Saturday, 12 August 2017

Update 186

Another half decent portrait

This amused me ... I am not sure why NINETY-ONE is wandering around outside ... or if him inspecting the space rock was intentional

Red is being a Mommy for a change

this is always my favourite part

some Mother she is ...
she puts the toddler down on the floor and leaves him to make his own way inside!!

NINETY-ONE is throwing a house party

Darrell is CHATTING to Thyme -
these two seem to be having a lot of contact with each other, Thyme has phoned him a few times.

Voohoo is restoring his brain power obsorting the space rock

I like Darrell because he never sits still and is always up to something



Poor Snow is permanently obsessed ... because Heath is keeping him that way with his flower kisses.

One little partied out toddler!!

I lock the bedroom door so Mia doesn't disturb them, so what do Heath and Snow do - start sleeping in the tent!!  Mia is on her way right now to wake Heath up, and I'll be laughing when she does because it serves them right!!

Voohoo rolled the wish to abduct a sim.

So he went next door and abducted SEVENTY-EIGHT

Then the abduction glitched!!
Voohoo just sat in his spaceship for hours and when I tried to cross it off out of his action queue - it still just sat there stuck.  (pout)

So I had to do a town reset - to stop the glitch.

While I was checking to make sure that SEVENTY-EIGHT returned safely from the glitched abuction ... I thought I would have a nose around at every house while the game was still paused and most of the residence will be stood outside of their houses.  
(Not all the sims who live in each house will be outside for us to see as some will be still inside the other side of the wall and door)

Three of Mace's remaining children
FIFTY-FIVE ... FIFTY-SIX ... FIFTY-EIGHT are all now elderly

Granites lot
(Two of his children are elderly already!)

The leaf house
I'm surprised that Whitney is still with us.

Two more of Mace's children - Fennel and Nadia

Pheonix and Oceans lot

I spotted something funny in this house, even funnier when I checked the family tree ... lmao .... which BOTT is now on her way to investigate

Sunny's remaining children and Granites spares

I did look at the vampire house - but must have forgotten to take the picture.

Thyme and Sage are now elderly

Alpines lot ... He is now elderly

And here is Angel
Granite and EIGHTY-SEVEN's little boy

What is that floating ball??  One keeps popping up in Red's garden and I just keep deleting it - its not a jig spot - I really don't know what it is!!

Angel (and it is a boy, not that you can tell by the hair lol)  has Granites skin and eyes ... and horrible game default hair.
I am amused that in this little one - I see more of EIGHTY-SEVEN in his face than Granite

Oh EIGHTY-EIGHT has finally found his trousers!!

BOTT is now at the Reaper house
They are outside having a dancing party by the looks of it

While BOTT is upstairs investigating the new toddler in the house.
This is Carmen ... another little boy

and guess who created this little mite with Raven .. because it was not Ocean ...........

G R A N I T E !!!!

Granite is killing me!!!
He is obviously putting it about as much as Red!!!!   He now has 12 children - 10 with Red,  1 with EIGHTY-SEVEN and 1 with Raven .. as well as being romantically attached to Heath!!
And that is what I know ... there could be more for all I know

I am howling - because guess who just phoned BOTT for a chat .... Granite!!
I swear that bloke is haunting me!!!

Red seems to be paying NINETY-ONE more attention than she has ever paid any of the others!!

Christine is in town busking.

The baby is coming

BOTT has got out her mega phone again

is a green boy

and he didn't come alone

NINETY-THREE is a girl

Two alien babies ...

Hello Aniseed

Heath tickled me inspecting both of the new comers

Darrell has reached level 7 with his painting skill

NINETY-TWO  .... is alien

another one like Christine and NINETY-ONE 
(human face eye shape and ears .. alien skin and eye colour)

Traits = Couch Potato - Friendly
Favourties = Egyptian - Vegitarian Chilli - Violet


She is all alien and looks just like her Daddy!!

Traits = Loves the Cold - Artistic
Favourites = Rock - Autum Salad - Spiceberry

I think I might struggle to tell these alien children apart until they get older, unless I give them all hair!!


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