Sunday, 20 August 2017

Update 190

We have four birthdays.


She gained the virtuoso trait

woohoo no more annoying crying toddler!!

Snow is becoming a mature adult

he is having a mid life crisis


Finally now maybe we might have a whole child!!

he gained the Genius trait

Voohoo is also becoming a mature adult

surprisingly he is not having a mid life crisis

A little amusing, we have an invisible Christine playing the piano

I think this file is starting to show it's age - we are now on sim week 98

I have to laugh - NINETY-FIVE's volume seems to be VERY loud ....
She can't make a racket crying - so now she has found another way - singing!!
She loves this karaoke machine - she is not leaving it alone!

She has decided on her LTW ... she wants to be a Vocal Legend.

Darrell has filled up all the easels so he has had to find something else to do - lol

I always know where to find NINETY-ONE

Heath is getting broody ... he has rolled a wish to have a child with Snow (pout!)

Which kind of teaches him for taking the gay root!!
There is not room for them to have another time machine child (they don't come out after there is 8 in the house)
I could have engineered them a baby at the hospital - but because he is a plant sim - the game doesn't even give him that option.

Shockingly Red is invited to a party by one of her kids!!
Pebble ... who amused me because the minute she got there he came out and insulted her!!

Maybe because she is still romantically attached to his Dad and she has another bloke and a load more kids ... forget what Granite has been up to since he moved out .. 3 woman and 3 more kids that we know to - there could be more!!

After a chat, I think they made up!


I hate what the game does to them when they age up ... look at his eyebrows!!




Red was hungry - and because she has the inappropriate in a good way reward ... she was able to make dinner without being shouted at or kicked out



I am not sure there is enough for everyone!!

Alpine was there too but they ignored each other

Okay ... so Heath seems to have a mind of his own.
He didn't even give me any warning that this might be coming by wishing to turn Snow ... he just goes ahead and bites him!!  Or did Snow actually ask him to do it?!
I hate it when I miss things!!

I think it is 2 or 3 days now before Snow will turn into a vampire.

Darrel is driving me a little mad - I thought he was going to be entertaining ... he is in a way, but only if you want to sit and watch him continuously painting!!

NINETY-ONE has got his Martial Arts up to level 5

Darrell is portrait mad ... Voohoo is getting another portrait done

The glasses are amusing!
NINETY-ONE has decided on his LTW ... Physical Perfection
(So he will have to max Martial Arts and Athletics skills)

and he doesn't look like he is going to waste any time either.

I had to give NINETY-THREE hair because I keep getting her mixed up with the boys.

It is nice to see the two girls getting on

That is pretty rubbish Darrell!!!

I swear these two have to be the sappiest couple we have had yet ...
and Heath is the one doing most of it.

I've only just noticed the cat on Mia's urn!



That will teach you to eat chocolate before doing your homework!!!

even though she is annoying me with her loudness ... I just love that face!!

Two birthday


It is amusing me that the game is trying to keep all the alien children bold

he gained the Loves the Outdoors trait


Oh dear ... what has happened to her nose lol

She gained the Perfectionist trait

Red has got a suntan ... I'm not sure how

and they are both all alien

NINETY-FOUR is barely moving from this chess table!!
His logic is at level 5 already!!

Oh boy ... now they both want a child!!
Anyone got any ideas ...because I swear half of this constant woohoo that they are doing is because they are trying to make one!
Would instant baby be cheating - because I feel like doing it just to make them happy.


Omri is getting bio boosted - but I would have thought it is wasted on a ghost!!

It has been a very long time since I have seen any of them bother with the bar

Amusingly Red and Voohoo make a good couple - they are always doing things together and not just woohoo ... which as usual is none stop.

The couch potato has cracked me up!!!
It is 4am in the morning - and NINETY-TWO decides to slob out on the lawn... one go on the water slide has knackered him out!!!

Darrell is at level 5 with his guitar skill so he just needs 5 more for his LTW

NINETY-THREE has finally managed to jump on an easel and make use of her artistic trait

I think now that the kids are all at school they are enjoying having the house all to themselves!

Everyone who is in the house (BOTT, Red and Voohoo) suddenly starts acting in a way that I recognise ...
running outside, staring and pointing up at the sky ... gulp

There is a dirty great big rock hovering above the garden.

Run BOTT you stupid tin can .... it's a Meteor!!!


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