Monday, 21 August 2017

Update 191

The meteor lands right by BOTT

Luckily all the kids are at school ... Heath and Christine are at work, Darrell is out doing a celebrity opportunity at the theatre and Snow has gone to the grocery store to stock up on plasma fruit, because Heath has eaten it all.
There is only Red, Voohoo and Bott in the house

The usual fires break out everywhere .... I imagine some of those ice statues melting!!  Grrrr

I'm watching BOTT, Red and Voohoo just stood screaming at the fire ....
they don't look like they have any intention of trying to put it out.

Snow is now back from the Grocery store.
It's a good job we have at least one person here who is going to try to put out the fire.

Don't just stand there BOTT ... help Snow!!!

Oh dear ... now Snow is the one on fire.

Finally BOTT does something and tries to put Snow out!

I have to laugh ... Heath (who must have just finished work)  appears from nowhere, runs past all the other fires and tries straight away to put Snow out .. Bless it must be love!!

This really is not looking good for Snow .... I'm not sure I can watch

Red is still just jigging around ...
it is her I should be most worried about - 6 babies away from completing this challenge - the last thing I need now is for her to die on me - but I know she has a death flower - so I guess she will survive.

Heath too has a deathflower (that has been quietly passed down from Basil) so I don't really have to worry about him either.
I'm very surprised to see that Heath has put out Snow, who lives on, and he is working on another fire

The teenagers have started coming home from school, which is the last thing we need, I hope I don't have to be replacing any of them!!
Heath has turned into our super hero fire fighter!!

NINETY-THREE has the Brave trait so I guessed she would get stuck into the fire fighting.

Heath got a little singed ... NINETY-THREE managed to put the last of that fire out

Now NINETY-ONE has joined in

BOTT is cracking me up ... she is doing her usual half a job .. a few squirts from the fire extinguisher then she stops for ages

How bad is it really when both Red and Voohoo stand back and watch two of their teenage children putting out the last of the fires!!

and of course - NINETY-FIVE has to be screaming the loudest

Thankfully Darrell and NINETY-FOUR have the sense to stay at the front of the house!!

Thanks to Heath, NINETY-ONE, NINETY-THREE and Snow the fire is finally put out ... and I don't know how we got away with it ... but nobody died!!!

And the ice statues are still intact and unmarked - which surprised me - being ice I would have expected them to melt - but that is EA's logic for you!!

Oh that's it, after you have both done absolutely nothing useful - you don't worry about checking on your kids ... you just go off to woohoo!!!

Oh bless!!

Tidy up time I guess

and while all that was going on poor NINETY-SIX has been screaming the house down because he was on the verge of starvation ... which amuses me a little because he could have gone into the fairy house and fed himself, but he didn't, he just sat there screaming instead.

We get a pop up .... FIFTY-SIX has passed away

I wander why the water slide has vanished in amongst all the chaos - everything else was just burnt

NINETY-SIX is having his birthday

He gained the Photographers Eye trait

The combination of the alien eyes and eye lashes is cracking me up!!

NINETY-ONE is recharging his brain power by consuming some of the space rocks littering up the garden

Look what has just appeared out of nowhere!!!
The alien grave has stopped being invisible and is back so we can see it ... LMAO!!

That gigantic space rock is worth $47,301

Oh please ... haven't we had enough for one day ... lmao

Now BOTT is being abducted by an alien!!

That's it ... you just give NINETY-TWO silly ideas - he is stood in the sandpit watching BOTT being taken and he rolls a wish to "Invade a community lot"  I said silly because he will need to learn how to drive first, before he can even do that!!

I am finding it very strange that the abducting aliens are wearing normal clothes and not their usual space suits.

Inside Snow is turning into a vampire

Ewwww ... he is not a very nice colour now - he has a blue tinge to him.

I replaced the water slides - which Basil was quick to make use of

Drama over, NINETY-FOUR is back in his usual spot - playing chess

It looks like something has died in that toilet!!

Since the meteor I know have a few stupid glitches going on ....
Firstly the work cars and school bus are parked round the corner instead of outside the house
and nobody can get into the house via the front door - Im having to telport them into the house because it is like an invisible wall is stopping them from walking across the garden.
Headache time while I try to fix the glitches!!

I can't get used to Snow's new look

Red is stir crazy so I send her to the cemetery to clean out the graves.

Whitney - FIFTY-FOUR - FIFTY-SIX - Mars and Alpine have all passed away now.


and you wander why your son doesn't want to hug you after you just cast tummy twister on him!!!

Poor FIFTY-EIGHT will be throwing up in a bit!!!

NINETY-ONE and NINETY-THREE go into prom
NINETY-TWO just stands outside and doesn't bother to go in

Im a little shocked seeing Freddie is now elderly!!!
I feel like he has aged up way too soon!!

NINETY-ONE was prom king and got himself a MALE romantic interest - Jason
and NINETY-THREE was prom queen.

He is having his birthday outside school.

He gained the Athletic trait

LTW = Physical Perfection

He looks better with hair!!

The first of his six children have become a young adult, so Voohoo's time with us is quickly coming to an end.

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