Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Update 214

I am happy when I see Fennel drinking plasma!

With her LTW, I guess Tania will be spending a lot of time doing the gardening.  Which is good for us because nobody else is now BOTT has gone.

This is painting number 300!!
She has earned a total of $518.749 from her paintings up to now.

After this painting she quits her painting career ... now this challenge is over she can go and get herself a proper job if she wants to.

Lyric didn't get an IF like Casper, so he has to do with the stuffed toys out of the toy box.

ONE-O-TWO wants to meet someone new .... and I know just the person!!

I spotted on the family tree that there is another new addition to the Leaf line!!
Charlie and Raina have had a baby ... Rosemary Leaf
(The game chose her name perfectly - it fits in with my plant and herb theme!!)

I am a little surprised by how she turned out ... nothing like I expected!!! 
With alien and ugli parents and fairy vampire grandparents .... I did not expect Rosemary to turn out to be a human witch!!!

It took me quite a while to work out where the witch came from .... Raina is a witch.

She has the ugli nose from Raina ... other than that she looks perfectly normal - no sign of alien either other than a slight green tinge to her skin.  She does not have the alien tinny voice, so it looks like she has no alien in her at all.

NINETY-NINE has had another promotion
He is now a Squad Leader ... level 4

I am a little confused when Tania goes out to scold Casper ... who has been hanging around outside school ever since his school day finished.

She actually grounded him and this is the FIRST time I have even seen her talking to anyone!

Cute Dad!!

Tania is very quiet ... she is doing housework and garden mostly, and the animals are getting fed regularly again.

Red lets Casper off the hook, so he is not in trouble any more.

Fennel has been here all day, mostly playing black jack.  He went home okay eventually.


TWENTY-NINE's ice statue was a total disaster .... two attempts she had and they both just smashed to nothing!!

I have put a sculpting table outside to see if it makes it easier for her to catch the ghosts.  She is stood waiting for them most of the time and they are just ignoring her.  I am REALLY struggling to get any of the older ghosts to pose for her.



Oops!!  It looks like Dad read him to sleep on the carpet ... lol

Casper gets to talk to his sister .... he was asking for a bedtime story.

(Eleven is his full sister as she is one of Forrests)

Red has now maxed her Athletic's skill.

That is her twelth one ... so far she has maxed
Athletics - Charisma - Cooking - Gardening - Handiness - Science - Painting - Woohoo - Advanced Technology - Sculpting - Alchemy.

I still have not seen Tania talk to anyone, other than when she scolded Casper.

Playing Grandma!!

I suddenly see what is going on with Casper.  Being a ghost he moves very slowly!!!
The school bus is parking round the corner and by the time he gets to it, it has gone.  This morning I watched him floating slowly all the way to school ... half the day was over by the time he got there.
It has just taken him 3 hours to get home after school.

So ONE-O-ONE is on the garden waiting to scold him for skipping school!!!
Even though he did get there eventually and did half a day!  He is grounded again!!

One minute he is a cute little todder ....

The next a cute little boy!

He gained the Virtuoso trait

It is nice that they have each other to play with.

Charming way to greet your son Leafy!!!

Forrest does not like Casper on two counts!!!
Firstly he is a child .... secondly he is a ghost!!

Forrest:  "Forget the brat ... we have better things to do!"

It is like a total mad house at night with all these ghosts coming out and wandering around.
The two boys are having to sleep in the tent just so that they can get some undisturbed sleep.





and those better things were rocking the fairy house a few times!!

I seriously don't get these two!!!  There are way more compatible sims for her to be obsessing over, so why Forrest??!!  He is just as bad with her .... stupid enough to keep coming back for more, even after they have had three major bust ups!  Fifteen baby Dad's later and they are still messing about.

Forrest gone she hunts down another ghost ... his eldest son ... lol
It is going to be interesting to see what she does with ALL the baby Dad's ghosts wandering around the house.  I have got visions of her jumping quite a few of them over time.

