Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Update 192

I amused watching these two dancing together ... it is unusual to see NINETY-TWO doing anything energetic.

Red is doing NINETY-ONE's ice statue


Sparring together ... Voohoo won and I don't think NINETY-ONE was too impressed he stormed off.

This mirror comes in handy for all the midlife crisis wrinkle checking!!  It saves them from clogging up the bathroom.

NINETY-ONE is graduating

There is a stray cat outside the town hall who is riddled with fleas

Angel is graduating today too ... so all of Alpines children are here too

waiting for this lot to get inside the town hall is a nightmare ... some of them only just get in before the graduation ceremony has finished.

NINETY-FIVE doesn't even bother to go into the town hall - she is too busy playing with the stray cat.

If you catch fleas madam you will be sleeping in the tent!!

NINETY-SIX really confuses me ....
He comes out of the town hall in mourning ... he has witnessed a death?!
Strangely - he is the only one, none of the others are in mourning and I don't have a clue who has passed away.

NINETY-ONE most likely to be a sports star

Voohoo didn't bother to go into the town hall either - he sat outside and read his book

Pebble is not happy watching Red messing about with Voohoo!!
He keeps getting the red negative friend thing flashing over his head


Lol ... they are still good friends though and Pebble gets a hug from the mother.

We get a pop up FIFTY-FIVE has passed away

SIXTY-ONE is hanging around outside when she gets home

Pebble has turned up too

Out of nowhere Voohoo accuses Red of cheating lol

I wouldn't mind but she hasn't actually done anything ... she is still romantically attached to Granite and Forrest but she hasn't seen either of them to be messing about with them.

I don't like it when her elderly kids just turn up out of the blue - especially when we haven't seen them since they left home.  I always think they are going to die on me!!

Red and Voohoo are going at it hammer and tongue still in the living room
Their friendship has nose dived into the red.

I have a very sneaky feeling Pebble has something to do with this!!  Voohoo was the one who let him in and they were outside taking for a while.

You told Voohoo about Red's other relationship with your Dad, didn't you Pebble!!

Yes I think you did!!

I'm a little amused that now Voohoo has fallen out with her and their friendship is taking a nose dive ... the top three people now in Red's friends list are Granite, Pebble and Freddie.

That's it you have a good giggle after you have caused trouble - lol

These two have suddenly become good friends.

Pebble doesn't think too much of their singing .... he stops working out to heckle them

Pebble has stayed over and is still here.
I've watched him hanging around with NINETY-ONE for most of the day - they are becoming very good friends.

These two are also back up to best friends again.

Voohoo keeps arguing with Red

it's got so bad they now keep having punch ups

I think Pebble has taken root here and doesn't want to go home

I spot Carmen over the road ... he is now a teenager

I have to laugh - Pebble is a vegetarian ... he ate that lobster then threw up

At the rate that NINETY-ONE is going he will soon be achieving his LTW ... he is constantly working out and doing martial arts

NINETY-FIVE has rolled a wish to pet the stray cat from outside the town hall ... but I don't have a clue where I would find him!

Aniseed and Pheonix

I'm not sure Aniseed is going to eat that Ambrosia ....

These two crack me up .... they even drink their plasma together

I'm a little worried when I see Red and Omri hugging but it is only a friendly hug

They have a chat and behave themselves.

Mia is out

LOL ... nasty stretchy glitch

I think Heath has really missed the cat ... he spent ages with her

Pebble is starting to annoy me a little ... he leaves, but never moves off the garden, hanging around for a while then he rings the door bell ... lol

Three days now he has been doing this for - he has been home once during that time because I reset him to get rid of him - but he came straight back a short time after and started with his stupid doorbell ringing again.

I am very amused when we get the moving in together pop up ...
Pebble and NINETY-ONE get on so well ... blah blah blah
NINETY-ONE can not leave yet, so .........

Yeah you can grin you cheeky monkey ... you've just pulled a swift one!!

Pebble is back living at home ... for a while

Me and my best mate!!!  Pebble and NINETY-ONE are starting to become inseparable.
They have a LTW in common as well as the Athletic and Disciplined traits ... so I guess that is why they are getting on so well.

NINETY-ONE I think is being a little stupid .. trying to break the space rock
I think Voohoo can predict what is going to happen and doesn't want to watch!

Yeah .... the idiot has broke his hand!

It's amusing ... there are now three of them fighting to get onto the martial arts equipment

This is how Snow greets Heath when he gets in from work ...
Heath who got himself singed at work today

Red and Voohoo are completely blanking each other now.
I was hoping that Voohoo would break off their romantic attachment (to save me the job of doing it later) ... but the betrayed moodlet has ran out and he didn't do it.

NINETY-TWO and NINETY-THREE have both got on the honor roll today

NINETY-FOUR and NINETY-SIX amuse me going down in the basement to do their homework.
They are both doing well at school, they both have A grades

Unlike madam, who has a nose diving C grade

Probably because she NEVER does her homework - lol


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