Friday, 8 September 2017

Update 205

The first cemetery ghost visiting is ELEVEN

I spot Granite standing on the front garden ...
I did not hear him ring the doorbell and everyone ignored him being there, so thankfully him and Red did not get to cause any trouble.

Five birthdays coming up .....


He gained the handy trait


He gained the Avant Garde trait


He gained the Family Orientated trait


He gained the Computer Whizz trait


She gained the Neat trait

They were all outside in the dark .... so here is a better picture of them in the light

These two don't take after Marty at all, do they!!

While I can hardly see any Marty in three of the boys .....
ONE-O-ONE is all Marty!!  Eyes, nose and mouth.

Oh boy this is going to be fun ... we now have SEVEN teenagers in the house!

It makes me realise just how close I am to the end of this challenge ...

Ivy and NINETY-EIGHT are best friends already.
They are constantly chatting about going green.  NINETY-EIGHT has the Eco Friendly trait and Ivy being a plant is all about nature.

Lol ... now they are doing the gardening together.
White Ivy talks to the plants, NINETY-EIGHT waters them.

NINETY-NINE is too cute!!

BOTT has been playing Blackjack for so long she has broken down and ran out of power

We have a pop up ... Voohoo has passed away.
Well there goes one of her extra living romantic interests - there is only Granite left now

This seems to be the way they are all reducing their stress and filling up their fun bar now.

The teenagers are all doing well at school on A and B grades.

The photo from the festival ground.
I am a little miffed that I have one missing - voohoo's and now he has passed away, I am never going to get it.

NINETY-EIGHT has decided on a LTW
he wants to be a Creator Robot Cross Breeder.

(I wander if I am getting this LTW so often because they live right next door to the science facility?!)

I'm not sure why ONE-O-ONE has gone next door to do his homework.
This kid seems to love wandering around ... I am always finding him off the home lot and somewhere where he shouldn't be!!  He would rather stay out than come home after school.


NINETY-SEVEN has discovered a star

and he is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gained the Family Orientated trait

LTW = World Renown Surgeon

He gets his job at the hospital straight away

ONE-O-TWO has just realised he has the virtuoso trait

NINETY-EIGHT is trying to delay his birthday I think!
Two mud baths in one night ... but I am watching him and counting!!

Oops ... Red has set herself on fire with the blow torch.

I am not worried ... if Grim comes for her, she has a death flower

Yes Marty ... her but is on fire!!

Go Marty ... he puts the fire out!!
He has not finished with her yet!!

and off they go to the bedroom



Julius - the pap that burnt on the front garden
He had to die to get into the house - lol

Seriously they need to quit it!!!
Woohoo 50 ...

I have noticed that since I moved the aliens out ... they ALL now seem to have alien crafts.  I am seeing them all the time instead of taxi's ... especially in the house over the road where NINETY-ONE lives.

Pancakes AGAIN!!!!
Seriously that is all he eats!!

NINETY-SEVEN had a great start to his new job ... not!!
He slept right through the working hours of his first day and received a phone call ... if he does not fix his work performance he will be getting the sack!! 

NINETY-EIGHT and Ivy are now permanently hanging out together

Marty has had a promotion
he is now Team Captain ... level 7 of his career


Playing the guitar has stopped ONE-O-TWO from living on the couch and watching TV

TWENTY-THREE = "Hello Mother!"

I wander what these ghosts must be thinking ...
Red has still not aged a day while they have lived their life and died, they also have approximately 127 siblings too!! (countable and extra's)

BOTT is killing me
She is now constantly coming off the gambling table, just long enough to drain the arcade machine, before she sits back down and starts gambling again

She has not been out of the basement for a few days!!

Boolpoop SimNano
Update # 9
Picture count = 532 + 66 = 598
Word count = 8973 + 751 = 9724

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