Saturday, 5 August 2017

Update 179

EIGHTY-SIX gets a job at the music theatre

yeah ... he is still here

EIGHTY-SEVEN is joining the boys by not rolling any job related wishes

Phoenix is getting to know his two half sisters

I have to laugh ... all the boys phones have been going off
Freddies first - then EIGHTY-FIVE and finally Travis's
Nadia has phoned all three of them for a date ... obviously she didn't get one!!  It should be Fennel she is phoning not them!!

I am beginning to think that Granite is stuck in the house - he is still here
I've had it in the past sims stay for 3 or 4 days and don't leave

FINALLY ... Alpine accuses Red of cheating!

The arguments begin.

Ha! That will teach you Red for trying to have your cake and eat it ... Alpine does the break up thing

Will they ... won't they ...
Granite is showing as an enemy now on his friends list

No the sap just takes a photo of the villain instead ...
but how can anyone get angry with that cute face!?

Granite is such a cute Dad!!

Red and Alpine are going at it hammer and tongue in another room

I thought he was taking his tempter out on the martial arts dummy ...

but he goes back after Red for another go

I'm howling ...
EIGHTY-SEVEN who has the flirty trait and the Heartbreaker LTW ... rolls a wish she wants to flirt with Granite

Okay ....
Heath beats EIGHTY-SEVEN to it ... he is flower kissing Granite - lmao!!

which always causes flirting
I think Heath is experimenting - his gender preference is still undecided (I think)

the flirting stops and they revert to mates again

Red and Alpine are at it again in the basement


I am not sure who is chasing who around - but every time I check on one of them they are together and fighting somewhere else.

If Reds face wasn't already red, it would definitely be bright red by now, the amount of times that Alpine has slapped her - lol

Woohoo music starts to ring in my ears

It can only be someone with Granite.
I am wandering if EIGHTY-SEVEN hasn't pounced on Granite as I know it is not Red, she is out in the garden fighting with Alpine.

Even after the flower kiss ... I wasn't expecting it to be Heath!!

My sims just LOVE to complicate things for me!!
Now Heath and Granite are romantically attached - I would love to know how that happened and who started it ... why does the good stuff happened when I'm not looking!!

and in flies Red!!  She is upset with Granite ... lmao!!

Granite has rolled over and gone to sleep ... so he avoids the wrath of Red - who is feeling heartbroken and betrayed!   It kind of serves her right!!

Granite sneaks off home during the night - I didn't see him go either.  I am really not happy with Heath right now for jumping the gay way!!  Another one!!  The 8th generation leaf is going to have to come out of the time machine - another forbidden fruit planted baby - or I could try engineering a baby at the hospital (which means waiting for wishes = headache!)

BOTT doesn't care about the tension in the house ... she is chilling!!

So we only have one teenager left to grow up ... Alpines time is fast coming to an end.

Heath does a lot of hugging

In a way I have found this batch of kids pretty boring .....
Because there are a lot of musical instruments being played - those not playing are standing around watching and doing nothing else.

We have four birthdays tonight

Granites twins


She gained the Hopeless Romantic trait


He gained the Bookworm trait

Alpines twins


He gained the Avant Garde trait

LTW = International Super Spy


He gained the Good trait

LTW = CEO of a Mega Corporation

EIGHTY-SIX's ice statue

NINETY has decided on his LTW
Another one who wants to be A One Sim Band

EIGHTY-SEVEN's ice statue

EIGHTY-EIGHT gets the job in law enforcement that he needs

I spot Sandy over the road she is now a child
and I notice she is wearing Fennels green hair now (like I saw in style)

EIGHTY-NINE gets a a business career

I'm not sure I've seen anyone playing a fairy prank on BOTT before

and EIGHTY-SEVEN has to wait to use the toilet while Red messes about

BOTT and Red's friendship is already not good ... now its just dropped a notch more!!

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