Friday, 11 August 2017

Update 185

Snow seems very taken with NINETY-ONE

He with the Surrounded by Family LTW  who has shot himself in the foot, ditching Red and playing gay, because there is no way he is getting the five children that he needs with Heath!!

NINETY-ONE is getting a lot of attention from everyone - except Red of course!!

I want that toddler to grow up already!!
I am dying to know if he is a hybrid ... he definitely has the echoing tinny alien voice.

Get a room!!

Darrell has decided he wants a painters career.

After signing the papers at the town hall he hangs around outside playing his guitar.
I see Alpine and most of his children, but I don't see any sign of EIGHTY-SEVEN's little boy.

EIGHTY-NINE ... lol ... I never saw him play any fairy pranks while he was living with Red.

Darrell just laughs about it.
EIGHTY-EIGHT is still just dressed in his boxer shorts!!

Freddie is phoning Red EVERY DAY for a chat, sometimes more than once, which is amusing me

This is only the second time I've seen him touch this laser thing - yet he is level 4 already.

Princess Mia looks very comfortable there!
Although, it is a little creepy that she is sleeping with her eyes open!!

and someone has just been having cyber woohoo with Thyme on the computer - haven't you Darrell!!
His Great Granddads bloke too ... tut! tut! tut!

Baby Chimes coming from the bedroom

Level 6 - in a short space of time
Then I realise, it is night, he is a vampire - so Heath's skill learning is rapid at night!


I found a small blue feather in Mia's inventory.
I don't seem to be able to do anything with it, and it's not worth anything.
I left it on the floor and Snow cleaned it away like it was rubbish - lol

The house is spick and span, Heath is asleep ... so Mr bookworm is out.

Darrell seems to have found his love for painting

Should pregnant   ladies  bikes be having water balloon fights?!

Darrell is just jumping from one easel to the next - I get the feeling Red might not get any painting done for a while!!

I am very surprised when I check on Mia and I find her over the road with Fennel.

Awww bless!!  She is really Meowing at him.

Awwww when he goes inside ... she tries to look through the window.
I hope she is not pining for Fennel ... or she will make me feel guilty for splitting them up!

She comes home to eat ... and I get the feeling she is sad!
And I hate to say this - but that might have been her way of saying goodbye to Fennel - because her life bar is full (cringe) she has reached the end of her elderly age! (53 days)

While Red is sleeping Voohoo gets to finish teaching NINETY-ONE how to talk ....

and walk!!   He seemed to learn both very quickly.

Notice the gas bag in the background on her phone!

This game confuses me sometimes ... when Christine first arrived they had the romantic interactions available to them ... now they don't?!  It's wierd, but good.

I noticed something when I clicked on NINETY-ONE with Voohoo ... the alien interactions popped up on the toddler like they do for everyone else but bio boost and bio drain were shaded out.  When I hovered over them it said ....  CAN NOT BIO BOOST / DRAIN ALIENS

Sooooooooooo that is telling me .............
NINETY-ONE is an alien/fairy hybrid!!!  Woohoo!!

BOTT is talking to EIGHTY-FOUR

Freddie turned up at the door.
He is starting to make me feel like TWENTY-THREE did with his constant bugging after he left with his Dad and siblings .... Freddie is making me feel like he wants to come home!

How did these two become best mates suddenly?!
However I get the feeling that might be very short lived - Red is still romantically attached to Granite, so the minute Red and Voohoo start messing about, Freddie will probably get his back up with her!
Forget the fact that Granite is romantically attached to Heath, Red, EIGHTY-SEVEN and berry knows who else!!

No animosity yet, but I'm expecting there to be some before Freddie leaves.

but at the moment he seems happy to be making himself at home.

Now I am paranoidly watching Mia and waiting for Grim to come and collect her!

This kid seems to be learning everything in super quick time!!  His second sitting on the potty chair and he is potty trained.  NINETY-ONE has learned all his skills already and the second baby bump hasn't even appeared yet!!

and here is the baby bump.

Mia is watching her "Bug TV"

a random (paparazzi) ghost from the cemetery passes through the house which I thought was funny

It is like Freddie never left home

I am glad that BOTT is not ignoring NINETY-ONE like she is ignoring everything else her trait chips programme her to do!!

Bye Freddie ... off he goes to work

Mia has got herself another BFF ... Voohoo

Fun is her middle name!

Voohoo is quite a good Daddy

Another couple who need to get a room

She keeps doing this suddenly!!!   I can't remember seeing her doing this with any of the other baby Dads.
I'm not sure what Voohoo does to her to make her go ga-ga!!

Darrell has got himself to level 3 of his painting career

at the moment he is just none stop painting

Red is painting Voohoo's portrait

Lol ... as soon as Heath comes in from work Snow jumps on him.
I guess he has missed him!

Shouldn't that bike be red ... lol

Granite is having a laugh!!!!!
He phoned Snow and asked him for a date!!

Obviously the answer was NO!!!


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