Friday, 25 August 2017

Update 195

There are only four days left before NINETY-SIX becomes an adult and it is move out time

I found Red swimming out in the ocean strangely

WAY OUT at the edge of the world .... I think this might be that laundry glitch again
which is starting to worry me, as there have been way too many glitches lately!!

She made it back safely with the washing - lol

I spot NINETY and Granite on the front garden

Granite being here probably only spells trouble ... especially when I get a VERY amusing pop up
Its a contract that Red had to agree to ... lmfao ... Granite will only do woohoo if there are no precautions taken!!

I am howling because obviously there has been a woohooty text going on between them while I haven't been looking.

I agree to it just to see what happens ... hoping I haven't just made a VERY big mistake

Granite then just walks into the house uninvited and grabs Red ... 

Risky woohoo in the fairy house ... that thankfully produced no baby chimes!!

Someone invited NINETY in

While Granite is strutting around the house advertising what he has just done .....

We get another horrible pop up ....  Tragically Angel Bee has drowned!!
The pool looked very inviting but Angel should have stayed out of the water.

Gulp!!!  That is two of Granites extra children that have died prematurely ... and he does not bat an eyelid ... I bet he had never even met either Angel or Carmen!!

I don't quite understand what is going on again .... Voohoo and his children are not the slightest bit bothered or upset over Red just doing woohoo with Granite.
Then I reaslise, like an idiot, she has the innappropriate in a good way reward - I wander if this is what has been making everyone blind to her antics now and with Alpine?!

Lol .... of all the sims that that could cause me a migraine - it just had to be Granite!!

(note this is where I saved before the game crashes)

Those two need putting down - two rounds of woohoo in a very short space of time. It is just a good job that they can not make any babies!!

While Red goes straight to sleep - Granite is strutting around the house.
Yes Darrell ... he is back ... but it is not permanent!

I've only just noticed by the wrinkles on his face that Granite is now a mature adult

Pheonix is out

There is no anx going on between Granite, Voohoo or the kids.

But there is between NINETY and NINETY-FOUR

 This is amusing ... two lots of heart farts going on between Granite and Christine

silly face pulling ....

and flirting ... Seriously Granite needs putting down - lmao

NINETY-ONE has got his martial arts up to level 7

Time for work .... bye Granite!

Snow is cracking me up ... he is all about having fun these days

She probably never spoke to that boy all the time he was living here and growing up!!

I am actually VERY surprised that Red has not jumped on Snow since she fell out with Voohoo - but I guess that just proves that she really didn't like him very much at the start - so maybe it was a good thing that Heath snagged him first.

Christine gets a date phone call from ...... Ocean (who is now elderly)
So they meet at the dive bar - stare at each other then go their seperate ways ... date over!!

BOTT is back on her dancing hype

The second set of twins are having their birthday and becoming adults


She gained the Easily Impressed trait
(game given because I don't think she once did her homework!!)

LTW= Vocal Legand


 He looks exactly like his Dad with no hair!!

He gained the Handy trait

LTW = World Renown Surgeon

This is where my game crashed (strangely - because it rarely happens to me!!!)
So I am having to play a whole day through again - and everything that happened in the last 26 photo's you can basically ignore because it was lost in the crash.

Second time around ......
Red and Granite do exactly the same thing ... 2nd round of woohoo

but this time he doesn't go off strutting round the house - he goes straight off to sleep with Red

before the crash it was Phoenix who came out .... this time it is Basil instead

(isn't it funny how differently things playout - if you are playing the same piece of sim time over and over .... this is kind of where I got the idea for the sliding doors challenge from)

I think these two have to be one of my favourite couples .... it is just a shame they can't have any babies!!

Mia is out

Mushroom Omletes for breakfast
Granite left shortly after - he had work.

It is NINETY-ONE who gets the date phonecall this time not Christine.
Morgan ... his romantic interest from prom
(I hate prom - it tends to turn all my sims gay!!)

Okay .. so I didn't realise they liked each other so much, as NINETY-ONE has not rolled any wishes relating to Morgan

I'm laughing watching Darrell painting because I'm listening to two lots of woohoo music going off at virtually the same time.
But I wasn't laughing for long because I hear BABY CHIMES .... which is not even possible!!!

Heath and Snow are in the fairy house

NINETY-ONE and Morgan are in the photo booth

Try for a baby and same sex is turned off - so how do we have baby chimes AND more to the point WHO is pregnant??!!

actually HOW do Heath and Snow even do it in the fairy house when neither of them are a fairy??!!
There is some right freaky stuff going on at the moment - it is making think I'm going mad!!

Why I was laughing originally ... on hearing the woohoo music, or knowing what was going on in the fairy house .... it prompted Darrell to roll a wish ... he wants to woohoo in the fairy house - lol

I've checked Morgan's status - he is homeless ... so he is not going to be the one who is pregant
So NINETY-ONE - Heath or Snow, I wander who is the unfortunate one ... lol

second rerun of the twins birthday


This time he got the Star Quality trait
game given - I'm not really sure why - when it let me choice last time

LTW = World Renown Surgeon


This time she got the Frugal trait
(game given)

LTW = Vocal Legand
(coughing at the disgusting Katy Perry bra!!)

I am amused that the twins got different clothes and traits the second time around!!


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