Thursday, 3 August 2017

Update 177

While Red and Granite are up to no good upstairs ....

Alpine is asleep down in the basement, and is clueless

well at least they can't do any damage
(Im neurotically checking that all baby making options are turned off - lol)

They get quite an audience while they are sleeping

Alpine is very strange - he looks and walks away ?!
Im surprised there has not been any kicking off yet from anyone - Red has two romantic interests and neither of them seem all that bothered about it.

Yeah you should choke!!!
You are killing me!!

Granite and Nadia both stayed over

and off he goes again to work ... bye Granite!

The two unemployed boys think they can stand there making music all day and I won't noticed!

Her punishment for being a cheating rat!!

I found another one of those photographs in Red's inventory

She has no conscience or morals this woman!!

exactly like I just said!!

Nadia needs to go home - but she seems firmly rooted here.
I dread to think who might be looking after Sandy

Finally Heath interacts with his Mother ... even if it was just to pull faces at her - lol

Granites twins are having their birthday


he gains the disciplined trait


She gains the Bookworm trait

EIGHTY-FIVE is also having his birthday

he gains the Ambitious trait

LTW = Culinary Librarian

He actually looks more like Alpine than I thought he would

How cute ... Granite phones Marble for a chat

Finally ... we get an abduction
(this file has been very short of them)


I am a little annoyed that I have not had one single alien preganancy since I installed ITF - I suspect ITF has broken alien pregnancy like it seems to have broken a few other things

Strange that the alien is wearing ordinary clothes!!

She is looking a little lost ... lol

I have to laugh at EIGHTY-NINE ...
The alien dropped him off on the pavement and he ran accross the road to ask FIFTY for his autograph

and up turns the police - he is busted for being out after curfew

Hysterical - he gets into the policecar - which turns around to park on the oposite side of the road

BOTT gets to scold and ground him

I love her angry slits!!

EIGHTY-FIVE is randomly reading a cookery book - which he actually needs to do
He is joining Heath and Travis ... unemployed ... he rolls no work wishes

I have become very curious lately ... I see Ocean going in and out of the house opposite ALL the time

So I send a stir crazy BOTT over the road to have a nosey

Kale is upet for some reason - but I don't know why.
Did Kale and Whitney get married (Cringe) I can't remember - well if they did they are not married now.

I didn't see anything strange going on ...
I thought maybe whitney and Ocean are having a fling, but I didn't see any evidence of it.

One thing I have noticed - Kale and Whitneys little girl Betty has gone missing out of the game

Nadia took Sandy round to visit - lol ... yeah she finally went home.

Im laughing at Marble sleeping in the sleeping bag
Pebble and Marble both had permission slips to drop off after school - and they continued to hang around outside the town hall.

Pebble gets to know Raven - his grey Grandmother

EIGHTY-SIX didn't come home after school ... she came home in a police car

so we now have two grounded teenagers

I spot Sandy sat outside during the middle of the night

Travis needs a kick ... he is completely empty headed and hasn't rolled a single wish for days.

We get a pop up Raven Rock (Granite Mother) has passed away ... Pebble getting to know her was very short lived!!

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