He gained the Supernatural Fan trait

Woohoo ... he is another working hybrid!!
His need bars have changed over to alien one's ...and he has the fairy magic bar

so he no longer needs to sleep - he has to restore his brain power instead

He has fairy and alien moodlets and after testing him out, there isn't anything that he can not do as either an alien or a fairy

That portrait of Heath is not looking too good

I'm not sure he likes Red too much ...
first he bio drained her brain as an alien then he casts a fairy prank, chattering teeth on her.

I spot Lime and Basil staring at each other .... I'm thinking will they, won't they ... it has been a long time since they have been out together.

Lol ... there is only one thing on Basil's mind .... woohoo

and off they go into the time machine together ... bless

These two are so cute still, even in ghost form ... I'm going to bring them back when this is over and let them live their life together - just to see how it goes.

I'm kind of getting used to NINETY-FOUR's lonely head bobbing about

NINETY-FIVE is driving me CUCKOO!!!
She never seems to stop crying!!!

Baby is coming

Thankfully only one this time!
NINETY-SIX is a boy

a fairy boy with alien eyes (kind of) ....
so he might be ANOTHER hybrid!!

his alien eyes with eyelashes tickle me!!

Traits = Couch Potato - Virtuoso
Favourites = Latin - Pancakes - Grey

So that is Voohoo's six babies done already!

NINETY-ONE is very good with the toddlers he is constantly buzzing around them

Voohoo teaches NINETY-SIX to talk

Christine is having her birthday and becoming a mature adult
amusingly she is older than both of her parents!!

I am very amused when the game puts her in Red's hair.
She is having a midlife crisis

Shockingly Christine is just a clone of Red with alien eyes

I wander what it is like to stare at yourself lol

Darrell is now painting like a maniac ... he is hogging all four easels with unfinished paintings, even the one outside

NINETY-ONE is probing Christian

I've never worked out if this actually is meant to be anything ... or just a joke

As NINETY-ONE doesn't need to sleep he has to find other things to amuse himself during the night

I'm very surprised by Heath's portrait - it is a lot better than I thought!!

A head in a box

Voohoo is now teaching NINETY-SIX to walk

I am right there with you BOTT!!!

Jeeez she has to be the worse toddler for crying yet!!

Making a start on NINETY-SIX's potty training

Both of the children didn't come home after school.

NINETY-THREE is hanging around outside school getting to know Nelson


NINETY-TWO has gone home with Carmen

(Granite and Raven's child)

I spot Kale walking down the road
he is now elderly like I thought he would be

BOTT riding around in the spacecraft kind of amused me

It has been a while since I have bothered to send her to any of the parties she is constantly invited to, so I thought we would have a nose for once.

She is at EIGHTY-FIVE's party


Fennel is now a mature adult


I am amused when NINETY-THREE comes flying through the door.
she is out after curfew so she is following BOTT who is the closest (adult) to her


I am very surprised to see Travis is elderly already

Angel is now a teenager

(Granite and EIGHTY-SEVEN's child)

I have spotted on the family tree that Granite now has a THIRTEEN child ...
Max a little boy with ..... SEVENTY-FIVE ... lmao
For a converted gay guy ... Granite is definitely making the most of his straight life lmao!!



Besides Travis, I can see that Alpines kids are all mature adults now except for EIGHTY-NINE

and Alpine is still kicking .... I thought he might have passed away by now

all of Alpines children were human except for EIGHTY-NINE, who is still a young adult ... so he is going to be the only one around after all his other siblings have gone.

Snow doing something other than reading, mauling Heath, woohoo or housework ...
I have to take a picture of it lol

Mia is out

Right ... remember the ambrosia that Red made for the alien ghost  ... well she has just given it to Aniseed.  I was a little annoyed, I hoped he would eat it but he didn't he just vanished straight away.

That ambrosia has given me a few scares because for some reason, Red keeps taking it out of her inventory and putting it in the fridge, so I needed to get rid of it.  I have had a few close shaves with it, ghosts pulling it out of the fridge to eat and I've had to pause the game and reset the ghost to stop them eating it.

As Aniseed died prematurely I thought I would give it to him and see what happens if and when he eats it.

Im not sure if he will join the household with his grave being in the garden, because he was not living here when he died.  I THINK he will go back to where he was living or even become an ncp, so I'd rather take the chance of Aniseed moving back in than any of the other ghosts ... imagine if Forrest ate it ... I'd be in all sorts of mess!!

Mia had something to eat and had a nap before she vanished

BOTT finishes of NINETY-SIX's potty training

Darrell has just maxed his painting skill

So he is over half way to achieving his LTW


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