Friday, 18 August 2017

Update 188

Everyone is still snivelling over Mia passing away

She must be off her head ... she has a baby bump

Christine has come inside just in the nick of time ... she is very blue and very close to freezing solid


I thought NINETY-THREE was potty trained ... but obviously not

Im not sure why Darrell keeps rolling the wish to paint Red's portrait - that one didn't work out too well because she moved - he still got £860 for it tho!!

Ive only just noticed that Snow only has one skill ... the woohoo skill!!

Red is doing Voohoo's ice statue

Darrell is trying to cheer his Dad up, bless him

As soon as she finishes the ice statue - the baby decides its time to put in an appearance.

They went off to the hospital and Voohoo actually went in with her this time

NINETY-FOUR is a boy

and NINETY-FIVE is a fairy girl

Twins again

Then the headache began!!

When I aged up NINETY-FOUR ...
he became invisible - he is playing with the green dinosaur - but we can't see him!!!

Dad carrying and potty training his invisible son
The sims are interacting with him okay - so he is there - we just can't see him lol

I reset the town a few times because I can't click on the toddler ...
but I did managed to get to him via the portrait panel

He's invisible in CAS too.

Well, he was until I gave him hair

changing his clothes gave him his face and hands back ... but he has no feet.

New shoes and he is back with us ....

or so I thought!!
(Image me banging my head on my computer desk right now!!)

Howl .... NINETY-FIVE when I aged her up CRACKED ME UP!!!
Her eyes!!!

Traits = Hates the Outdoors - Brave
Favourites = Digitunes - Shawama - Violet

I think without having the black alien eyes - she is going to be all fairy

NINETY-FOUR's body keeps coming and going - it is annoying, but I have tried everything and he doesn't stop doing it.

I think the problem is with his sleepwear - even though I have changed that outfit several time, it still keeps doing it.

I forgot to say


Traits = Couch Potato and Neurotic
Favourites = Roots - Dim Sum - White

Voohoo is teaching him how to walk

Next time I look his body is back again

NINETY-ONE is VERY quiet ... he spends most of his spare time playing in the sandpit alone

Syncronised crying!

followed by petals and woohoo
Snow is continuously brainwashed still by Heaths flower kisses

Baby chimes coming from the bedroom - so Voohoo's last child is on the way

BOTT popped to the consignment store ... Sandy (Heaths sister) is now the consignment merchant

The first set of twins are having their birthday


He gained the hot headed trait

NINETY-ONE doesn't have any alien abilities available to him yet - so I don't think I'll know if NINETY-ONE is a fully functioning hybrid until he has grown up


She gained the Brave trait

I'm just glad that NINETY-FOUR's head is not doing a disappearing act like his body is

Red is asleep so Voohoo is making the most of his time ... getting NINETY-FIVE walking and talking

When she does get up she teaches NINETY-FOUR to talk

and finishes off his walking

They are both now potty trained too

Darrell has decided he wants to be a fairy

I'm really glad in a way because it has bought me more time - I don't have to stress over the 9th generation leaf as Darrell now has plenty of time

I really don't know where her love for athletics has come from suddenly.  In all the time I've played with her - this is one thing I have rarely seen her do.
She has now maxed most of her skills - so I guess she must be bored and wants to try new things.

It's quite amusing, Darrell has human - vampire and plant Dads and he is a fairy

If there was a Hugging skill ... Heath would have maxed it by now - lol

Baby bump

NINETY-ONE went home with Carmen after school

I can't see Granite in him other than his eye and hair colour - he looks more like Raven

Raven is now elderly

It's funny how NINETY-ONE is better friends with Carmen than any of the family that he lives with

Her mouth is as big as her eyes!!

You don't see much of Christine because she rarely comes straight home after work ... most of the time she is busking outside her work.  I think she only comes home to eat and sleep!!

Reed is now elderly
So I presume Kale will be too

Sorry this update has been a little sketchy - I've spend most of the time trying to fix the invisible boy.

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