Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Update 183

These two are seriously driving me cuckoo ....
Level 2 woohoo skill already ... shocking!!!

BOTT is taking good care of her BFF now that Fennel has moved out

I doubt Heath has even noticed his Dad has gone!

I've noticed something about Heath - when he sleeps he doesnt have the vampire V ... he has the human and simplant Z

They were sleeping soundly ... until Mia came in and woke them up!!
It seems to be her favourite game - she hates leaving sims to sleep!!

Well Im an idiot ... Ive locked the bedroom door for pets.
I should have thought about doing that before now!

Granite cracks me up phoning Red for a date ... he now has a pregnant girlfriend so he needs to get lost!!

Okay .... so who is the joker??!!
I'm waiting for the alien ghost to come out ... and the aliens grave has gone!!

See how busy the cemetery is at night!!

I checked in the mauseleum and the aliens grave is not there .... the game has vanished it!!
Which is just great .... NOT!!!
Now I have to give up on the alien and start rethinking - because we need a new baby dad now!!

Mia is now miffed that she can not get into either of the bedrooms - lol

Heath is the only one who uses the bath these days ... but he needs to because plants need water

Okay .... so I had a think and couldn't see past the alien and the thought of having a batch of alien babies .....
So I skipped over into another mess about file where I have an alien living with Red and they have a houseful of very cute and funny looking children!!

To cut a long story short ... I was very amused by his name when I originally saw him and Red jumped straight onto him ... so at least I know she will soon be making babies with him for this challenge.

(His name had me laughing for hours!)

Traits = Over Emotional - Excitable - Disciplined - Vehicle Enthusiast - Perfectionist
Favourites = Island Life - French Toast - Pink
LTW = Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

I think Red is having a bit of deja vous - she thinks she has seen him before
(because she has - in a different life - lol)

How sweet .. he is bio boosting her brain

Then he is trying to cheer her up ... she is still moping over seeing the other alien die (rolls eyes)

I knew they would get on like a house on fire ....

It doesn't take the flirting long to start.
and no those are sparks of electricity because of the chemistry between them
That is BOTT ....

... draining the life out of the trash compactor again!

Watching the stars

That's a nice red sky.

Aliens don't sleep.
So while Red is sleeping in the fairy house Voohoo is restoring his brain power

Lol ... I'm not sure why Lime it taking a picture of the time machine
which makes me notice someone is in it ... woohooing no doubt!!

and we now have a spaceship for a family car ... which will probably create some fun

I have to laugh at this ... it is so 1980's!!!!!!!!!
a Garfield cat stuck to the glass!

and it looks like he's been to STARbucks for coffee ... lol

The time machine woohooing culprits!!

(I've messed with the mod - so that simplants and same sex / males can have babies together ... I need one child out of Heath ... as soon as they give me one, then ill turn it all off and they can woohoo all they like, but they wont be creating any more children)

Hopefully they will have a child walking out of the machine later!

BOTT is driving me nutz at the moment - she is litterally going all around the house draining the life out of all the electrical items and breaking them ... because she is too busy nattering with her friends on the phone to put herself on a proper battery charge.

The hot tub ...

The trash compactor ...

The TV ... its a good job Voohoo is here and wants to fix them all

Oh that's it you stupid tin can!!!
Break everything THEN put yourself on charge!!!!

Voohoo is making friends with Mia

BOTT is killing me right now .... lady of leisure she is these days

Heath is very sappy ... he keeps serenading Snow with his musical instruments

and guess what has walked out of the time machine ......

The 8th generation Leaf!

Darrall is a young adult
(I'm amused that he has Granddad Sage's blue eyes)

I am very surprised that he is not a plant sim or a vampire ... he is completely human
He got his skin and lifestate from Snow .... his hair eyes and ears from Heath

Traits = Hates the Outdoors - Adventurous - Family Orientated - Excitable - Artist
Favourites = Beach Party - Vegetarian Lobster Thermador - Green
LTW = Master of the Arts

Yes Snow ... he belongs to you and lover boy!!

I probably haven't said ... Voohoo has a job at the stadium.
He came over from the other file with a few skills and he is a Toddler Sports Coach (level 4) in his Athletic career. ((cough))

Freddie phones for a chat with Red ...
I wander if he has phoned to tell her about his new baby brother, who I have spotted on the family tree.
EIGHTY-SEVEN has a little boy called Angel ... and yes, Granite is the Daddy!
(That is 11 kids Granite has now!!)

Snow - Heath and Darrell have rolled no work related wishes still!!

NOW I KNOW .... my game is having a laugh with me!!!

Sat on the sofa is the ghost of the alien!!

GGGGGGGGGGrrrrrr ... he has no grave in the game - I've even checked with the mods - his grave does not exist, and he does not appear amongst the dead .... so where has he come from?!

Probably another sign this file is getting tired ... it is now 95 sim weeks old

I can't help but laugh - we don't see an alien for virtually the whole of this challenge - now we are about to get over run with them!!

I'm not sure laughing in his face is a nice thing to do Heath!!!
I half expected him to blow flower kisses at the ghost but he didn't.

Yeah ... while I'm watching the alien ghost and Heath it looks like Red and Voohoo have stepped their relationship up to romantically attached, because they are off into the time machine to woohoo

LMAO .... Mia has been away from home on a wander around the street.

but I'm not laughing at what she has brought home with her ... fleas

I'm pretty tickled that everyone in the house rolled the same wish at the same time .... to give Mia a flea bath.  BOTT got the job, because I doubt Mia would have let anyone else bath her.

You just knew it!!!!  Out of the time machine walks extra child number 25


Christine is a young adult ALIEN ...
who looks like Red and has human ears with alien eyes

Traits = Virtuoso - Vehicle Enthusiast - Frugal - Nurturing - Snob
Favourites = Latin - Hot Dogs - Irish Green
LTW = CEO of Mega Corporation


We get a pop up ... unusually today two more of Red's children have passed away ...

Christine gets a herself a business career.

Huh!!  These two are heart farting like mad ... their friendship bar has shot right up, and they practically stood there chatting until they were virtually best friends.

They have all the romantic interaction available to them ... there are 7 generations between them from Red so the game doesn't see them as related in any way ....
and I'm not going to stress over it any more - if it happens it happens.

Yeah ... you can smile at yourself in the mirror ... you obviously take after Heath
It looks like he has probably pulled himself a girlfriend already!! lmao

Someone is feeling sick ... baby NINETY-ONE is on the way!

They already have 5 children in another file and they are adorable - so I am looking forward to seeing some more.  I thought I would give you a sneak peek of one of them ... my favourite one

 So I can't wait to see how ugly cute their next batch of babies will be!!


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