Friday, 4 August 2017

Update 178

Heath is stir crazy and wants some Vampire sunscreen so he pops to the consignment store to see if they have any ... which they haven't.

BOTT as usual is nattering on her phone ... even the gardening is going to the dogs
She does have 82 friends to keep happy ... which keeps her very busy!!

Travis's ice statue

Raven has come to work - she is still the consignment merchant
Heath has suddenly gone all stupid!!

Flower kisses

and flirting

He will be having a child (somehow) to create the 8th generation Leaf ... and it would be good for him to do it with a fairy or other occult .... but I'm not sure Raven should be the one - not only are they blood related in my book (even if the game now thinks they aren't) ... I'm not sure Ocean would be too impressed.

Heath is definitely a fully working vampire - plant hybrid
There is only one thing I haven't seen him do yet - photosynthesize

This amuses me .... in reality this would not happen

EIGHTY-SIX and EIGHT-NINE both get scolded for leaving the house and going to school
they are both grounded and snook off to school
(EA really should have fixed this stupidity!!)

I was expecting to see Travis's ice statue here .... not a topiary giraffe.

Mia is having her birthday ... she is becoming elderly

She does not look any different to me

NINETY is having his birthday

He gained the Handy trait

EIGHTY-FIVE's ice statue

Trying again to do Travis's ice statue ... this is her fourth attempt to do his


Alien abductions are like buses - you wait forever for one to come, then two come together

This time it is Red's turn

another normally dressed alien!!

That scratching post looks like it has seen better days!!

EIGHTY-FIVE wants to visit the festival ground ... and as he is doing nothing better with his time, he goes.

He meets a few of his half siblings, gets bored and takes himself off home.

Freddie has got himself singed at work today in an explosion

Look who has suddenly turned up on the front garden
I ain't never getting rid of him am I!!

There is a right little family click going on here - especially with Granite and the twins

I think I love this guy even more!!  He is the only sim that I've seen that seems to be going out of his way to see his children not living with him!!

I bet you can't guess what Red is sitting there patiently waiting for ... lol

The twin girls are having their birthday


She gained the Angler trait
LTW = Hit Movie Composer

Who is still hanging around outside the school

She gained the Flirty trait
LTW = Heartbreaker

I'm saying nothing!!

Granite fell straight off to sleep .... so I guess he is staying another night
It's cute that Marble jumped into bed with him

Is it me or is Fennel getting fatter?

I had to laugh at this ....
Of all the places Pebble could have gone to do his homework



I am finding this very amusing - watching them sticking together as a family

even eating their breakfast together
which makes me wander if I should just send the twins to Granites when I have a clear out.

Off he goes to work .... well he was going to until he was distracted by Red jumping on him

I don't get why none of Alpines kids are not kicking off over what she is doing with Granite ??!!

Something is really very strange here!!
Alpine catches them kissing and just about to jump into bed together ...
and how does he react ....


I'm not surprised Alpine looks angry - but he is not acting like he is angry

he is the twat who is letting them get away with it and get on with it!!
woohoo music is going off behind him as he walks away - lol


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