Sunday, 13 August 2017

Update 187

Voohoo is teaching NINETY-TWO to talk

BOTT is driving me crazy with that megaphone ... she seems to be constantly yelling through it at the moment.

Mrs mop is doing his chores ...
Snow still hasn't rolled any job wishes, but I'm not too bothered because he is keeping the house clean and tidy.

Red is teaching NINETY-TWO to walk

Mia is still with us ... she seems to be sleeping a lot

Darrell wanted to visit the cemetery and play guitar in the park.
While he was at the cemetery - he bumped into Thyme - who he is now best friends with.

He got out the family graves while he was here ... FORTY-NINE - FIFTY - FIFTY-ONE and FIFTY-TWO (all Omri's children)  Shale Rock has also passed away.

I am not sure why Darrell wanted to play his guitar in the park when he hates the outdoors and got a negative moodlet while he was doing it which made him miserable.

I'm laughing at the three gnomes sitting on the bench reading books, and the books they are reading.

Granite = Advanced Facial Expressions  (I could just see him using those too!!)
SEVENTY-NINE = Game of Thorns 
Fennel = Phoenix 1 (which is a book Pheonix wrote)

I can guess what Heath is up to .....

I thought so!!

Two lots of woohoo music ringing in my ears
but there were baby chimes attached to this one!!
So baby number 84 is on its way.

Oh dear ..... here probably comes some trouble ... Forrest  (with his romantic attachment to Red)

THANKFULLY Red is asleep ... so I doubt there will be any trouble.

Forrest and Christine made friends very quickly ...

and here comes Heath and his petals

I'm not sure she would actually have felt Forrest standing on her foot - lol

Red is up ...... but Forrest vanished straight after dancing - so no trouble tonight!

Heath and Snow - lol

I swear Darrell has ants in his pants - he can't keep still and he doesn't sleep properly either, he naps all the time ... like he doesn't have time for a full nights sleep!!

Did you spot Pepper??

Voohoo is teaching EIGHTY-THREE to talk

Mia is checking out the alien toddlers

Darrell is painting Red's portrait

Voohoo has gone to work ... so BOTT helps out and teaches NINETY-THREE to walk

Mia is on 4 days overtime ... (day 57)

These alien toddlers are definitely learning all their skills at a rapid speed ... they are both now walking, talking and potty trained

That is not bad!!!
I'm laughing about the photograph of Red that is on the wall has also been caught in the painting

NINETY-ONE is having his birthday

He gained the Photographers Eye trait

At the moment NINETY is all fairy ... he has the fairy moodlets, magic and needs and I can't see him having any alien interactions available to him.  I can't remember if they have any when they are a child - I wont tell until NINETY-TWO ages up.

I checked his status with the mods and he has both the alien and fairy occult showing ... whether both occcults work together is another matter!!

Baby bump

NINETY-ONE plays his first fairy prank

Dad was not happy!!

Heath wants to make an honest man of Snow - lol

but first they need to get engaged

then they can get married.

Don't get getting any idea's Voohoo ... because it's not happening for you!!

Darrel wants to go out again ... this time to the festival ground
He gets to know Marble


It is tickling me how he keeps bumping into Thyme


Someone as been eating pie!!

I'm howling!!
Ocean doesn't look happy does he!!!
I guess he knows his girlfriend has had a child with someone else, and is not too happy about carrying Granites offspring around with him ... well more fool him for doing it!!

Snow and Heath now have the Faithful reputation
(which makes me laugh when Heath realistically is being unfaithful to Granite who he got romantically attached to first)

Mia is very smelly again

These two have totally gone!!
But it is their honeymood period - which Heath has two days off work for.

I'm very puzzled by two photographs that I have found in Heaths phone camera

While they are actually very good ... I don't know when or even how he has taken them.
Normally all the pictures that you see the sims taking never actually turn into photographs, mores the pity.

BOTT is TRYING to give Mia a bath ....

but she has other idea!!

Scratching Bott to pieces and escaping!!

OH DEAR!!!!!
The timing couldn't have been any worse!

It is time for Mia to leave us.

I've never seen a pet death before ... and was very surprised by how it went

HOW has it taken me until now to notice that Mia has one blue eye and one white eye??!!

Grim is actually being very cute with Mia

Heath has not only got a broken heart ... he also has a broken neck by the looks of it - lmao

Oh the light!!

Crafty Grim ...
teasing Mia with a toy mouse

He throws it up into the light and of course Mia chases after it.

Bye Mia!!

I've decided to keep her earn in the house.

and the person who is crying the most ... Heath ... which really surprises me.


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