Monday, 7 August 2017

Update 182

The next POTENTIAL baby Dad is just landing outside
(In a very strange way)

This is Seezad ... the alien that abducted Red not too long ago.
After she came back she rolled the wish to sing karaoke with him - and I've hoped for an alien baby somewhere in this - so I locked it in.

If we can't have Snow - for me the alien is a good replacement!

Mmmm - I've just noticed ... he is elderly!!  That is not good!!

Yeah she likes him!!

There is no messing about .... she hardly lets him get through the door and is straight in with the flirting ... LOL
Well she has been without a man for tooooo long!!

Huh!  New man in the house .... of course Heath has to check him out!!
and I can just imagine what he is thinking ..... she needs glasses, he is an old wrinkly ugly alien bloke!

BOTT quickly fixes the karaoke machine that she just drained the life out of
because that is the whole reason why the alien was invited over .....

To fulfil Red's wish to sing karaoke with him

MY GAME IS HAVING A LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has only gone and died on me!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much for my idea of having him as the next baby Dad!!

Anyone would think Red was broken hearted and she wasn't even romantically attached to him!!

but she does roll the wish to resurrect him ... so maybe there is hope still!!

I managed to grab the grave before the game vanished it to the mausoleum - so it is now sitting in the back garden

I'm not sure what Red has done exactly - but Fennel is having a right go at her!!

Red knows how to make ambrosia ....
and in that chest are the two ingredients that she needs ... death fish and life fruit

ambrosia made ... so now we just have to wait for the alien ghost to come out
(the ambrosia is in Reds inventory to stop any of the other ghosts eating it)
I will give him a few days - if he hasn't appeared I'll have to have a rethink.

The twins are having their birthday and becoming young adults


He gained the Vegetarian trait
LTW = Physical Perfection


She gained the Dislikes Children trait

LTW = Visionary

Pebble looks a lot like Granite - but he has Red's eyes not Granites

LOL ... and guess who is phoning Pebble for a chat .... Granite!!

What cats have to resort to when EA doesn't provide the pets with a water bowl!!

Oh here comes trouble ... her favourite play thing!!  Forrest


I'm surprised when Red walks away from him.
Bless him, he chased after her and is trying to cheer her up!!

Great just Great!!!!!  Forrest you are a twat!!
He is the one doing it and getting the stupid ideas for a change!!

She is now reattached to Forrest AGAIN romantically ... as well as Granite - cough!!

It is just a VERY good job I had try for baby still turned off ... ha!
Just imagine - the way my luck is going right now - more Forrest babies would just about have topped it off!!

Good night Forrest!!

Two ice statues need to be done

and Marbles

Heath needs to give Snow a rest ... the poor guy is CONSTANTLY obsessed with Heath because of all the flower kisses being blown at him - lol
Talk about brainwashing your victim - lol- that is the sneaky vampire in him!

It is graduation time for the twins

Who dressed Heath ... lol

Hello Alpine

Pebble ... most likely to write a best selling novel

OMG!!!  One pregnant lady waddling like a duck!

EIGHTY-SEVEN is having a baby .... I am guessing it is Granites
(lmao - like he doesn't already have ten children in town!!)

Marble ... Most likely to burn down the house

I'm saying nothing!!


Fennel is hypnotising Freddie

Freddie is a little dazed.

In light of what has happened with Snow, and Red needing another baby Dad to move into the house .... I have moved out Fennel - Freddie - Pebble and Marble (sniff)

Fennel has gone to live over the road with Nadia and his daughter.  There wasn't room for Mia to go with him so she has stayed with BOTT her new best buddy.

Freddie, Pebble and Marble are now living with Sunny's three remaining children ... SIXTY-ONE - SIXTY-FOUR and Melon.

Now to work on the next baby Dad ..........

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