Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Update 209

Yes Marty I would be supsisious ... for some reason, Red seems to like that alien ghost!!


I am not sure why everyone from the one house over the road are standing out on the pavement?!

I notice Raina and Josephine are now teenagers

Sod the washing!!!
Level 5 gambling skill!

You silly boy!!!!!
I am not sure why he is drinking plasma ....
maybe he is seeing what it tastes like before he decides whether to wish to become a vampire!

Yes .... that plasma is going to make him very sick!!

The Falcon has vanished.
It hasn't died and it isn't in anyone's inventory ... so I guess it has flown out through the open door.

and up comes the plasma!!
I doubt ONE-O-ONE will be drinking that again

I wander why ONE HUNDRED and Nickolas are missing work when I know they jumped into the carpool.  I see they have been distracted before they actually got into work.

Marbles baby is coming

well it will after she has woken up ... lol

Red still has a few ice statues to do - which we are being very slack with.


Omri and Christian

ONE HUNDREDS ice statue


and here comes ......... BERT

BOTT has now made her new bot friend

BOTT fills him up with a load of trait chips ..

Capacity to Love - Simulated Emotions - Handibot - Limitless learning - Sentience - Competant Cleaner and Robo Nanny.

BOTT has done her bit in the Nanny department, so her Robo Nanny chip has been removed and replaced with the Capacity to Love chip

 Lets hope they like each other!!

and here she comes!!!
She smells a new man in the house and she is on him like a shot!!

Red you idiot .... he is metal and no good to you!!

That doesn't matter to her!!
He is hit with the positively orgasmic moodlet .... oh boy ... I can see I'm going to have fun - NOT!!

Interestingly when I checked - the two bots can try for a baby with sims but not each other.
I wander what would happen if a bot had a child with a sim??!!  Something I have never tried!

High Five
They are quickly making friends - funnily as she hates BOTT so much

Everyone is coming to chat with BERT

It is not just Red ... BERT is following her around too.

Yeah, BERT is heart farting EVERYBODY

and so is BOTT now that she has the Capacity to Love!!!
I am going to have to watch her like a hawk - having so many best friends, she could quite easily start getting flirty and romantic with any of them!!

BERT finally is free and starts to do some housework ....

but not for long because the boys are literally queuing up to talk to him

BOTT now has a new dancing partner.

NINETY-NINE doesn't want to grow up ...
he is setting a fairy trap on the toilet

NINETY-SEVEN cracks me up .... he has suddenly got the Bot building bug .... he is rolling all sorts of wishes, so now he is working on his bot building skill

The garden has been badly neglected by everyone for a while.

BERT has had his head pecked so much, he didn't get to charge himself up in time and has now broken down

NINETY-NINEs Ice statue

How cute!!  BERT and BOTT are getting all romantic with each other

Uploading true feelings

I am amused by their eyes ... they now have love heart lights in their eyes

It looks like BOTT is finally getting herself a love life!!

Marty's woohoo number 73 - cough

Both Nickolas and Ivy have been very quite for a while.

Woohoo music coming from the Bot machine ... which means they are now romantically attached.

I guess that is the most appropriate place for them to woohoo

Spark kisses

I meant to say - I have looked at Red's stats.

Total notches (woohoo) 995 times
with 18 different sims
She has a slimeball reputation
She has had 15 romances
13 betrayals and cheated 11 times
Longest romance = Forrest = 86 sim days

EIGHTEEN is the visiting ghost today.

EIGHTEEN is one of the children that she did not ice sculpt.
She tried to call him to the sculpting table a few times but he completely ignored her.
Probably because they are enemies!!

He went off to sleep in the fairy house before he vanished, he didn't get his staute done!

ONE-O-ONE'S ice statue is the last one for this batch of children.

I quite often get a ghost pop up on the friends list, showing that they are in the house ... but they are not, they are passing through underneath the house.

BOTT and BERT have now gone.
Woohoo is all they are doing .... needless to say, none of the housework is getting done!!

TWENTY-EIGHT is the visiting ghost

I keep looking at ONE-O-TWO
As he was the last child and completed the challenge ... he is male and being Marty's child he is not related to any of the TCE women other than Ruby and four of her TCE daughters (Cherry, Scarlet, Strawberry and Honey)

I am very tempted to us him to do this challenge all over again - and bring in 17 TCE baby Moms.

Update # 13
Picture count = 821 - 63 = 884
Word count = 13,231 -  866 = 14,097

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