I am not sure what she is apologizing to Bay for?!

They chat for a while and she wants to collect his DNA.
I am surprised when he let her, their friends bar is not too good.

Yes she has the bird on her shoulder .... because she is setting him free.

The bird now constantly has everyone (even the ghosts) answering their phone as well as the front door because the bird is imitating the sounds of doorbells and phones.
I could live with the phone .. but everyone is jamming up round the front door and when the ghosts are getting involved it is becoming chaos

Tania's artistic trait is starting to show ... I've seen her painting as well as sculpting.

After watching Casper get told off and grounded for a third day on the run I decided something ....
The poor kid is going to be scolded and grounded all the way to being an adult, like it is not already bad enought that he is being avoided by some because he is a ghost.

So out comes the ambrosia.

We see enough ghosts ....
so Casper is being cured of his affliction

so he can live his life like a normal boy!

The ambrosia has rolled his age back to the beginning of his childhood. (cringe) He is older than his Nephew so I will age him up when Lyric grows up.

NINETY-NINE comes and lets him off the hook ... lol
Hopefully he won't get into any more trouble, now he will be able to get to the school bus quicker.

ONE-O-TWO is now at level 6 piano ... another instrument he wants to max.
At the rate he is going he should have chosen the One Sim Band LTW - because he is almost there to achieving it!

Me and my two little shadows!!

Lyric is having a shoot out with TWENTY-FOUR

Ocean and Atlas

Red spent most of the night standing there trying to get a couple of the ghosts to get their staute's done but neither of them would come.
I am actually getting to the point where I don't think I am going to get all 102 ice statues done, and I am even beginning to wander why I am doing it!!!

Atlas wanders past and she wants his DNA .....
She is not getting that either, because they are far from friends!!

EVENTUALLY after talking to her a little .... she did get THIRTY-FIVE to stand and pose for her!

I am amused by the wishes Red is rolling ....
she is constantly rolling the wish to have a child which I ignore, because she has had enough already. 
She also wants to watch the stars with Atlas!!! 
She obviously has a very short memory ... Atlas had to be the worst relationship she had out of the seventeen!!

Woohoo!!  We finally get one!!

Lyric is using his Athletic trait a lot ... having shoot outs and now he is working out

She is bored and has decided she wants to learn a new skill .... the guitar skill.

Then she rolls a job wish that has me howling .... she wants a career in Law Enforcement.
Red in a police uniform .... the thought of it just cracks me up!!

I love the way these two do a lot together.

I am starting to feel sorry for NINETY-NINE like I did Basil ... because he has started to roll the see Marcella's ghost wish.  He was the one stupid enough to get himself romantically attached to one of the ghosts - tut!

Yes he is Forrests kid!  lol
Playing chess must be a Leaf thing!!

Tania is still being very quiet

Lol ... now his sister has come to join him and play chess.

Casper also has the Athletic trait .... but I am not sure his is as strong as Lyrics.

Tania, who is yet to leave the house or make a single friend ....
strangely, gets a party invite from SEVENTY-FIVE!!!

They probably all just wanted a nosey at their newest half sister!


Johanna is now an adult


Leeann is STILL constantly wearing her police hat!!


Tania made me laugh - all she did all the time she was at the party was collect autographs

I am amused by the date phone calls that the two boys keep getting every day!!!
While Carlton is constantly phoning NINETY-NINE .... Snow is constantly phoning ONE-O-TWO.

A date phone call from a woman once in a while would be nice, then maybe they might go on the dates!!

She actually stood there ALL DAY until she was at the point of collapsing from exhaustion, peeing herself and starving to death!!!  But she did get her guitar skill up to level 5!!

When she wakes up, I guess we ought to do something about getting her that job she wants ... lol
I seriously can't wait to see how her law enforcement career is going to work out!!

Update # 18
Picture count = 1170 - 79 = 1249
Word count = 18,884 - 1,660 = 20,544

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